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Chapter 1

This is a story about soul mates. That is to say, there's more than one kind of soul mate you can have. It doesn't necessarily have to be a love match. There are soul mate connections: People who are only in your life to teach you a lesson. A guardian angel, of sorts, but whom you feel a connection with. It will be strong like that of a twin flame, but it's not the same.

A twin flame relationship is very different. It's like your ULTIMATE love match. Star-crossed lovers, whatever you want to call it. There's only ONE twin flame for you, which matches the phrase "there's someone for everyone." The trick is, that person might not even be alive right now, but you still might feel like they're out there, searching for you, and if/when you finally meet them, HOT DAMN! They'll feel like the other half of you, and it'll be difficult to be apart for any length of time. You might even have a telepathic bond. But rest assured, if you meet them, and it doesn't work out, the bond is eternal and you'll meet again, for many lifetimes to come.

That said, this is a love story about two souls trying to stay together despite the obstacles along the way.


"Oh, Nicholas..." she cooed as he lowered her onto the large wooden table and lifted her skirts.

"Mmm," he murmured as he placed kisses all over the girl's face while he fussed with his breeches and pushed them down. His hands slipped under her and pulled her to the edge of the table with one quick motion, making her squeal in surprise. His mouth covered hers to conceal her screams as he plunged into her warm, wet channel. He had a knack for making her scream every time and it never got old. He loved her like no other and he knew the feeling was mutual. She'd told him as much on a regular basis.

His thrusts became harder and deeper, his mouth still fastened on hers as the table rocked and creaked loudly. Normally they'd be in a bed, but both of them were suddenly caught up in the moment and there wasn't time to head back to his chambers. So there they were, in the dingy, dark, deserted kitchen of his father's castle in the middle of the night.

"Oh God, Nicholas! Oh yes! You make me feel so...unggh...yes! Yes!" she screamed before he covered her mouth with his once more. and then she came hard, a flood of her juices coating his cock as her inner walls squeezed him and brought him to his own explosive climax...

"Leticia!" he shouted and buried his face in her neck as she came hard, a flood of her juices coating his cock as her inner walls squeezed him and brought him to his own explosive climax...


Quantico, Virginia, 1977

Greg House sat up in bed with a start with his whole body drenched in sweat and an erection that was slowly dying. His hand was hot and sticky from relieving himself in his sleep and he flopped back against the pillows. It was one of the better dreams he'd had in days and he was exhausted. Usually he never got that far in the dreams with the mysterious girl, resulting in some serious morning wood that he had to take care of himself.

But who was she? That was the mystery. She seemed so familiar, but he didn't know anyone that looked remotely like her. And although he didn't know her, he could feel his affection for her in the dreams that was unlike anything else in the world.

He'd been having those dreams on and off for months and the location, people and places were always the same. What did it all mean? He had no idea, but he didn't care. It wasn't at all unpleasant, that was for sure. They took place in medieval times, clearly, if their clothing wasn't enough of an indication.

"Gregory?" his mother's soft voice came from the other side of the bedroom door. "Time to get up."

"I am up. I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Okay. Breakfast is on the table. Don't be too long. You know how your father hates it when you're late for breakfast."

"Yeah," he groaned as he glanced down at his wet sheets. Damnit! He'd just changed his sheets less than a week ago.

Swinging his long legs from the bed, he stood up and stretched luxuriously, his hands just barely able to touch the ceiling. He did that a couple more times, threw on some clothes and then went to the kitchen.

As usual, his mother had everything all laid out on the kitchen table. There was bacon, scrambled eggs and toast, and a glass of orange juice for him.

"Better eat up, son," Col. John House snarked. "The least you could do is come to breakfast on time. Your mother was good enough to keep it warm."

"Sorry, sir," he muttered as he began filling his plate with a little of everything. He was ravenous, and his mother smiled. If only she knew. At seventeen, he was pretty much done growing, but at 6'2" he was taller than his father, and very active in sports. As far as his mother was concerned, he was still "a growing boy."

"Time waits for no man, Greg," his father pressed. "Let that be a lesson to you."

"Yes, sir."

As he ate, he could feel his father's cold eyes on him but he didn't dare look up. That would only make him start in on him again and all he wanted to do was eat and go to school. It was his only escape. That, and the field where he played Lacrosse with his team mates.

"I hear some scouts are going to be at the game on Friday," John informed him.

Greg simply shrugged. "It's just a rumor, sir."

"That's what I heard, son."

"Have you got a date to the prom yet, Greg?" his mother, Blythe, inquired.

John slammed his fork down, startling Greg and his mother. "Don't bother the boy about girls, Blythe. He hasn't got time to think about girls. Now," he continued as he turned his attention back to his son, "when you're out there on Friday..."

But Greg had already tuned him out and was looking at his mother. "I'm gonna be late after school, Mom. Dave and I are gonna jam a bit."

"You see that, Blythe?" John shouted. "That's what I'm talking about. Sports take concentration. You start in on the girls and his mind's all over the place."

Greg gritted his teeth as he listened to his father go off on his mother. After guzzling his orange juice, he got up, kissed his mother goodbye and ran out the back door.


Corinne "Cory" Wallace and her sister, Michelle, wandered through the busy hallways of the school in a daze. They were new, didn't know anyone, and nobody seemed to notice the pretty set of twins as they looked around in awe. The school was twice the size of their old one in New York, and a lot nicer as well.

"Where are we supposed to go, again?" Michelle asked her sister for the second time in five minutes.

"Room 232. But we've been up and down these halls twice and I don't see it."

The bell rang, causing most everybody to slam their locker doors shut and scurry to their prospective classrooms.

Greg was coming around the corner and bumped into Cory, knocking her books everywhere. "Damnit!" she hissed. "Apparently nobody watches where they're going in this state, either!"

"Sorry about that," she heard a male voice out of nowhere and saw a large pair of hands as they quickly scooped up her books. "Some idiot shoulder checked me. You really shouldn't walk in the middle of the hallways in this place. You'll end up in the ER before the day is over."

Michelle smiled at him as only she could, and accompanied it with a flip of her long golden hair over her shoulder.

"Well aren't you a sweetie," she cooed.

He smirked back at her. "You must be new."

"Yeah. I'm Michelle, this is my sister, Cory. We just moved here from Florida. You have a name?"

When Greg looked over at Cory, he was stunned, and it wasn't just because she was an identical twin. When blue eyes met blue eyes, he felt like someone hit him with a cattle prod. Those eyes were so familiar to him, and yet, he'd never seen her before. Or had he?

He realized he was staring and blinked a couple of times to clear his head. "Greg House. Again, sorry for bumping you."

"She's fine, aren't you, Cory?" Michelle inquired, trying to act the part of the concerned sister, but Greg saw right through her.

It seemed that Cory was equally speechless as she stared at Greg. The blue eyes were striking and too full of knowledge for someone his age, and his mouth, full lips and the the cupid's bow, as it was called, made her break into a sweat at the mere sight of it. And the thing that scared her the most is that she didn't know why. She'd never seen the boy before, and yet, there was something unmistakably familiar about him. She felt like she knew him, and knew him very well.

Finally, after what felt like hours, but were really only mere seconds, she blinked twice to clear her head. "Yeah..I'm fine. Thanks...Greg."

"Yeah, well, I gotta book it to class. Cya around," he made a quick exit and they watched him run down the hall and disappear around the corner.

"Wow. I wonder if there are more like him at home," Michelle murmured as they continued to walk.


"What's with you, man?" Dave inquired of Greg as they showered after practice.


"You've been a spaz all day."

Greg shrugged as let the hot water cascade over him. "Just got a lot on my mind."

"You must be getting heat from the old man about the Marines again."

"If I hear "the Marines will straighten you out" one more time..." Greg muttered.

"Yeah yeah. That won't be an issue soon. You're going to get that scholarship and get into Hopkins so it won't matter anyway."

"Keep your fingers crossed."

"I am, don't worry. So what's the skinny? How come you were such a space case during practice?"

"I saw this girl today and..."

"A girl, huh? Nice?"

"I didn't get a chance to talk to her much. Her sister did all the talking. Cute twins, though."

"You mean the sisters are twins? Or...these kind of twins?" Dave made a gesture of having big breasts and Greg cracked up laughing.

"I didn't really notice."

"You didn't notice? Dude, you've gotta hook us up. We could all go out."

Greg shrugged again. "I barely know her."

"Her? You mean you've got dibs on one of them already? Why? They're twins right? So they both look the same. How could you possibly choose?"

"They may look the same but they're totally different."

"Did you at least catch their names?"

"Michelle and Cory. Identical twins."

"I'll be on the lookout."

"You do that. If you happen to meet them, go for Michelle. She seemed...friendly," Greg chuckled as he rolled his eyes.

"Which means you want the other one."

"I don't care. I'm just saying, I know how you like em, and Michelle is more your type."

"Mighty generous of you."

"What can I say? I'm a generous kind o' guy."

Greg had managed to get through practice without thinking about Cory too much. He'd met lots of girls, dated some of them, but none of them were the right girl. That wasn't to say he was looking for the right girl. He was only seventeen, after all, soon to be eighteen. He was not the least bit interested in settling down with anyone for any length of time. He was still a virgin, and for him, it wasn't something he broadcasted. Of all his friends, he was the last to take the plunge into the unknown. Lacrosse players were the stars of the school and literally had their pick of the litter as it were, but he wasn't interested. He left that to his best friend, Dave. Greg House's interest was medicine.

But then he met Cory. And he knew that he was in big trouble. Because not only was she the girl of his dreams with her blue eyes and long blonde hair, he was certain she was the girl in his dreams.

And he was scared shitless.

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