"So, what really happened in that time frame I was out?" Joe asked as he sat in the hospital's courtyard. "Starting with you two and your fight."

Alicia looked sheepishly at Frank and shrugged. "We did fight. Twice, actually. The second time I burst my stitches, which is why I'm still here, condemned to this chair."

"She was quite unreasonable," Frank said with a smile. "I think she was trying to make up for you not being able to be unreasonable with her."

Joe motioned for them to continue, and Alicia sighed. "Frank was blaming himself, as usual, and I was blaming myself. Tensions were high and we got a little carried away."

"But we are fine now, and that's what's important," Frank said with a smile. Alicia nodded.

"Alright. What about this… Alex?"

"It's just a date!" Alicia cried. "Will you two knock it off?"

Joe shrugged. "In my head, you admitted you felt like you were leading him on." Alicia turned red, and Frank smiled.

"One date is not a lead on. Two and three definitely are though, which is what I explained to her thoroughly multiple times," Frank said with a smile.

"Just once," she muttered.

"A minute," Frank said with raised eyebrows. "She was very worried about this. I wished I could trade places with you so you could explain that to her."

"Alicia," Joe said seriously, putting a hand on her shoulder. "One date, is just that. A date. And you can DTR later."


"Determine The Relationship," he put simply. "But there is one other thing I must know…" Joe said with mystery. "Did Mr. Drew really get in on the heckling? And how red did Frank and Nancy get?"

Frank stuttered. "W-we did not turn red!" Alicia just nodded and whispered behind her hand 'very'.

"What exactly did he say?"

Alicia perked up as Frank buried his head in his hands, and Nancy, who had been walking over, froze in her tracks a few yards behind Joe. "He said he wouldn't mind having Frank as a son in law, and he wanted grand kids," Alicia said proudly. "That's parental approval and father's blessing right there. And I'm pretty sure that's what woke you up," she said knowingly. "The wedding you didn't want to miss, how sweet."

"I'm just glad to see you are alright, Joe," Nancy said, changing the conversation, walking up behind him and giving him a small hug. "Bess was devastated when she heard, so after a very long call explaining you were alright, she wanted me to give you this." She pecked him on the cheek, and Joe blinked.

"Wow, maybe I should play that card more often. I get a kiss from Bess via the Nancy Drew. Ow! Hey, I'm still injured!" Three slugs all aimed for Joe's shoulder landed in perfect succession.

"Don't let mom hear you joke like that. You gave us all heart palpitations," Alicia said sternly.

Joe shrugged. "So tell me, this… Alex…"

"So, Joe Hardy is awake? That's good news," the EMT said as he walked over to the group. It was Alicia's turn to bury her head.

"Oh, so this must be Alex," Joe said with a grin, sticking out his hand to shake Alex's. "I've heard so little about you." Alicia's ears, which were the only part of her head not covered by her arms, turned bright red.

"Joe, you've only been out for seventy two hours at the most. You don't have to make up for missing time on embarrassing us," she muttered.

"Oh, yes I do. Too bad I don't have Dad's wallet, I'd go straight to the baby pictures."

"Joe!" Alicia cried.

Alex chuckled. "Well, I just came over to steal your sister away for lunch. You can embarrass her later."

"See ya later!" Alicia said, shooting up and turning her wheelchair around with a single motion she had practiced over and over during the stay. Alex smiled and followed, pushing her chair, from behind.

"Bring her back by dinner!" Frank and Joe said at the same time.

"Jinx! Can't say anything until I've said your full names, or someone else does." Nancy waved to Alicia with a smug grin on her face. "What?" she asked at the brothers' looks. "I'm just giving her the chance to get away, Franklin and Joseph Hardy."

"That was cold and low," Joe pouted. "I've been silent for days and you catch me in a jinx? Not fair."

Nancy shrugged. "You can owe me sodas instead, if you'd like."

"Actually, good idea. Orange soda all around!" Joe called out, not caring who heard. "We have reasons to celebrate. My sister is out living life, my brother is engaged, and my sister in law to be just gave me a kiss!"

"You're never going to let the wedding thing drop, will you?" Nancy asked with a sigh as she stood to get the soda.

"I'll go with you," Frank said quickly, just as Joe said:

"Not until you two actually get married, no." He waved his fingers as Frank sat down quickly again, not wanting to give his brother reason for encouragement. "Ah, go have fun, you two. And bring me back my soda. You don't know how much I've missed fizzy drinks."

"I can guess," Frank said with a smile. "It's great to have you back."

"Well," Joe said seriously, "You can't have a wedding without a best man, and I'm sticking around for that. The angels can wait for a moment."

Sorry, huge writer's block, but I think this straightens out the time warp. Sorry, it's not my best, but I would like to know what you think. With this, I think, it is a wrap. I hope you guys enjoyed. Please check out my mystery and my other stories. Thank you, my loyal followers, for sticking around this long.