Eh, I dunno. I was inspired by RAW's (Monday, the 14th of March, 2011) segment where Miz attacked John Cena. That was hott. I thought it was hott. After the RAW broadcast, Mike storms into Edge's locker room to remind him of some shit he said & did in the past. Adam's tried to put his affair w/ Mike behind him, but Mike won't let him even with Adam's boyfriend Jay in the picture. It's all just a sick game to Mike. Miz/Edge/Christian triangle. (not a threesome) & yeah, I dunno, Imma just go with it. Blackmail, slight non-consensual sexual acts, confliction, angst, language, manipulating, sex, the usual AU, OOC. Wrestling seems to be a strange mix of kayfabe & real here...

What the Fuck is Wrong Here?;
Chapter one/ 'Off Guard'
Rated; M/ L, S (slightly non-consenual blow job)

"Am I man enough NOW? HUH? Am I man enough now, Blondie?" Miz had screamed in his face, seething and still on an anger induced adrenaline rush as he blocked the taller man up against the roll of lockers.

Adam stared at him, swallowing. It was the most surreal thing. He had just stormed right in, pinning his back against the cold hard metal as he started to shout and rant. Adam didn't even have much time to think or react.

"Miz.. I think you need to.."

"To what? WHAT, Smurfette? Answer me! Am I man enough now? Did THAT prove it to you? You think you're SO smart."

Adam stood tall, defiantly, meeting his gaze. "Please leave."

Miz smirked and reached up to drag the back of his hand down Adam's cheek, scowling when Edge pushed it away.

"Leave now." Adam repeated.

"What's a matter, Blondie? Where's ya little boyfriend tonight, huh? Where's Christian at now? Why'd he let you off your leash to roam?" Mike tisked. "There are bad men, Edge. Bad men prowling these halls, rushed with adrenaline and searching for a tight little ass to fuck and take it out on. I'm surprised Christian would trust you out on your own." He smirked. "Not with your reputation, oh-no. Christian's your guardian, I know. He's a fool for letting you wander."

Edge's lips twitched, his teeth baring and clinched. "Christian," He started tightly. "Does. Not. Own. Me."

Miz grinned a bit too psychotically, letting his eyes roam the blonde's face and making him feel uncomfortable. He loved when Adam played. "Not what I hear..." He leaned closer, his mouth merely inches from Adam's cheek. The blonde man recoiled back into the lockers. He could feel Miz's heated breath on his face.

"Leave. I'm telling you to leave."

"I'm telling you no."

Adam bit his lip. He and Mike had their problems. It was a short fling that no one really knew about. Not even Jay. Adam and Jay had been separated, or whatever one would call it, and Mike and Adam had been rooming together, drunk and alone. Mikey liked hanging this shit over his head. He didn't like when Adam broke whatever they had, or could have had, off to go back to Jay. He confronted Adam. Adam told him he wasn't man enough. Told Mike that he was throwing a fit and was being fucking childish, Adam also threw it up that that behavior was the exact reason why Morrison started sleeping around on him, prompting Miz to plant his former tag partner in the middle of the ring during that year's draft. Mike didn't take rejection well and would every now and then decide to pop up to cause Adam grief for his past sins.

Miz wet his lips. He was still wearing the black pants, still shirtless, but the stuff that held the bald-cap on his head whilst impersonating The Rock had all been peeled off. Miz had just got done annihilating John Cena for the world to see. One step closer in cementing that he wasn't a joke to the world, he wasn't a joke of a champ and he should definitely be considered, in his mind and to Adam, man enough.

Mike stood there now. Holding Adam's gaze. His body language saying to the blonde male, I dare you to try and cross me. I'll catch you and you'll regret it. So Adam stood, tensing to go one way, but Miz blocked.

"He doesn't know about us, does he?" Mike's lips curled up into an evil smile. He liked reminding him.

"Who?" It came out so smoothly, despite what he felt inside, as Edge's eyes darted from Miz's face to the door. Miz had slammed it upon swooping in. Adam didn't know if it was locked, or if he yelled would anyone come running to see what was wrong.

"You know who, Adam." Mike's look softened a bit, but soon formed into a playfully sinister smirk. He reached up and ran his fingers through Adam's hair. The blonde flinched back further, wishing he could just melt right through the lockers and the wall behind them to escape Mike and his damn gaze. But that wasn't happening. "Does he know what we did?"

Adam didn't answer. His eyes regarded the door again.

"Don't you fucking dare. If you do, I swear I'll expose you for what you really are. I'll tell everyone who'll listen and you know they'll all be so interested in what I have to say about you. Now fucking answer me. Does Christian know what we did while he wasn't watching you?"

Adam swallowed. "No." He said smally. No, Jay did not know. Jay couldn't know.

Mike snarled. He loved that part. "You fucking slut. You didn't even tell your own boyfriend that you were fooling around on him behind his back."

"And you've been using it as blackmail every since." Adam growled, holding his eyes with his own. "You're not fucking innocent here, Miz. So stop acting like it."

"You seduced me! You came up to me! You were the one feeling neglected and needed me to make poor little Adam feel better about himself because Jay wasn't man enough. You strung me along!"

"You didn't say no." Adam snapped.

"Did you want me too? C'mon.. you liked what we did." He purred as he leaned closer to Adam's ear, his mouth open and his teeth daring to sink into Adam's throat. The bonde swallowed and began feeling of the wall for a way out. Mike grabbed his hand. "Don't."

"I'll scream."

"Go on. You won't. You would've done so already. You can't. If you do, you'll have to explain to whoever comes why I'm here. Or run the little risk of me telling them." Mike smiled assuredly. "You don't want anyone to know what you've did. It'll get back to Him."

Adam hadn't been looking at him. Mike's hand wrapped around his wrist made me feel unsteady. He looked at the ceiling and into the overhead light. He didn't like when Miz magnified all the truths and fears he had. "Why're you doing this? Do you get off on it or something?"

Mike nodded slowly, sweeping his tongue across his lips to wet them. "I get so hard thinking about you. Messing with you is fun, Smurfette. I love when you flinch and blush." Miz purred sweetly, releasing his wrist to ghost his fingertips up and down Adam's arm as it remained pressed to the wall. "Like you're doing now. It's fun to watch you act like a prude. But I've saw you intimate. I know what you're like behind closed doors in the heat of the moment. I know how you look on your knees with a cock down your throat, begging for more when your hair is pulled. I know how you feel."

Adam kept his eyes closed. His heart was pounding. All going through his mind was wrong. What he did was wrong. He knew that and now he lived with it.

"Those images will never leave me, Adam." Mike grabbed him by the throat to hold him still as his fingers left Adam's arm and moved up to slip underneath his shirt and to the skin underneath. Adam's eyes snapped open and he tensed.

"Stop touching me." He didn't have to gasp, but it came out choked anyway. Miz wasn't even holding him tight by the throat. His hand was just there, tense and showing him it could tighten. Mike's other fingers continued to brush along his abdomen.

"I'm haunted by them every night. You have no idea. I know you, Adam. I've saw how you act in need. When you're horny. I know what you look like when you cum."

Mike's hand had left from under his shirt and Adam gasped as he was groped through his jeans, Miz's hand roughly palming him.

"You get hard too, you little bitch. You like it just as much. I know you. I can still remember what you look like when you're all spread out and taking it like a whore for rent money. You grew up poor. Wonder how many cocks you sucked to get by."

Adam snarled and shoved Mike off. That was enough. Maybe Mike's dirty talk did make him feel shit he shouldn't, but that was crossing the fucking line. "Fuck you. Get the fuck away from me, you asshole. You have no fucking idea who you're talking to.."

Mike growled angrily, grabbing a hold of his shirt and shoving Adam against the lockers as he held him there. Adam struggled, seething back at Mike. Miz had once turned him on all arrogant and dominating, but angry frustrated Mike could be scary. Dangerous. Still Adam was unrelenting to either one. "Stop fucking fighting. You know what I want. What we want."

"I don't want anything from you." Adam hissed.

"Sure you do." He stopped as a noise caught his attention. The sound of REO Speedwagon. Adam gulped and looked down at his phone. The ringtone he had lovingly set for when Jay was calling was going off. It was 'Can't Fight This Feeling', it was their song in a way because of the times Jay would annoy him and sing it when they drove together, making Adam sing with him and trying to take his mind off how bored or how once broke they were. It had meaning and Mike standing here shoving shit in his face did not. It made Adam feel more like shit.

Adam took a breath. "If I.. If I don't answer.."

Mike growled, staring back at the phone as it rang again from Adam's bag that set on the wooden bench. "Leave it." How dare Christian call and spoil his fun. Mike's eyes shifted back and forth, trying to decide what to do. He wanted Adam now. Christian was nowhere to be found. He knew Adam had to stop by the RAW show on business other than performing. He'd be back with Christian when he left. Mike might not get another chance for awhile. Shit.

The phone rang again.

"He'll be suspicious. I know Jay." Yeah, he knew he usually called twice and left a voice mail when he couldn't get Adam. Adam hoped Mike would just take the bluff.

Mike smirked. "What's Jay gonna do? It's your ass on the line if he finds out. If you don't answer and come up with some other excuse. So what would you do for me if I let you answer? Hm?"

"Go to hell. I don't need your permission to answer my fucking phone." Adam pushed past him and grabbed his phone, flipping it open. Mike jerked it out of his hands, slamming it back shut and tossing it aside. The phone went skittering across the floor and Adam felt pricks of pain in his scalp as Miz fisted his hair.

"What're you gonna do, rape me?" Adam spat, struggling. "Do you think that makes you man enough?"

"I'm not gonna rape you, Adam. You're going to give it up willingly." Miz said, shoving Adam down on the bench.

"Oh, you're so sure." Adam scoffed, trying to push Mike's hands away.

"Yep. I have video evidence, Edge. I secretly taped us one night. I have a wonderful shot of you riding me, and if you don't cooperate, I'll make sure it gets out all over the internet. Everywhere. It'll personally find it's way to Christian." Mike promised, loving how Adam paled and went still.


Jay closed his phone and propped his chin up on the back of his hand as he sat with his elbow rested on the table. Adam wasn't answering. Probably not done with his business or his interview. It was no big deal. Adam would call when he was done. They'd be together for the rest of the week and they got their shot at being tag champions again on SD. Be damned those heinous penny-belts. Jay wondered if the ole E&C Dynasty could change those belts. Jay smirked to himself. Briefly pondering the design. It worked for Cena with the U.S. and WWE titles. Edge for a Rated-R Spinner belt and it had worked for Jeff Hardy in TNA. Why not Edge and Christian?


"Fuck yeah, suck it, bitch.." Mike grunted. He had a death grip on Adam's hair, thrusting into his mouth just deep enough to make Adam wince and gag. Adam was still sitting on the bench, holding tightly to the sides of Mike's pants and doing his best to dig nails into his skin.

It was degrading. The blackmail. The bullshit. Maybe Adam thought he could satisfy him enough to make him leave him alone for now... Even though he'd shudder to guess how long it'd be before Mike decided to bother him again. Adam didn't even know what he was doing. He didn't even know if such a tape existed, not that he could run the risk. Fuck, he probably was a slut.

Adam coughed and Mike yanked on his hair. "Uh-uh-uh. Stop it. Suck me off like you mean it. Show me what a good little whore you can be."

Adam closed his eyes and swallowed, shuddering at how it made Mike groan, before bobbing his head as hard as he could. He ignored the pain in his scalp from Mike's hold on his hair, just sucked him off as quickly as he could.

"Ah, shit.. you little bitch.. I knew what a little cockslut you could be.. You're gonna win for over-achiever." Mike jerked Adam's head back, taking hold of his cock with his other hand. Adam's arousal-swollen lips were parted and he was panting heavily, his eyes half-lidded. He was flushed and Mike could easily tell that Adam wasn't a saint or a victim here. The little blonde bitch was just as turned on by their games. He liked it and he could not hide it. Adam stuck his tongue out, licking at the tip of Mike's cock and Miz arched forward on his toes to give him a little more. "Want this dick... Smurfette?"

Adam nodded, nibbling at the head with his lips. It was enough to prompt Mike to shove back inside of his mouth, groaning as Adam continued to mouth-fuck him. It would be alright as long as Mike did not want his ass. A blow job he could work with. It'd keep Mike satisfied and happy for a bit until he could figure out what he wanted to do. Adam felt both hands pushing on his head, fingers twisted in his hair and urging him on. Mike's groaning and vocalization disgusted him. Physically, Mike wasn't disgusting at all. There was something that attracted Adam to Mike in the beginning. A certain cockiness and Adam's need to be played with roughly.. but Mike's attitude and bullshit disgusted Adam. Adam disgusted Adam.

"That's it, Blondie.. suck... right like that, yeah.. How's it feel, Adam? How's my dick feel in your mouth? S'it feel good?"

Adam nodded again, relaxing his throat muscles and taking Mike as far as he could, whimpering around his width. Adam let his eyes flutter open and rolled them up toward Miz, giving him a sweet innocent look.

"Oh, fuck.." Mike muttered, cumming so damn hard down Adam's throat he felt the fucking room spinning. It didn't help to feel Adam swallowing around him. Whether it was because some part of him had gotten to Adam, or because Adam had no other choice but to swallow thanks to the grip he had on his hair and how much of himself was crammed inside Adam's mouth, but he didn't care. His hold on Adam loosened and Mike pulled out as he stumbled backwards, catching himself against the lockers. He was spent and panting in his post orgasm delirium.

Adam picked up a towel and wiped his mouth off, looking down at his shirt and jeans to make sure no cum got on him. He looked back up to find Miz smiling at him. The smile was almost seductive.

"Get out. Now. You got what you wanted, now go." Adam stared up at him. He'd maintain whatever defiance he could.

Mike's smile faltered. "It's okay.. you'll come around in time, Smurfette." He straightened up and popped his neck as he fixed his pants.

Adam's teeth clinched. "Don't call me that. I told you I hate it."

Mike snorted as he walked past Adam, ruffling his hair on the way through, amused by how Adam jerked away. "Whatever you say, Blondie."

Adam cringed, dropping his head into his hands as the door shut back behind Miz. He pushed his hair back and raised his head before his thumbnail found its way into his mouth. He hadn't been this tore up or nervous since Jeff came after his title.

No, I'm not saying Jeff came after his ass too.. & gawd I should not tempt Jeff muse. Jeff muse was still broken while I was writing this. Then Jeff muse got fixed & started coming up w/ his own ideas for other fics... I don't want this fic to run on forever.. This was supposed to just be a fucking one shot, but eh. I wanted a little angry Miz after that & I actually wanted Miz to rape the fuck outta Adam in the locker room... but it took different turns. Don't mean he will or won't... I dunno.. Silly Adam, we all know Jay owns you (besides Jeffy, of course) & Miz gets to be my bad guy :P I just think he's hott all arrogant & loud.. & damn, I like when men use sex against Adam. There are three songs I like listening to while I ponder over E&Cest. REO Speedwagon's 'Can't Fight This Feeling', Air Supply's 'Making Love Out of Nothing at All', & 'All Out of Love'. REO's 'Keep on Loving You' is naturally always stuck in my head, but that's besides the point. I like to think about Jay badly singing 'Can't Fight This Feeling' as Adam drives & him coaxing Adam into singing off-key w/ him. So, it's their song to me now. Also, just b/c I'm sticking to /some/ kayfabe.. Edge & Vickie never happened, not even in the storyline. Lita/Edge never happned either. Adam's gay. Got it? Got it. Also, again, I hope this fucking works w/ FanFic glitching...