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What The Fuck is Wrong Here?;
Chapter two/ 'Came to Play'
Rated; M/ L, S (masturbation, flashbacks to sex & uncomfortable moments)

Miz smirked, rubbing his hand across his chin as he made his way through the mostly deserted hallways. It pleased him to know that he was getting to Adam in some tiny way. Sure, he could threaten Adam enough and force him to leave Jay to be with him.. but where was the fun in that? Toying and fucking with Adam was too much fun. The slut had came onto him. Flirted with him. Adam claimed he was lonely and Jay had left him over some dumb bullshit. Adam just wanted to be fucked and used.

So Mike fucked him and Mike used his body.. but Mike knew for damn sure he wasn't the only one getting off...

And then Adam had the balls to call it off. Said he was going back to Christian. Fucking whore.

Miz growled and entered his own special locker room. The WWE Champion, The Miz, Mike Mizanin. He had it all. He could've gave Edge it all too. Sure, Edge was World Champion on his own. They could've reigned over WWE. Fucking owned the place. But Edge had to go back to that loser ex-tag partner of his. Christian would be the downfall of Adam "Edge" Copeland and Mike knew it. But would Adam listen? Oh, hell no. So fuck him. They could have each other and in the meantime, Miz could play and feed off this.

Adam wanted to be a whore. He'd be treated like one.


Adam glanced down at his pants. His dick was throbbing and he was willing it to go away, but fuck if that was working. He couldn't go back to Jay like this. He couldn't let Jay get suspicious by walking in with a hard-on and no way to explain it. 'Hey, Baby. So? I was thinking of your fingers in my ass on the drive over here, bend me over and make me scream.'

No. That had worked before, but it was when Adam actually had worked himself up thinking about Jay. He was worked up over Mike. He couldn't go to Jay with that. So instead, Adam leaned back and unfastened his pants, shoving the waist band of his underwear aside before reaching in. He shivered at his own touch, aching at the mere contact of his own skin. He couldn't believe he was doing this after sucking Miz off. It didn't seem right. Adam closed his eyes, letting his mind wander to anything that could possibly force him closer to climax as he brought his dick out, stroking it hard.

"Come on.. come on.." Adam swallowed, biting his lip and spreading his legs out. His hips arched. He was so fucking horny, but his hand was doing little good. He was distracted. All he could think about was what just happened. Mike grabbing him, Mike's words, Mike's hands on him, Mike cumming in his mouth. Adam whimpered, dropping his head in shame as he fisted his cock furiously. He was on all fours in his memory, bent over with Mike behind him on the bed, twisting the butt-plug in and out of him as he arched and moaned.

"God, Mike.. it's too small.. can't... more... bigger.. please.." Adam murmured fitfully.

Mike grinned and shushed him, watching how he pushed the plug in and out of Adam's hole, torturously slow, deliberately driving Adam insane. "Don't make me cuff you."

"Oh, god.. fuck..." Adam came in the towel with a gasp, a shuddered whimper following and his teeth practically chattering. The blonde swallowed thickly, allowing himself a moment to calm down. "Ah, fuck.." He ran his other hand over his face, flushing. 'What the fuck am I doing..?'


Adam did not have the answer to that. He got up, fixed his clothes and grabbed his shit as quickly as he could before stealing a glance in the bathroom mirror to make sure he wasn't too obvious. He wasn't sure so he washed his face and brushed his teeth with the toothbrush and paste he kept in his 'just in case there's an emergency' bag that he carried with him to the arena even when he wouldn't be competing- Because, hell, you never know. Right?

Once Adam was satisfied, he got in his rental car and drove back back to his and Jay's hotel room. He had called Jay prior to tell him his interview ran late and he was on his way. He should have never let Jay stay there. But Adam said he'd be alright, Jay had nothing to do so Jay wanted to maybe hit the gym and lounge around watching whatever the fuck. Miz didn't seem to bother Adam when Jay was around. Why should he? If Jay did indeed know, Mike wouldn't be able to blackmail him. And Adam knew he could solve his problem by just telling Jay that he and Miz fucked around, but Adam wasn't sure if Jay would take it well. Adam had been over it with himself a thousand times. Why should Jay care if Mike and Adam had a fling? They were in a fight and were separated, they weren't fucking married. Well, it just wasn't that easy.

Especially since Jay and Adam's fight had been because Adam had been flirting with Randy and Jay saw Adam kiss Randy. Adam, had begged and pleaded. He had been drunk off his ass that night and felt like Jay was neglecting him. So one night in a bar, Adam ran into his old tag partner and they started to drink. Adam more than usual. Adam had been down, Randy was a good friend, always a good shoulder to let everything out on for Adam. He just took it too far. Even Randy saw that Adam had taken it too far. It shouldn't have been a big deal.. But Jay was hurt and Jay didn't see it in a good way. He said he needed time to think them over. Randy even tried to tell Jay it meant nothing.

After this, hopelessness kicked in. Adam had known Jay for years. They grew up together, made it in WWF/E together and had been close as an ass to a chair. They were friends, became lovers. They were freaking soulmates and Adam couldn't see himself with anybody else.. So, when Jay left him. Adam got scared. He didn't think Jay was coming back. After all Adam's shit over the years, he thought he'd finally screwed up and lost Jay forever.

That's when Mike came in. That arrogant bastard came up to him and flirted with him in catering one day. Mike had a thing for Adam, called him beautiful and whispered such dirtiness in his ears. Adam wanted attention. Adam needed attention and to be just grabbed up and... Mike touched him and fucked him like it was a drug. Like he was addicted to Adam's every move. Adam could wiggle and taunt and it would set Miz on fire and Adam loved that power. Previously, Adam had not felt this way with Jason in a long time. He loved him, and sure, in their older days they could fuck and go on for hours. But over-time, as some couples just do, they became comfortable with each other. The fire felt gone. Adam felt like Jay wasn't trying or maybe he wasn't, or maybe the spark had died. It's what sent Adam off in the first place.

Adam wanted to be fucked and worshipped and adored. Mike made him feel young and horny again. Oh, god. He was a fucking cougar preying on younger men.

Adam dropped his head down on the steering wheel after he pulled into the parking garage. "I'm so fucked up." He muttered, turning it off and just sitting there for awhile.

After Jay started talking to him again, and after Jay told him he missed him and wanted them to get back together, Adam called it off with Mike. It wasn't that Mike no longer turned him on, it was just sex. They had wild passionate sex. It wasn't love. It wasn't what Adam had with Jay. Mike didn't take it too well. He started yelling and calling Adam a slut and a whore and shit. Adam told Mike he was acting like a child. He needed to grow up. He told him he wasn't man enough when Mike told Adam he wanted to be with him. For awhile, Mike had stayed quiet. Now Adam just had to wonder when Mike would start his shit again.


Jay was siting on the bed as Adam walked in, TV remote in one hand, beer in the other. He looked up and smiled when he saw Adam and tipped the bottle toward him. "Hey, Baby. How'd it go?"

Adam nodded. "Fine." He dropped his bag, rushing into the bathroom as quickly as he could. He felt like he'd be sick, but he wasn't and instead just turned on the shower and hoped Jay wouldn't wanna join him.

Once inside he scrubbed. He scrubbed at his hair, he scrubbed and his arms. It was a fucking rape shower for a whore. He was okay, but one look at Jay. Just one damn look. Jay, his Jason. How could he do this to Jay? He hadn't felt this shitty and like a whore since.. Adam shook his head, wet hair wrapping around his neck. Not going back there.

Adam rinsed himself off and got out, drying himself off with a towel and securing it around his waist before starting to dry his hair. He jumped when Jay opened the bathroom door and turned the dryer off.

"Hey, you okay? Can I pee?"

"Fine. And no you can't." Adam said, removing the hand from over his heart and turning the dryer back on.

Jay scoffed and waved him off before stalking over and raising the toilet lid. "When do I ever listen to you? You can't hear it anyway!" He shouted over the dryer and Adam smirked as Jay made a content 'ahhing' sound. "That's better! Felt like my bladder would explode!"

Adam turned the dryer on Jay and grinned as he covered up with his hands and backed up. "Ass." He clicked the dryer off and set it back in its place on its wall mount before running fingers through his hair.

Jay leaned back and let out a low whistle as he regarded Adam's ass. "And a fine one too."

Adam yelped as he was slapped on that ass.

"Come on to bed, Sweetcheeks. I've waited for you all night."

Adam slouched as Jay left. Hoping that Jay was just tired and couldn't sleep without Adam in his arms and didn't want sex. It wasn't that Adam didn't love sex with Jay, he still just felt dirty.

Finally Adam crept out of the bathroom, dropping the towel before rummaging through his bag for something to sleep in.

"Hmm.. why bother?"

Adam blinked and looked back at Jay. His lover grinned, raising his eyebrows at him in a pseudo suggestive manner as he lay on the end of the bed, head propped up on his fist.

"Because I'm cold." Adam muttered.

"I'll keep you warm."

Adam shook his head. "What if there's a fire or emergency then? I can't run out naked."

"You can wrap up in the covers..." Jay then pouted as Adam slipped on some sleeping pants and a t-shirt.

"You'll be fine." Adam said as he pulled back the covers and slipped into bed, Jay collapsing behind him and wrapping him in his arms. "No, Jay."

Jay smiled and leaned down to kiss Adam's neck. "Why not?" He asked, playfully growling and pretending to bite at Adam's neck. "I've missed you."

"You've been alone watching porn all day, haven't you?"

"No. I've just been thinking."

"That's a bad sign."

Jay narrowed his eyes and Adam snorted. "Anyway. This is great, isn't it? On the road again, me and you. Teaming together again. Going after the tag titles. Everything is perfect right now. I'm happy. Are you happy?"

Adam nodded and leaned forward to kiss Jay on the lips, lingering a bit as Jay pulled him closer.


Adam snuggled down into his pillow. Jay was beside him, his arms no longer wrapped safely around him. Adam shuddered. He was cold. Jay, the bastard, was hogging his covers. Nightmares were also plaguing his sleep.

"Please.. reconsider.. I'm begging you."

"My answer's final, boy. You have no cash, there's nothing I can do."

"Just.. there's gotta be something we can work out.. some kind of arrangement." The young boy's voice was desperate, he swallowed and gritted the next words out. "You can have my mouth.."

The older man reached out and cupped his face, letting his thumb caress his cheek. "That mouth sure looks nice.."


The next morning, Adam sipped his coffee, sitting at the table while Jay took a shower. They were packing up and heading out to eat before heading back on the road to the next venue. Adam's head ached. He slept like two dollar shit. He felt worse. He almost jumped when he heard a thud and Jay curse. Adam rolled his eyes.

Moments later Jay emerged. "Fucking dryer."

"What happened?"

"Fell down on my stupid head." Jay muttered, rubbing his head.

Adam giggled.

"Oh, you think that's cute?"

Adam shook his head. "Well, I don't think your head is stupid."

Jay shrugged. "That's a plus." He grabbed himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the other end of the small rounded table. One sip and he almost gagged. It was bitter and nasty. "How're you drinking this shit?"

Adam shrugged. "Boredom."

Jay pushed the cup away. "I wouldn't drink it if they paid me."

Then Adam's phone rang. They looked at each other at the same time before Adam leaned back and unclipped it from the case. He did not notice the number.

"Who is it?"

Adam shrugged, flipping it open. "Hello?"

"Hey, Blondie. Did you have fun last night letting Christian fuck the whore out of you? Must've been really worked up after our little meeting. I can still feel your sweet lips wrapped around my cock." Mike purred on the other line.

Adam swallowed, eyes probably noticeably wide. He relaxed back into his seat, maintaining his calm. "Hi, Mom." He waved Jay off as he narrowed his eyes. "How're things? Me and Jay are fine, fixing to pack up and hit the road. Of course I've been a good boy. Jay's taken care of me. Yes, Mom, I'm eating well." He got up and paced, rubbing his forehead and shrugging at Jay, making it look like that was who he indeed was having a conversation with.

"Christian in the same room? He listening? What a shame. You can't talk to me then. I watched our little sex tape back last night. You don't know how good your ass looks bouncing up and down on my dick.."

"Okay, Mom." Adam smiled. "Yeah, I'll behave. I'll make Jay behave. Yeah. Take care. Love you too. Bye." With that he hung up.

Jay shook his head before folding his arms. "That wasn't Ma's usual ringtone."

"Uh.. she was calling from someone else's phone. Her's was dead and charging." Adam nodded.

"Uh-huh.." Jay's eyes followed him as Adam went around and started to gather up things. Something was up.

Well.. at least this one made it to a second chapter... Adam's only 6 yrs older than both Randy & Miz, but he feels like a cougar. Well, he'd be a hott cougar anyway.. Both seem to have their stories mixed. & I am taking Miz's sex tape into future consideration. He knows what he's doing & he's not stupid.. but does Adam know that..? (& just cuz someone questioned it on Live Journal)