Kya!~~~ so! This is my first fic so I'm sorry if it turns out like shit. But please don't go hating on me or I'll have Shizu-chan throw a vending machine at you... And you think I'm kidding?~~~ 0

Summary: Izaya always kept his feelings hidden; smirking at every attempt to be killed by the man he loved. No matter how hard he got hit with a vending machine, it would never hurt. But inside he felt pain, because Shizuo would never feel the same. High school days! ~ Shizuo X Izaya Psyche X Tsugaru!

Ok just to let you know I based this off a video on YouTube. It's so sweet and cute it makes me cry!~ I'll write the link to it at the end of this chapter- WATCH IT!- When you do watch it please tell me if you know the name of the red hooded looking Izaya. I Googled it a lot and people said he didn't have a name… I don't want to call him something like 'the red hooded creeper dude' or something like that in the story sooo… if you guys have any ideas on what to call him please tell!~ thank you!

There's a couple of OC's, like in this chapter its Yoko (she'll come more in later chapters) but don't worry none of them will really interfere with the story.

WARNING: this story contains YAOI! So don't yell at me when you jizz all over your computer!

Izaya walked down the halls with the usual obnoxious skip in his step, humming nonsense, smirk perfectly in place. People turned their view towards the raven haired teen, an admiring and scared look in their eyes. After all, he was Orihara Izaya. One of the most well-known and feared students at Raira Academy.

He just continued to walk, absorbing the stares. Taking them in as his grin grew wider and wider. He liked being the center of attention.

It was only when he heard a girl near the lockers say, "Doesn't Orihara-san scare you?" did he stop. His last step led to a silence through the halls. All of the other students started to quietly panic as they pretended they weren't staring at him all that time. Izaya chuckled inside.

"Rika-san!~" he turned towards the girl that had just called him scary. She flinched, yet tried hard not to show her fear that Izaya could obviously see. He walked slowly towards the girl, smirk growing every time she took another step back. Her back finally hit the locker behind her and she looked like she was going to shrivel away. Izaya leaned in enough to earn a squeak from the girl, his dark red eyes staring straight into her soul.

"So how did your confession to Fujiwara-san go?" Her expression changed from scared to angry. Izaya chuckled at the change in mood.

The girls around her looked confused, "Fujiwara-san?..." One girl with pig-tails asked as her eyes traveled from the girl to Izaya.

He happily turned his view towards the girl, "Did your best friend not tell you she had a thing for your boyfriend?" he looked at them innocently, pretending he thought they already knew, before turning to Rika. "That's not very nice Rika-"

"Shut up!" the girl in front of him yelled. He loved how she changed her mood so easily. This is why he loved humans. Their emotions were so simple so easy to play with. They were all his toys.

Not caring what the girl felt, he continued on, loving how angry she looked. "So I'm guessing he rejected you, can't blame him. It's nice of him to not tell anyone, though. He must pity you."

Her eyes began to tear up in anger, "Y-You asshole!" She stepped forward and attempted to slap him, but before her hand could get anywhere near his face he grabbed her wrist.

She gasped in shock before he leaned in to where their faces were only inches apart, "Now, now, Rika-san." He whispered in his sly voice, "We don't want to get hurt now do we?"

He dropped her wrist and she fell to the ground, crying and sobbing. Her friends crouched down and tried to comfort her, all accept the pigtailed girl that was once her friend. She just stood there looking down at the girl in disgust.

Izaya laughed at the thought that he probably ended a close friendship. It made his days before it even began. Izaya smiled and turned to walk away from the scene, all eyes remained on him. 'Hope you enjoyed the show'.

After walking for another minute or two, Izaya felt a familiar aura in the air, one he knew too well. The feeling was from the tall blonde that seemed to get angry at everything Izaya did. Izaya couldn't stop smiling and began to skip towards the scent. Upsetting the Brute would make his day even better.

Turning another corner he saw the brute surrounded by a crowd of girls that he toward over. Izaya's smile dropped and he scowled at the sight in front of him. He 'tched' when seeing the girls flirt and cling to the confused looking Shizu-chan, 'Those girls sure have bad taste'.

Before he could move into the crowd and completely anger Shizu-chan so much that he would throw the girls out of the way with one hand, something caught his eye. Izaya spotted a small curve in Shizuo's lips that grew into a full smile.

Izaya paused, unable to say anything, face expressionless. He felt something inside his chest, it was painful. A different pain from a cut or bruise, but much worse. He hated it.

He forced a smirk back onto his face before anyone could notice and decided to bug Shizu-chan later. He turned and began to walk to class, no longer a skip in his step. He looked back one more time, regretting it deeply.

After making many excuses, Shizuo finally made his way out of the crowd of clingy girls. Sure he had an unusual amount of strength, but he wasn't going to punch a girl in the face to get away. He was somewhat a gentle man.

"Bye Heiwajima-san!" many of the girls yelled as he walked away, ignoring everything they said. Not that they weren't pretty, but Shizuo wasn't anyone to like someone by the way they looked, and besides he found those girls annoying.

Walking at a fast speed through the halls with both hands in his pockets he bumped into a girl. He didn't notice her because his mind was blank as usual and she was so short he never saw her. "Oh, sorry…" he said bluntly looking at the blonde girl that was on the ground.

She rubbed her head, ruffling her blonde hair. "Man, you're like a brick wall," She looked around her, many flyers were scattered around her. "Now look what you did!"

"What I did?" Shizuo asked with his annoyed tone.

"Yes what you did. Now get your ass down here and help."

Shizuo grunted and crouched down. Catching him by surprise the girl leaned into his face and squinted her eyes, as if to make her see him better, "I know you…" Before Shizuo could say anything she snapped her fingers in realization, "Your Heiwajima Shizuo!"

"So…?" Shizuo asked a little annoyed (as usual).

"My name's Suzuki Yoko!" She declared proudly.

"Do I care?" The boring tone of his voice was opposite to her excited tone.

"You may call me Suzuki-senpai!"

He tched as he began to pick up some of the flyers that read 'Star Gazing Committee'. He unconsciously stared at the papers.

"Ah, I see you are interested in the club, hm?" She smiled widely at the thought of a new club member.

Shizuo snapped himself out of his state of blankness, "Huh? Uh… no not really," he continued to pick up the scattered papers.

Not caring what he said she continued in her annoying way, "It's really fun, we go outside at night and look at the different constellations and find the meaning of every one." The girl smiled brightly.

"No thanks…" It's not that he didn't want to; in fact he loved looking at the stars. They calmed him down no matter how angry he got. But he had turned down every sports club and if anyone found out he would rather do this than sports, he would be announced a pussy.

The girl shrugged and Shizuo passed her the last of the flyers. Just as they both got up the bell rang. Shizuo said good bye to the girl and she happily skipped away. Not wanting to be late for class for the third time that week he began to speed walk to his class room.

But his mind stayed glued to the thought of star gazing and he couldn't help but to smile just a bit.

A couple of hours later and it was finally lunch. As usual Shinra, Izaya, Kadota, and Shizuo sat together. Shizuo and Izaya might hate each other but they didn't fight in front of their friends… well, they tried. It would be a usual lunch. They would sit on the roof and talk about stupid stuff, Shinra would obsess over his 'future wife', Izaya would say something, well, Izaya like, and Shizuo would attempt to throw something at him. A usual day.

But today it was a little chilly outside so they decided to eat in the classroom. And the only person who really talked was Shinra. Both Izaya and Shizuo were in deep thought. As Shinra continued to talk about his lovely Celty, Kadota noticed the odd behavior of his friends.

"Oi," Kadota said in his low voice pointing to both Izaya and Shizuo, catching both their attention. "You two are quiet today. Is something wrong?"

Izaya smirked in his cocky way and slumped in his chair, "I can assure you, Dotachin, I'm fine." he chuckled at the nick name.

Kadota grimaced at the name but before he could retort Shinra butted in, "They must be thinking of love!" Shinra threw his hands in the air, making a scene.

Unintentionally, Izaya blushed slightly.

Shizuo grabbed Shinra by the collar, "Do you have a death wish?" He gave Shinra a death glare.

"Hahaha… I take that back- wait Shizuo! Don't eat that! My beloved made that for me!" Shinra yelled as Shizuo took some of his bento box.

"Sorry, I forgot my lunch." Shizuo said as he continued eating, breaking Shinra's heart with every bite.

Annoyed by Shinra's whining, Izaya scooted Shinra's box from under Shizuo. Shizuo's blood boiled, but before he could throw something at Izaya, Izaya's bento box was plopped in front of Shizuo. All of them were silent as they stared at Izaya.

"What?" Izaya questioned.

"Did the sun rise on the west today?" Shinra said while taking his lunch back.

"What do you mean?" Izaya asked, a confused look on his face.

"You just gave Shizuo your bento box,"

Not realizing it was a big deal, Izaya simply replied, "So?"

"You sick flea?" Shizuo asked. It was odd to see the pest like that. Maybe something was wrong with him.

Izaya held his heart in fake hurt, "Shiz-chan's mean! Here I am, being a nice person, and you have the decency to question it? I'm hurt!" Nope he was fine, the same old cocky Izaya.

"Unless…" Shizuo ignored Izaya's babbling and continued, "You poisoned it…"

"Shizu-chan, you have gotten shot, hit by a truck, and somehow you manage to survive even if I try and kill you every day." Izaya began, "So I'm not stupid enough to think a little poison can even put you to sleep, let alone kill you."

"Tch," Shizuo took the chop sticks and picked up a piece of ootoro. "If this tastes like shit I swear…"

Shizuo hesitantly place the fatty tune in his mouth, as the others watched closely. The taste melted in his mouth and he found himself unconsciously closing his amber eyes.

"Haha! I win!" Izaya said proudly, "it's good isn't it?"

"Shut up flea," Shizuo continued eating the ootoro. When Shizuo looked away Izaya allowed a small smile to paint his lips.

Moments passed by and Shizuo's mind traveled yet again. He remembered the times he watched the sky alone at night and how he had names for each star. He didn't know many real constellations but he had his own name for them. He was just a child back then, but he never grew out of it. The urge to star gaze grew more and more.

Shinra babbled on and on like an idiot, as usual. But Izaya paid no attention to him, he watched Shizuo from the corner of his eye instead. The look he was making was odd. Like he was thinking hard on something important, he would rarely see that on Shizuo. But he ignored it and tried to actually pay attention to what Shinra was saying.

"Sadly my lovely Celty won't be home tiller late tonight so if you guys are free…" Shinra looked at all of them, "Want to do something tonight?" Finally Shizuo broke out of his train of thought.

Kadota shrugged, "Sure, what do you have in mind?"

Shinra rubbed the back of his head, "Should've thought this out more…" he smiled guiltily.

Shizuo slightly smiled, "How bout we-"

"We should go find some girls, get drunk, and leave them alone in an alley," Izaya said as happy as could be.

"I was just gonna say we should-"

"You know your evil, right Izaya?" Shinra asked, not noticing Shizuo at all.

"HEY GUYS-" At this point Shizuo was on the verge of breaking something.

"I know Shinra, but that's just who I-"

"LISTEN DAMMIT!" Shizuo slammed his hands on his desk. The loud noise led so complete silence. Shizuo blushed at the awkward state.

"Yes Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked slyly, breaking the silence.

Shizuo's blush deepened and he averted his eyes away, "I was just going to say…" He looked back at them and locked eyes with Izaya, "Maybe we should go star gazing…" his voice trailed off in an odd manner.

Izaya winced inside at the way Shizuo looked at him, but shook it off and smirked playfully. "Ne~ So Shizu-chan really is a softy. How cute!~" he said sarcastically.

"Shut up flea, it was just an idea we don't have-"

"It's a perfect idea!" Shinra exclaimed happily. Receiving an odd look from the other three.

"Eh, why not," Kadota said coolly. "Not like I have anything else to do."

Shizuo smiled, "Thanks guys." His eyes were oddly happy.

Izaya felt an odd pain in his heart, and because of the way Shizu-chan smiled something tugged his lips upward. It was hard to bare.

"But Tsu-san!" The raven-haired boy pouted, "I tried really hard on it!"

A man in a blue kimono held a sheet of music in one hand as he ruffled the boy's hair. His blue eyes stared into pink, "I never said it was bad, I just said it needed work, Psyche."

Psyche crossed his arms, "That means you hate it!"

"I could never hate anything made by you," Tsugaru said simply and resumed to staring into the pink irises.

Psyche blushed and smiled widely before leaning into Tsugaru to kiss him lightly on the cheek. They sat in silence for a moment before they resumed to writing their music.

This is how it always was, one moment they would hold each other in their arms and the other, nothing, just nothing. In the silence Psyche couldn't help but to think, to think if Tsugaru really did love him or if he even liked him at all.

As they faced opposite ways, Psyche clenched his heart. This feeling was odd, painful. Why was love like that? Why do you want to be with them yet it hurts so much.

It was love after all and even if they felt so close, they were miles away.

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