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"It's raining outside…" A dreadlocked man said as he looked out the window. His head was placed in his hands as his elbows rested on the café table.

Shizuo sucked on his straw as he glanced out the window, "That sucks… And it's summer too…" He said before resuming to drinking the chocolate shake.

"We should get going before it gets worse," The tan man suggested, getting up from his seat.

Shizuo took one last big sip before getting up; throwing away the milkshake once they headed out the door.

"Listen man…" Shizuo said, rubbing the back of his neck, "Thanks for listening, I feel a ton better…"

Tom smiled, "Anytime, call me later, kay?" He said as he turned, "Oh and really try and get some sleep."

Shizuo smiled lightly at his sempai, "Okay I'll try, thanks…"

Tom smiled as he turned around and waved backwards. Shizuo stood there for a moment before walking away, not really caring that he was walking in the rain. It wasn't raining hard, it was just a little bit more than a sprinkle, but even if it was pouring rain, Shizuo wouldn't care. His mind was on other things now.

He really didn't want to cause his sempai any trouble or anything; he just needed to talk to someone.

It wasn't that long ago that he confessed to Sumiko… And it wasn't that long ago that he got rejected. Sure they were still going out; she just didn't feel as strongly as he did. It stung him, really it did.

And that's where this mess started.

He was having trouble in things. At school he would just think about how to get her to love him back… causing his teachers to get angry at him for not listening. He was also unable to sleep at night because he was so frustrated…

It felt as though the whole world was crashing down on him. Whether it was from hormones or something else, he was just so heartbroken from all this.

The rain was increasing more and more, not that Shizuo cared. His hair and uniform was soaked by now.

The aching in his heart wouldn't die out from her words…

Yeah, it sucks to love someone who doesn't love you back…

Suddenly, the rain stopped hitting Shizuo's face. His eyes widened in surprise to see an umbrella above him. He looked behind him to see two very different yet very similar looking girls holding up the umbrella as they went on their tippy toes to reach it over his head.

"Hello~ Shizuo-san~" one of the girls with glasses said cheerfully, the innocence of a child radiating off her.

"Hello…" The other said quietly.

"Oh… Hey Kururi, Mairu…" Shizuo said hesitantly.

"What are you doing walking out in the rain!" Mairu exclaimed, "You'll catch a cold!~"


Shizuo smiled slightly at their cuteness, even if they were annoying and even if they were the flea's siblings, "Ah, yeah… I was just headed home…"

"Ah! Let us walk with you!~" Mairu said as she handed him the umbrella, "You need to use this!~"

"Umbwella…" Kururi said with a lisp.

Shizuo chuckled, "Alright… We'll walk together…"

Izaya sat on some random bench as he looked at the ground with a saddened look on him. He really wished he had something warmer to wear other than his uniform.

Right now, Izaya was distraught. In deep thought, and he wanted to end all of his stress.

The reason he was stressed was because he hadn't come home in a couple of days. You could say he ran away, but it was more like he got forced to…

Three nights ago Izaya's father was more drunk then usual and took out his rage on Kururi and Mairu. His mother tried to help them but the man would just push her out of the way. Not knowing what to do, Izaya went in front of the girls and protected them as they sobbed in his shirt.

For once, Izaya was scared, not knowing if Kururi and Mairu and his mom would be alright. So he did the only thing that came to his mind at that moment and grabbed an empty bottle and hit his father in the head with it.

It was the biggest mistake of his life.

Izaya's never been beat so hard in his life till that day. And afterwards, his father kicked him out and told him to never come back.

He had stayed in the park for the past couple of days, hungry and tired. He still went to school, he just pretended like everything was fine, just like he always did.

But now, he was afraid. He was in this new undying fear that his family would get hurt and he knew he needed to go back home.

Izaya formed into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest before burying his head in his knees. Everything ached as he moved.

His shoulders shook as he tried not to cry, tears brimming his eyes. One fell loosely as he muffled a sob before hurriedly wiping his eyes although no one was around.

And then as if things couldn't get any better, he felt a raindrop on his head.

The sobs turned into curses as more drops hit his head. He sighed in annoyance as he closed his eyes, trying hard to think of the positives…

The only thing that came up was Shizuo.

He wasn't actually sure if he could call that a positive though…

He groaned as the rain fell harder, soaking his uniform. He got up, feeling the aching in his limbs. He manned up and began to walk at a normal pace when all he wanted to do was sit down or sleep. He was exhausted.

He shook his head again and tried for the second time to think of the positives.

Again, Shizuo invaded his whole mind.

For a moment, he couldn't help but to smile. Although he was put through so much pain from the brute, he still loved him…

He thought about the blondes smile and then thought about how he'd get angry over the stupidest things. The thought made him chuckle. He had a sudden urge to hug something and pretend it was Shizuo.

He laughed at his stupidity and stared up at the grey, pouring sky. He had completely forgotten about what was upsetting him earlier.

He was feeling better already…

"Oh, Izaya-san..." An emotionless surprised voice said from in front of him, "Nii-san hasn't killed you yet… that's good…"

Izaya moved his gaze from the sky to see who the voice belonged to. He smiled slightly.

"Hey Kasuka-san…" Izaya said with a small smile grazing his lips, "It's nice to see you again."

Kasuka nodded before silence took over, the only noise heard was the pouring of the rain and a couple talking as they passed them.

Kasuka blinked, before asking bluntly, "Want to walk with me?" He walked forward and then past Izaya, not even giving him a glance.

Izaya shrugged with a casual smile on his lips, "Why not…" He said as he turned and walked under the umbrella with Kasuka.

"Nii-san told me you tutored him…" Kasuka started, "I knew it was impossible for him to get that good of a grade alone…"

Izaya chuckled at the statement, "Your brother does seem to be rather dumb…"

Kasuka nodded in confirmation. Izaya laughed openly.

Izaya laughs died down as he looked down at the ground to see his reflection in puddles.

"Hey Kasuka…"


"What do you think about Shizu-chan's girlfriend?"

Kasuka shrugged, "Not much…"

"Oho~ So you don't like her?"

"No… What do you think about her?"

Izaya's eyes widened slightly at the question before he smirked widely.

"She's an idiot~"

Kasuka raised a brow, "How so?"

Izaya paused for a moment, not really sure how he should respond so covered it with a question, "Does Shizu-chan ever talk about their relationship to you?"

Kasuka glanced at him, "No."

Izaya smirked at the brunette although his emotions tugged inside him.

"Oh…" Izaya voiced.

There was silence as the cold air hit their faces.

"I'm not sure I quite understand something…" Kasuka said over the sound of pouring rain, breaking the silence.

"Hmm?" Izaya hummed casually.

"Do you and my brother hate each other or not?"

The question made Izaya's eyes widen, "What kind of question is that?"

"One that should be answered…" Kasuka replied bluntly.

Izaya chuckled, "It's obvious we aren't on good terms Kasuka…"

"You two seem like you would be good friends though…"

Izaya looked at Kasuka in shock before chuckling a little. The chuckle quickly turned into a hysterical laughter. Kasuka just watched with no expression showing on his face.

"I never thought of you as a dumb person Kasuka!" Izaya said in between laughs.

Kasuka raised a brow, "I don't get how what I just said was dumb…"

"It goes like this," Izaya said once he ended his laughing, "I annoy Shizu-chan… He tries to kill me. He hates my guts..."

Kasuka shrugged, "Nii-san doesn't hate you…"

Izaya paused, not expecting those words.

Izaya scrunched his nose, "What do you mean 'he doesn't hate me'… He says it all the time..."

Kasuka turned back at Izaya with his umbrella in hand, "Nii-san doesn't hate you…" Kasuka repeated, "Sure he may get annoyed by you at times, but you, Izaya, are a lot like him…"

Izaya blinked at the statement, opening his mouth to say something. Kasuka cut him off.

"I'm sure you are actually his best friend and he might not even notice it… He only thinks he hates you… Just like how you only think you hate him…" Kasuka continued to explain to the awestruck Izaya.

Izaya's mouth gaped open before he closed it and bit his lip.

"I never said I hated him…" He mumbled, not thinking about what he was saying before he said it. He cursed inwardly at the display of emotions.

Kasuka's eyebrows raised slightly before softening.

"I'm glad…" He said with no expression on his face before turning and walking away.

Izaya looked sadly at the ground with a mere blush on his face before he walked right next to Kasuka again, now feeling rather awkward.

"So…" Shizuo began, with two little girl's on each of his sides as he held the umbrella, "What are you two doing in town alone… with no supervision?... You guys aren't pick-pocketing again are you!"

Mairu gave Shizuo a demonic smile, "O please Shizuo-san~" Mairu said with a flick of her wrist, "We're are just two innocent eight year olds~"

Kururi held up eight fingers to dignify their age.

Shizuo tched, "Ya right, you two are just about as innocent as that smug looking brother of yours…" Shizuo paused with a scowl clear on his face, "But seriously, what are you two doing out here?"

A silence fell over as the rain fell and Mairu's booted feet stepped in a puddle.

"We're looking…" Kururi voiced as she held lightly onto Shizuo's hand.

Shizuo raised a brow, "What for?"

"Iza-nii hasn't come home in a while…"

The sudden seriousness and sadness from Mairu's voice caught Shizuo off guard.

"What do you mean… he hasn't come home…?" Shizuo asked hesitantly as the air grew tenser and tenser.

Mairu hid in her hoodie, a saddened look painting her childish features as her own hand gripped tightly to Shizuo's sleeve. She bit her lip before looking up at Shizuo and smiling brightly.

"We're playing hide and go seek!~" She said innocently with a bright smile, "We think of it as if it were treasure hunting~"

Shizuo's brows furrowed. He wasn't sure about how much of this was actually serious and how much of it was a joke.

"Why isn't he home Mairu?" Shizuo asked sternly.

Mairu practically jumped before she laughed awkwardly, "I already told you, we're playing hide and go seek."

"Even I'm not that stupid-"

"You sure?" Mairu scoffed.

"Why you little…" Shizuo growled as he held to the umbrella tighter, causing a dent in the metal.

Mairu gasped dramatically, "Oh no! Is Shizuo-san gunna hurt me!"


"I just might if you two don't shut up!" Shizuo growled.

Mairu flailed her arms about as she screamed loudly but fakely, "Help, Help! I'm getting attacked! Child abuse, CHILD ABUSE!" She yelled, catching many passerby's attention.

Now people were crowding around and whispering to each other 'poor girls' or 'I hope they are alright…' all of which made Shizuo drop his anger.

Shizuo grinned awkwardly, "Hahaha… Kids are so crazy…" He said, grabbing the two girls hands and taking them away at a fast pace.

Once they were far away from the stares, Shizuo glared at the girls. Mairu only smiled brightly at the blond, holding Kururi's hand, who was by her side, looking up innocently at Shizuo.

Shizuo sighed, ruffling both the girls' hair, "Yeah you two are definitely related to the flea…" He said with a light smile, "C'mon… I should get you two home. You can go 'seeking' for your brother later…"

Mairu giggled and Kururi smiled lightly at Shizuo. They both got on both of his sides and held onto his wrists.

Shizuo smiled at how cute they were in their over-sized hooded jackets and rubber boot that stepped in puddle after puddle as they walked. They were so innocent looking, despite how they really acted.

In a way, it kind of reminded him of Izaya. Not that the flea was cute of course.

"Why this is a surprise~" A sly voice said from in front of the trio. Shizuo looked up and scowled immediately.

Speak of the devil…

There Izaya stood, standing under an umbrella Shizuo's brother just happened to be under as well, grinning evilly at the blonde. Kasuka just waved silently.

There was something off though, Izaya looked truly messed up. Almost as though he got hit by a truck… He put his thoughts aside and scowled at the man.

"Flea…" Shizuo growled.

"It's nice to see you too, Shizu-chan. But why are you three together? You aren't planning how to kill me again are yo- AH!"

Izaya was silenced when his sisters dashed forward and both gave him a large hug. In his surprise, he fumbled back and accidently lost his footing, causing him to fall on the wet ground. The two girls began crying in their brothers arms. Izaya sat there for a moment, staring at his sobbing sisters in surprise. Shizuo had a similar expression, although his had more confusion in it.

It was silent for a moment before Izaya features softened and he nuzzled his face into the girls' hair, wearing a light smile.

"It's alright now…" He whispered soothingly to the girls who just cried and hiccupped. After a few moments, their crying calmed down and they both gave Izaya a bright smile with puffy eyes before getting up.

Izaya smiled back lightly as he got up himself.

Shizuo's mouth gaped open at the sight. Izaya wasn't one to look or act mature. He didn't seem like the responsible kind of brother. But that look on Izaya's face wasn't familiar at all…

Was that an actual smile? A sincere smile?

Noticing Shizuo was staring at him and that his mask had fallen, Izaya immediately smirked at Shizuo, "What are you staring at brute?"

Shizuo paused for a moment until a scowl painted his lips and a light blush painted his cheeks, "Here, take your god damn umbrella! I'm leaving!" The blonde said childishly as he threw the umbrella. Izaya chuckled.

Shizuo grabbed his brother's hand before pulling him away. Izaya laughed as he waved to Kasuka, "It was nice talking to you Kasuka!"

Kasuka looked back at Izaya and nodded.

"Oh, and I'll see you tomorrow, Shizu-chan!~" Izaya yelled out as he got up with a cheery grin.

Shizuo looked back and glared at the raven before walking away. Izaya chuckled openly.

"Ne ne, Iza-nii!~" Mairu said from Izaya's side, holding her small hand into his bigger one, "Shizuo-san's brother is cute!~"

Kururi took Izaya's other hand lightly, "Cute…"

Izaya rolled his eyes, "Please don't go stalking him now…"

Mairu gave him an evil grin, "No promises."

Izaya sighed before taking the umbrella and putting it over the three of them. Feeling relieved, Izaya smiled happily at nothing as the trio walked away, his sisters humming nonsense by his side.

He had a lot he was going to have to deal with tonight. What was his father going to say? What was his father going to do?

But right now, that didn't matter. He was looking on the positives. He was with his sisters. He was going home. He saw Shizuo today…

That last one made him smile even brighter…

"Damn… it's cold…" Shizuo mumbled as he rubbed his arms to get warmer. He cursed himself inwardly now for not getting any protection from the rain earlier.

Kasuka just nodded in response as the two brothers walked home.

"So… How was school today?" Shizuo tried to make conversation.

"Good." Kasuka replied in his monotone voice.

Shizuo rubbed the back of his neck, "And… How was drama?"


Shizuo sighed with a light smile on his lips, "You should really learn how to keep a conversation going, Kasuka…"

Kasuka glanced at his older brother, "Alright… How was your day, Nii-san…"

Shizuo chuckled, "It was great, thank you…"

"Did you and Izaya-san hang out?" Kasuka questioned.

Shizuo felt his eyebrow twitch, but didn't explode in front of his brother, "If you call trying to kill each other 'hanging out' then yes, we did hang out."

Shizuo scowled while he looked down at the ground and cursed at the thought of Izaya's smirk. Kasuka stared at him as he did so.

In the midst of Shizuo's cursing he looked to the side to see Kasuka staring, he instantly stopped, "Sorry… Didn't mean to complain in front of you…"

"Ne, Nii-san… How come you and Izaya fight so much?" Kasuka asked out of the blue, ignoring his brother's words completely.

Shizuo's eyes widened at the sudden question before his brows furrowed, "What kind of question is that… I get pissed off easily, and he pisses off people easily. We just couldn't be able to get along…"

Kasuka show a tiny bit of emotion in his face, as if he were slightly unintrigued by the answer, "I still don't see how you two aren't friends…"

Shizuo sighed, "Kasuka… We hate each other…"

"I don't think so."

Shizuo raised a brow at this, "Huh?"

"When Izaya and I were talking, he said himself that he didn't hate you…"

Shizuo stopped in mid step at the words, his mouth hanging open. He didn't believe his ears for a moment.

Izaya… didn't hate him? The person he swore to kill… didn't hate him?

Shizuo shook his head, "I'm sorry Kasuka… You must have heard wrong."

Kasuka shrugged, "Even if Izaya didn't say that, I already knew it was true."

Shizuo opened his mouth to talk, but Kasuka already took the moment to continue.

"Think about it Nii-san… Out of all the people you know, isn't Izaya one of very few amount of people who isn't the least bit genuinely scared?"

The words Shizuo wanted to say dissipated from his mind in an instant. He felt odd inside. His mind raced for an answer… but he couldn't get one…

Was his brother right?

Could Izaya not truly hate him?

If he was told this by anyone else, he'd either laugh or punch the bastard in the face. But when hearing it from his brother, he couldn't help but to question if it were true or not…

And how come he felt like smiling?

"Nii-san…" Kasuka's voiced ripped him out of his thoughts, bringing him back to reality, "Aren't you coming?"

"Oh sorry…" He mumbled as he ran up to his brother's side. The whole walk home he looked at the ground and thought.

He thought about Izaya.

Not once did Sumiko even trace his mind.

Just Izaya.

And for the first night in a very long time, Shizuo was able to sleep.

"… Took long enough…" Roppi replied with a light smile to the pink boy in front of him.

Psyche looked at Roppi seriously in the face, showing anger and hate altogether.

"How come I'm the one feeling like shit and you're the one who's in love?" Psyche asked with a straight face, not at all losing his composure, "Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?"

Roppi's smile fell and eyebrows rose, "That was unexpected… I truthfully thought you were going to ask if I was actually in love with Tsugaru-"

"I'll get to that. Just answer this one for now…" Psyche snapped back.

"Stingy…" Roppi replied as he looked at the bowl of batter. He smiled slightly before taking it and dipping his finger in. He licked the finger right in front of Psyche making Psyche scowl at the man that looked just like himself.

"Emotions are strong things…" Roppi said as he took another dip of batter with his finger. Psyche's eye twitched, "Stupid, but strong… They are what makes a person. Without them, humans would be lifeless beings, walking around like live corpses…" he said before licking his fingers gingerly.

Psyche took the bowl away from Roppi's reach, "Thank you Roppi. But I would like it if you would answer my question…"

Roppi chuckled, "I was getting to that… Now where was I… ah yes, stupid humans and their stupid emotions. The strongest just so happens to be love."

He glanced at Psyche whole only nodded, still wearing that hateful look.

"Love is something so many people want to possess… And yet when then obtain it, they don't want it anymore… Why do you think this is?" Roppi questioned with no emotion in his face as he rested his head in his hand.

Psyche furrowed his brows, curiously looking back at Roppi, "I don't kno-"

"Love is painful," Roppi responded, lightly poking Psyche in the chest, in the area his heart was, "Isn't that what you feel..?"

Psyche didn't respond, he just bit his lip.

"Your heart just pleas for that person… and yet, they never hear those pleas…" Roppi encircled the counter with his finger, "A one-sided love…"

Psyche's lip wobbled slightly.

"Love is also positive and selfish and anger-driven at times…" Roppi continued, "I think of it as a package deal… One emotion holds millions. Maybe that's why it's so strong…"

Psyche chuckled, feeling his eyes become watery, "Strong you say… I feel like anything but strong… I feel weak and vulnerable… and you call that strong?" He wiped a loose tear.

Roppi didn't respond.

"Tell me…" Psyche said with a fake smile on his lips, "Do you actually love Tsu-san?"

Roppi stared, not one emotion in his eyes, "I do…"

Psyche began to hurriedly wipe his eyes as he chuckled, "That's good to hear… I didn't want Tsu-san to be in love with someone who didn't love him back… It hurts…"

Roppi didn't respond again.

The only thing heard in the room was light sobs from Psyche.

Roppi got up and bowed to Psyche, "I think I'll be leaving now… take care…" He said with no emotion. Psyche just nodded in response. Roppi walked hesitantly out of the room.

With Roppi gone, Psyche's first shudder made its way to his lips.

The pink boy quickly grabbed the bowl of batter and dropped it on the ground, not bothering to clean up the mess before he left the room, leaving with curses and tears falling down his cheeks.

He tried to think of the positives, but only Tsugaru came up in his mind.

Whether that was actually positive or not, he had no idea…

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