Umm.. just having fun here. Jedam. Generally brattiness. Jeff & Adam are two young wily lovers who drive their brothers insane over a lazy summer. I'm pretty unsure about their ages right now... as w/ a lot of things, Imma just write. Sex, language, underage, it's consensual. AU, OOC, non-wrestling. Start characters; Adam, Jeff, Matt, Shannon, Shane, Jay.

The Enigma & the Rated-R Brat;
Chapter one/ 'TreeHouse'
Rated; M/ L, S (a naked Jeff thru-out, lotza cock-rubbing, sucking, fingering)

Adam climbed up the boarded ladder to the treehouse, scooting his butt over the edge and crawling on inside... finding Jeff sitting on his purple beanbag in all his naked glory. Adam scratched at his hair. "Um, hi, Jeff."

"Hi, Addy." Jeff popped the sucker back into his mouth and leaned forward to smack the side of his 11 inch TV. He had stolen the piece of junk thing from a sidewalk where it had been thrown away, even though he said he asked first and the little old lady kindly told him to take it (or cram it, depending on what day you asked Jeff about it on) and set it up in the treehouse with some extension ropes leading from his house and lots of wire. It got poor as shit reception and Jeff had to resort from stealing cable to make it pick up anything.. which it turned out were a couple fuzzy channels. "Stupid thing. You were working fine."

"By fine do you mean there were less little squiggly lines?" Adam asked as Jeff crunched into his sucker and tossed the stick away, chewing up the shattered candy.

"No. They're still there." Jeff got up and started adjusting the alien-looking antenna on top of the small box. "But there was less green to the picture."

"Oh. Okay then. But why are you naked?" Adam asked. Not that he minded, he was just curious.

Jeff shrugged. "It's a free country. And this is my treehouse. I can be naked if I so choose."

Adam nodded. "But what if someone sees you? There's some twisted people.."

"Adam, the keywords were 'My' and 'House'. This is my house. I can run around it naked if I want to. If anyone comes up here they're trespassing and must be dealt with swiftly." He slammed his fist down on the top of the TV. "Dammit, you! Work!"

The TV buzzed louder and what little fuzzy picture was on the little screen went sideways.

Adam pouted and lowered his head. "Does that go for me?"

Jeff sighed and wiggled the antenna again. "Adam, you know it doesn't. You're always allowed up here."

"Oh. Cuz I thought this was my treehouse too."

"It is... unless you divorce me, in which case the pre-nup sez it's still mine."

Adam wanted to say 'But we're not married,' but Jeff missed the part about dealing with him anyway. "Oh. I get the dogs though, right?"

Jeff twitched and glared at him. "Woman, don't test me."

"Do I get visiting hours then?"

"If you pay child support." Jeff continued, sticking his tongue out past the side of his mouth as he fixed the antenna.

"But.. but.. it's not my... I didn't agree to that."

"Yes, you did." Jeff growled at the TV and smacked it again.

"Ugh, no... I'm taking half the candy supply then. We paid for it together. Half's mine." Adam crossed his arms in defiance.


"Well, what do I get?"

"A swift kick to your ass if you don't come help me."

"Ah-ha!" Adam pointed. "That's domestic violence. You're not gonna make a battered wife outta me."

Jeff blinked. "But we're not married."

Adam opened his mouth, twitched, slouched and drudged over to help Jeff with the antenna.

"There. I think it's deal-withable.." Jeff said, wiping his brow.

Adam looked at him sidelong and smirked. No doubt the little horndog was half hard. "Does running around naked turn you on or were you watching porn in here without me?"

Jeff glanced down at his dick and shrugged before plopping down on his beanbag and curling an arm around Adam's shoulders as the blonde crawled over to him.

"Or is something else you saw you liked?" Adam smiled up at him, biting his lip and blinking his beautiful eyes.

"It was porn. I was trying to get this illegal channel Matty blocked. It worked for a little bit." He grinned when he saw Adam pouting. "It was good too. This cute little blonde that looked like you on all fours and getting that sweet little ass drilled with this huge.."

Adam raised up and pinned him with a pointed glare. "Was this blonde male or female?"

Jeff gulped. "Tranny?"

Adam smacked his bare arm and folded his, still sitting on his butt on the floor of the treehouse.

Jeff rubbed his arm. "I'm kidding.. but think about it. Big boobs and a nice package.."

"Jeff! I don't have boobs! I'm not a tranny!"

"No, but you have perky little pecks." Jeff said, reaching over to grope Adam's peck through his shirt.

Adam jerked away. "I hate you."

Jeff giggled. "No, you don't. And I'm kidding. The porn was so bad I couldn't tell what it was anyway." He said, dragging Adam back over to him and kissing the pouty blonde on the side of the head.

Adam huffed but settled in next to Jeff anyway.

They stayed like that for the longest, watching some boring ole Soap Opera on the TV because that's all it would pick up at all. Adam's head was laying on Jeff's stomach, his eyes darting from his disinterest in the program to Jeff's cock that rested not far from him. He finally abandoned the program all together and just let his eyes feast on that cock that curled up so beautifully against Jeff's abdomen. He then noticed the light snoring, suppressing a giggle and being content to listen to Jeff's breathing and letting his head rise up and down on his stomach with it. Adam raised up, seeing Jeff sprawled out on the beanbag, arm falling away from Adam and other laying stretched out to his side. Jeff's legs were spread and his mouth hung open in his sleep as his emerald eyes were closed.

Adam wet his lips and slowly moved down in front of him, fixing himself between his legs and leaning over his straddle. He ran his hands lightly up Jeff's thighs before dragging his tongue across the head of Jeff's dick, swiping up the precum before curling it back into his mouth. Jeff twitched in his sleep, snorting before smacking his lips tiredly. Adam grinned sweetly before going in for another swift lick.. this time getting a sigh. They liked to play with each other. Exploring each other, spending their days together. They would their nights if they could.. well, sometimes they did when they could. It was summer for the two young lovers. Nothing to do, but each other... that is, when their brothers let them. Adam wet his lips before licking all the way up the shaft and nibbling at the head. Jeff shifted in his sleep, moving his arms down to deter the disturbance to his sleep. Adam took them away and went back to his licking, causing his younger lover to jerk in his slumber. He was satisfied when he got a groan. Adam blew on Jeff's cock a bit before moving the tip of his tongue in small circles on the head. He got another groan and a stretch before he had to roll Jeff back to his back as he tried to turn over.

Okay, he was done playing. Adam took hold of Jeff's cock, stroking him a bit before sliding his lips over the head, sucking some and loving how Jeff arched his hips upward. Adam smiled, moaning around the head as he took more of Jeff's length in his mouth. Adam's hands moved up to Jeff's hips, holding to them as he started to bob his head, sucking to make Jeff nice and hard.

Jeff snorted again and opened his eyes, raising up to find Adam's head in his lap. So that was the little happy feelings he was getting. That made sense. Jeff grunted as he felt his cock hit the back of Adam's throat. "You fucking tease.. what're you doing down there?" He pushed Adam's hair back, smiling lazily as he saw his dick in the precious blonde's mouth.

Adam stopped and blinked, stroking Jeff's cock slowly as he licked at the head. "Thought I'd wake you up gently."

Jeff laughed as he shifted some in his beanbag. He was sweaty and his naked skin was sticking to it. He groaned as Adam went back to bobbing his head. Jeff ran his hands along Adam's shoulders. "Imma have to keep you to use as a fucking alarm clock... damn, baby.." He leaned back, sighing contently as he looked up at the roof of his treehouse before moving and lifting Adam off him. "Get up. You get naked too."

Adam didn't hesitate. Just yanked his shirt off and tossed it to the floor as Jeff jerked on his cock.

"Jeez, fuck.. slower, you slut. Eager little bitch."

Adam blinked and flung his hair out of his face. "You're so damn rude to me." He stuck his tongue out before slowly unfastening his jeans and slowly starting to push them down his hips.

"Ooh, yeah.. right like that.." Jeff purred, leaning back and arching up into his hand. "Now look at me like you're a virgin."

Adam stopped, his fingers down inside his underwear. "But I am."

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Shyeah, right. We've been married long enough for me to know you're lying."

Adam put his hand on his hip and narrowed his eyes.

Jeff giggled and yawned. "Fine. Look at me like you're a dirty whore then. Come on, alarm clock.. get back to the show.."

Adam rolled his eyes and slipped his underwear down before dropping to his hands and knees, giving a sexy pout as he crawled over to Jeff.


Matt looked out the window towards his brother's treehouse as he scrubbed a plate. "What do you think they do up there?"

Shannon shrugged and continued to shovel cereal into his mouth. Matt very well knew what Adam and Jeff did. He was just being... in the dark. It was better there, Shannon guessed. "I dunno. I think they paint and play Jacks."

Matt glared at Shannon and rinsed off the plate. "Don't be a smart-ass."

"I didn't say how they played with the Jacks." Shannon smirked.

Matt groaned and covered his face with his hand. "I don't need to hear it."

"Oh, get over it, Matty. They corrupt each other and do bad dirty things in the light of the moon." Shane put in as he opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice.

"Shane, it's day time." Matt reminded, wringing out his rag and letting the water out of the sink.

"Right. Whatever. It's a beautiful thing." He continued, pouring himself a glass and putting the juice back in the fridge.

Matt shook his hands off before drying them on a towel. "Don't you have some place to be?"

Shane checked his watch. "Right. Date. See ya."

"Who's the new twink?" Shannon asked with an awkward sneer.

"Not a twink, Shanny, and stop being jealous." Shane said, pinching a disgruntled Shannon on the cheek, laughing as the younger male cursed him.


They both lay on their sides on the beanbag, stealing kisses and letting their free hands roam each others bare skin as their right hands fisted each other.

Jeff moved his mouth down Adam's cheek, kissing his collar bone. Feeling Adam stiffen so naturally under his touch.

"Oh, gawd.. don't stop.." Adam groaned, his breathing hitched and his lips flushed in arousal.

Jeff pulled back and wet his lips. "Never."


Matt regarded the treehouse again. "Does Jay know Adam's here?"

Shannon shrugged again and went back to his cereal.

"It's 4pm. Why are you eating breakfast?"

"Cuz I just got up." The younger male said with a big mouthful.

"Close your mouth when you chew and don't talk with your mouth full. I raised you better."

Shannon stuck out his tongue, showing the chewed up bits he had on his tongue. He swallowed and scooped up another bite. "Yes, Papa Hardy." He said shoveling it in.


Adam laid back on the beanbag this time, whimpering as Jeff held his leg up and kissed his way down it and to in between his thighs. Jeff stuck his tongue out and licked up Adam's pucker and to his balls as his blonde squirmed, the styrofoam beans in the bag making a scratchy sound under his weight.

"Unf, gawd.. who's the tease now..? Please, Master of Torture.."

Jeff giggled. "I love when you call me 'Master', Pet."

"Finger me." Adam groaned.

"I have no lube."

"Lying stack of... it's in the lock box." Adam pointed behind him to a box Jeff kept hidden.

Jeff shook his head. "Matty found it and freaked out. He took it."

Adam let out a frustrated groan. "Well, fuck him.. do it anyway.."

"Impatient wretch." Jeff muttered, using his tongue to get Adam wet some.


Jay peeked inside the house. "Hello? Anyone decent?"

Shannon snorted. "Are we ever?"

"I mean clothed." Jay answered.

"Yes, Jay. Come in. Your brother's in the treehouse with Jeff." Matt announced. "We're in the kitchen."

Jay let himself in and closed the door back before making his way to the kitchen. Matt was still glaring out at the treehouse. Jeff had built it. Jeff had did a damn good job making sure he could not see inside from the outside.

"What are they doing up there?" Matt muttered.

Shannon rolled his eyes. "Why'cha go find out?"

Jay smirked. "I'll go."

"No!" Matt shouted, startling them all. "No." He said more calmly. "That's okay."

Jay rolled his eyes and Shannon shook his head. "So? Tell Jeff about the barbeque Friday?"

"Didn't have to. He already knows."

Jay nodded.


Adam let out a squeal, he was on his hands and knees halfway on the beanbag, his ass stuck up with Jeff's fingers buried inside him. "Uhmfmjknumph! Harder, Jeffy... please.." He wiggled his hips back into those fingers, whining when Jeff placed a hand on his hip.

"If you'd hold still.." Jeff grunted, reaching between Adam's legs to stroke his cock as his fingers probed Adam's hole.

"Oh, fuck.." Adam murmured, digging his nails into the beanbag and making them squeak on the material.

"Hey, you rip it, it's your ass." Jeff warned, squeezing Adam's dick.

"Ooh, kinky.." Adam giggled, arching his back. "Y'gunna bend me over your lap and spank m'ass?"

Jeff took his hand away to swat Adam on the ass anyway, receiving a surprised yelp. "You'd enjoy that too much."

They changed positions. Adam was on his back again with Jeff's head between his legs, fingering Adam's hole as his lips slide up and down his shaft. Adam was panting, arching up into Jeff's mouth and was a momentarily delirious wreck. "Oh, shit.. Jeff... do it.. suck me, baby.. make your bad little slut cum.."

Jeff pulled away and Adam whined. "And what am I getting outta this?" The younger Hardy asked, straddling over Adam's legs.

Adam whimpered, shivering even in the humid weather as he gazed into Jeff's lusty eyes. "Anything you want."

Jeff smiled and leaned down to kiss Adam on the lips as he ground their hips together, letting their erections rub against each others.

Adam pulled away panting. "Jeff.. I'm serious.. I need to cum or Imma die.. oh, my god.."

"You're not gonna die, Addy.."

"I might explode then! And not in the way I want to now!"

Jeff rolled his eyes and wrapped his hands around both of their cocks, fisting them both as hard as he could. Adam squealed and started thrusting his hips up at Jeff, trying to get more of that friction that was driving him wild as his cock rubbed against Jeff's and clawing desperately at his lover's arms.

"Please please.. harder.. oh, fuck.. finish me.." Adam swallowed with a groan. "Finish me off.. oh, fuck, Jeff.." Adam squeezed his eyes shut tight, ignoring Jeff hiss as he dug his nails down into his arms, just let sweet released wash over him. The sputtering of Adam's cock, along with the blonde's over-dramatic orgasm, was enough to bring on Jeff's and the younger male came with a cursed grunt. In the end, both were panting, tired, tingling and covering with each others cum.

Jeff collapsed forward on top of Adam and they laid there, sweaty and sticky. Seconds later Jeff smiled as he felt Adam's fingers going through his hair.

"Please tell me you still have towels up here." Adam asked, running his fingers through the sheen of sweat on Jeff's back.

"Yeah. I'll get 'em in a minute. Gimme minute.." He sighed, burying his face in Adam's neck and breathing his blonde in.

Just two lovers playing, exploring and getting into trouble. The "Look at me like you're a virgin" came from 'American Dad', lol. I just wanted Jeff to say that to Adam once. I think I'll go the 'Figment' route & make Jeff only a couple years younger than Adam & Adam'll be about 16 or 17 (they are 4 yrs apart in real-life) I'm not sticking to their childhoods just so I can have them all together. Major AU. Amy nor Vickie was w/ Adam, no women period, ever happened. He's gay, Jeff's gay. End.