Authors' Note: Alrighty Here we go now before I get like a thousand angry people on my side We want to say that the original story idea and first two chapters is from Paranormal713 Okay? I can do much more then underline, bold and italicize that. Paranormal713 let us adopt the story to take on because she lost inspiration. If you were wondering why it is now in our care. :/ Anyway This is a crack pairing as they said before but for some reason we find this a cute crack pairing :3 therefore S and I have decided to take it on for them. I get to write the authors notes and she gets to be her normal Grammer Nazi self ;D. S's gonna kill me for saying that that. Okay I'm done. On with the story. Also S already made a few grammer edits.



Blair hummed softly to herself as she walked down the street. The morning was perfect with a crystal blue sky overhead. Soul and Maka were gone on a mission though, so she would be alone at the apartment. The cat woman sighed. This wasn't going to be any fun.

Suddenly, too low for a normal human to hear, Blair heard a weak cry of a kitten. 'Oh, no!' Blair thought as she hurried towards the origin of the sound. In the back of an alleyway, her yellow eyes spotted a small body hidden under some cardboard boxes. Blair sighed with relief. The poor thing was still alive.

"Hey, little guy," She cooed, already sensing what gender the kitten was. "Let Blair help you."

The kitten was an odd color, black with white strips that slightly resembled eyes. He had red eyes that were wide with fear. Blair felt her heart skip a beat. "Don't be frightened, Blair won't harm you."

Blair turned into her natural form of a cat and purred to the kitten. It seemed even more frightened but slowly came to her. 'That's it, little guy. I'll take care of you!' Blair sniffed him, finding it odd that he wasn't ragged or filthy from live on the streets. She gave him a lick on his forehead which he seemed to dislike.

"Come on, I'm taking you home." Blair stated and started away when she realized the kitten was paralyzed by fear again. "It's safe, Blair promises."

Blair went back over and light took hold of the back of his neck with her teeth. The kitten gave a meow but stayed silent as she hurried home.…

"Well, I'm going to have to name you." Blair told a happily feeding kitten as he lapped up the warm milk. "But what."

Her words seem to catch his attention. Blair smiled. Maybe he had a name he preferred. Sadly, the kitten only started to tremble again at this.

"Oh, dear. Well, I guess I'll call you 'Fear', since you always seem to be afraid." Blair watched the kitten as he tilted his head, as if thinking about the name. The tinkle in his eyes made her think he was laughing. "Well, Fear it is."