The kinshin watched as the magical cat left, humming that damn tune she sang to him last night. She was so lucky that she was helping him or he would...would...what could he do? Piss on the couch? Asura hissed, laying down on the ground aggravated. Feeling powerless irked him. He was a kinshin for god's sake not some domesticated house pet. At the moment he realized his blood eyes wandered to the food bowl with "Fear" wrote in Soul's chicken scratch. "This proves nothing," the dark furred kitten thought to himself reassuringly.

Suddenly there was this insufferable reaction in his feet, making him want to cut his nails into something. He scratched the wood floor but that didn't seem to cure the deep feeling within his claws. Looking around he spotted the sink. If the kinshin jumped onto the chair and then over the slight gap between the table and counter he could try to use water to sooth the itch.

Asura backed up placing his furry butt in the air, building up power in his hind legs, tail swishing left to right in deliberate movements. "One...Two...Three..," the dark haired kitten sprang onto the chair with ease, the tan cushions adding a latch to grab onto. It helped the scratchy feeling in his toes but not as much as he would like. Asura next turned to the table, doing the same as before.

However, this time, a slight miscalculation in the distance made him not make it completely onto the safety of the old wood. The kinshin's front legs made it but his back legs swung frantically off the side. Panic swept his body, claws immediately trying to dig into the wood. Unfortunately a certain blonde meister had at some point polished the table last night and his efforts were futile. CRASH!

Asura landed face first in his crappy food tin, legs and tail dangling out the sides. "You may win this round table," the red eyed kinshin hissed in his thoughts removing his face out of his food bowl, ignoring the pain in his chest it brought, "but when I get back to normal I would go looking for a place to hide!"

That feeling in the kittens nails intensified when he stood up again to his correct posture. "I need something to scratch!" he yelled out as loud as he could, sound reverberating off the walls of the small apartment. In reality, human ears heard an angry screech from Soul and Maka's.

Meanwhile at the mall, Blair was looking at all the cute clothes in the pet store. "Aww, an ice cream cone~" she purred looking at the outfit. Placing it in the basket Blair continued on down the isle. In reality the cat thought it was hideous and tacky. Hideous, tacky, and the perfect thing for revenge against a certain kitten that didn't tell her she was running outside in her lingerie. A dark smirk crossed her lips for a second, before returning to its normal cheery smile. Shopping is so much fun.

Back at the apartment Asura had just wondered into Maka's room after assuming ignoring the feeling in his nails would make it go away. Right now all he wanted was to take a nap and wait for Blair to come home and fix it. He would not admit it out loud but Asura really missed her. At least she helped him when he couldn't reach high places. Speaking of high places, Maka's bed looked mighty comfortable. Backing up he did as he did before and was able to propel himself up onto the quilted bedspread. However, something happened to the kinshin when his nails met in contact with the multicolored blanket.

Was that a soothing feeling? Scratching the quilt again, he got the same reaction. Oh my this was wonderful. Simply wonderful! A couple minutes of vicious scratching, Maka's quilt was ruined and Asura was purring in content on his back. The horrible sensation was finally gone and peace has once returned to cat body. The kitten let his thoughts drift without a care in the world, to Blair. He wondered where she could be or what she was doing? Someone had to come and feed him right? Hmm the white haired weapon was quite the slob. Maybe he had some food in his room.

Lowering himself safety to the floor, Asura pitter-pattered his little feet across the ground of the apartment looking for Soul's room. It didn't take long seeing as the only room unexplored by him was the one covered in photos of motorcycles and some other random things. Asura took a "wild" guess and assumed this was Soul's room. Luckily, the weapon had left his room unlocked so the kitty was able to get in. A smile crossed his lips as he saw some CDs on the floor.

'So this is what that idiot listens to,' he thought as he overturned rock and screamo, 'what an emo little nudge.' The kinshin flipped over all the CDs not noticing he was scratching them all with his tiny claws.

Suddenly the kitty tipped over a certain CD that made him want to die laughing. Classical! He listen's to classical. Grabbing the CD in his mouth the black cat ran back, to Blair's room, nearly falling a couple times due to the length of his claws, and jumped happily onto the power purple haired girl's bed. Asura made sure to hide the CD under the pillows on Blair's bed. He couldn't wait for Blair to get home. She'd be so pleased with him she'd laugh too! That's what he wanted. Yes, don't give him that look.

The door at the front of the apartment opened and a familiar voice rang through. "Fear! I'm home! I got you- What the hell did you do to the apartment?"

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