This may be the cheesiest piece of writing I have ever written, but I couldn't help myself.

The piece is unbeta'ed, and will remain that way, I just wanted to write this for me.

I'm sharing it with you now, because I thought a few of you might enjoy it.

Thank you for reading.

Hit By Destiny

Outtake: "Life"

Edward Cullen POV

I tried not to laugh as she twisted and turned in front of the mirror, but I'd be damned if it wasn't hilarious.

"You look like a cupcake," I said, not able to stop the words.

She glared at me through the mirror as she turned sideways. "Yeah, because it's totally my fault that these stores only sell clothes in pink and pastels with lots of lace and fluffiness. Urgh, I hate it." She tugged at her shirt, scrunching up her nose in disgust. I smiled at her.

"But you're still beautiful," I said, trying to appease her. I earned nothing but an even heavier glare from her.

"Save it," she muttered. "I look like diabetes waiting to happen."

I stood up from my chair, walking over to her and wrapping my arms around her from behind. My eyes went wide in the mirror and she looked at me confused.

"What?" she asked.

"I… can't… reach," I said, pretending like my hands couldn't touch.

Her confused expression fell and she shot daggers at me. I smirked.

"You're such an ass!" she snapped.

"Oh, c'mon, baby," I cooed, kissing her neck and resting my hands on her enormous belly. She tried slapping my hands away, but I stood my ground and kept them in place. She eventually gave up and leaned into my embrace.

"I hate this," she mumbled, sounding defeated.

"No, you don't," I protested.

"Yes, I do. I can't wear any of my clothes any more, I'm left to wear your stupid shirts and I even tried on your pants this morning because these are the last pair I can even button anymore."

I chuckled and kissed her temple. "Baby, that's why we're here. Besides, I love seeing you in my clothes… there's nothing sexier."

I rubbed her belly, relishing in the firmness and roundness. I couldn't believe we had created life, and that it was now living in there. I couldn't say that the pregnancy was planned, but it didn't mean it wasn't wanted. Bella had been freaking out ever since we found out and I didn't blame her. She was afraid that she would hurt the babies – yes, as in more than one – and that she would be a terrible mother. She was convinced that the babies would grow up to resent her. At first, I tried to convince Bella that she was being ridiculous, and nobody would love or treat the babies better than she would, but she wasn't convinced. Eventually, I stopped trying. This was something she had to deal with in her own time, and I couldn't force it on her.

She put her hands on mine and pulled them away. I sighed and stepped back, letting her get away.

"What about we skip the shirts today, and just buy you some pants? I mean, wearing my shirts isn't that bad, is it?" I asked, concerned.

She forced a smile at me and shook her head. "No, it's fine. You're right." She looked at herself in the mirror again, sighing deeply. "And buying these clothes is a waste anyway, because I won't be able to fit in them very long anyway, I'll outgrown them in a week. This was a stupid idea."

"No, it wasn't," I said.

She escaped to undress and I sat back down on the chair. I hid my face in my hands, taking a moment to collect myself. This was becoming unbearable; she was terrified, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was scared to, and I shared some of her fears. I was scared that I wasn't ready for the responsibility of being a father. I was scared that I would hurt the babies unintentionally because I wasn't paying attention. I was scared that I would fuck something up.

But I wasn't scared that I wasn't going to love them, because if there was something I was sure of, that was it. I was going to love these babies like there was no tomorrow, I would shower them with so much love. I was going to protect them with my life, and I would never intentionally hurt them. The babies would never have to experience the pain of evil parents like Sparrow had, and it would never have to experience the negligence of my own. We would pay attention, and we would raise the babies to become good people. We couldn't fail. We wouldn't fail.

When Bella came out, she had two pairs of pants resting over her arm. She had left the rest of the clothes behind. I took the pants from her, pressing my lips to her temple before taking her hand. I ignored the looks the young cashier gave me, but at least she wasn't openly flirting with me. She was just looking and enjoying the view. Bella was too flustered to notice, which was uncommon. Usually she was the first one to notice when someone paid a little too much attention to me. Just like I was the first one to notice when someone was checking her out. Which was too often for my liking. The years had been kind to Bella; she was more beautiful than ever, and others were bound to notice.

When we came home, she disappeared into the bedroom to change into something more comfortable, and I followed. My suitcase was packed and ready by the door, and hers were still open on our bed. The plan was to leave for Forks in the morning. I was between jobs, finally deciding that I didn't want to be a bartender forever, and Bella wasn't working either. She had worked five months into her pregnancy, but then she decided she couldn't do it anymore. She needed a break. The pregnancy left her too distracted, and she couldn't focus on helping the people that needed her.

Bella changed into a pair of sweats and the top she was wearing was hugging her belly in the most flattering way. I couldn't help but grin at her. She looked at me and rolled her eyes, but not even she could deny smiling back at me.

"You're beautiful," I told her.

"Considering how many times you tell me that in a day, one would think you're trying to convince yourself and not me," she teased. I held open my arms and she stepped into my embrace. She flinched and I looked at her in concern, she just shook her head. "They're fighting again."

I went down on my knees, putting my hands on her stomach and looking at it intently.

"Hey guys, be nice to Mommy, alright? Don't make me come in there," I chided.

She giggled. "I think you already did come in there," she joked.

"Oh, you're funny," I said. I pulled up her top over her stomach, and pressed my lips against her belly. She dragged her hands through my hair and I looked up to see her smile.

"You're really happy about this, aren't you?" she asked softly. I nodded, but didn't get up. "This is crazy… I mean, one kid is one thing… but two? What are we supposed to do with two kids? What if we screw up? What if they turn out bad?"

"Not gonna happen," I said firmly. "You're too good. You couldn't screw up even if you tried. Our babies are lucky, they have hit the parental jackpot."

"You're awfully sure about this," she said quietly. She put her hands on top of her stomach, just as the kids kicked again. Even I felt it. I smiled and kissed her tummy again.

"Are you playing soccer in there?" I asked the babies.

Bella snorted, and I looked up at her. "The flu," she muttered.


"The flu. I can't believe we actually thought I had the flu."

I laughed and stood up. She was right, it was ridiculous that we had thought she had the flu when she was in fact pregnant. I remembered the night of my proposal and she told me about an earlier pregnancy scare. One would think we would pay more attention to the signs after that, but instead when the signs finally came we thought it was the flu. We had been engaged for five months when she started feeling weird. At first, we figured it would pass, but when it didn't, we decided to have her checked up when we were in Forks visiting my parents. My dad didn't mind examining her. I don't think I'd ever seen my dad fight a smile as badly as he did when the test results came back. I knew right then that it wasn't anything bad, but I was still too slow to connect to dots until he actually spelled it out for us.

"Congratulations," he had said, as he sat down behind his desk. I remembered gripping Sparrow's hand. "You're pregnant."

I had stared at my father for a split second before looking at Bella. She was staring at me with an odd mixture of distress and happiness in her eyes. It was as if she couldn't decide if she was happy about the news or not. I was just shocked, but as the moments worn on, a smile started tugging at my lips and I knew this was the best fucking news ever.

"We're… we're going to be parents," I had said in awe.

Her bottom lip and chin quivered and her eyes welled up with tears. Once the initial shock had subsided, she finally smiled. That was when I knew that this was indeed good news, and even though it wasn't planned or expected, this was still the best thing that could have happened. Ever since then, her mood had been a wild roller coaster with lots of downs and not enough ups, but I still knew in my damn heart that she wanted this just as much as I did.

A couple of months later, when we went to her first ultrasound, we found out that we were having twins. The first thing that came to mind when we saw the two little people on the screen was that I never did anything half-assed. If I was going to knock her up, I might as well do it thoroughly and put two buns in her oven to bake at once.

I gazed into her eyes, my hands on her belly, feeling my babies in there. She smiled softly at me.

"I can't wait for them to come here. I can't fucking wait to meet them," I said.

"Me neither," she said, putting a hand on mine. "But you need to clean up your language before they get here. I don't want their first word to be 'fuck.'"

I smirked at her, licking my lips. "Mmm… but it is what brought them into this world. Without fuck, they wouldn't be here."

She rolled her eyes and tugged down her top. "You always ruin a good moment with your stupid jokes."

"Hey, who are you calling stupid." I laughed.

She looked down at her stomach, shaking her head. She mumbled something to herself, too quiet for me to hear. When she looked back up, she was smiling. I guess the roller coaster was on the way up again. I was hoping the ride would remain in that direction.

x x x x x

The next morning, I watched Bella sleep. She was sleeping on her side, turned to me. She had a hand resting on her belly, a soft frown tarnishing her beautiful face. Not even in her sleep was she peaceful. I sighed and scooted down a little on the bed, so my face was level with her stomach. I laid sideways, with my hand propped up on my hand. I touched her belly with my other hand, stroking it carefully as it was made of glass. It might as well have been, it was the most precious thing in my life. The three most important people in my life were currently residing in that one body. I would die before I let anything happen to them.

"Good morning, babies," I whispered. "Did you sleep okay? Did you lay off the soccer championship to let your mommy sleep?"

I had heard about people speaking to their unborn children, and I had always thought it was ridiculous. Why on earth would you speak to someone who couldn't hear you, let alone understand you? I guess you had to knock up your woman to realize what it meant. To know that you had created life, and that it was currently residing in your girl's body was an indescribable feeling. The babies in there were a mixture of her and me, why wouldn't I want to talk to them? It was amazing how much I loved them without having met them yet. I knew they would be fucking perfect, and even if they weren't… who the fuck cared? Babies were always perfect. Any flaws they would end up having, I was sure they were going to get from me. All their good parts would be from their mother. Bella was perfect. There was no way that wouldn't be passed down to our kids. Either way, I would love them. They could be flawed beyond recognition, and I would still only see perfection.

Kids. Sweet fucking Jesus, in a few short weeks, I was going to be a father of two.

A father. A dad. A daddy.

Fuck, I'm going to screw this up so bad.

I felt my throat constrict as the panic set in. It didn't happen all that often, because I wanted to stay strong for my Sparrow, but that didn't mean I didn't have my fair share of panic attacks too. How the hell was I going to be a father? Edward Cullen didn't do babies.

"I'm sorry," I told the babies in a soft voice. "If I fuck shit up, I promise it's not on purpose… it's just what I do… I fuck shit up. I even fucked things up with your mother. You guys wouldn't even be coming here if your mother wasn't such a forgiving person. She took me back even when I didn't deserve it. She forgave me when I didn't deserve it. She even forgave me for… you know what? I think you're too young to hear that story. When you're old enough to understand, remind me to tell you how your mother and I fell in love… it's a fucked up love story, but with a happy ending."

"You really, really need to clean up your language before they arrive," Sparrow mumbled sleepily, with a soft chuckle in her voice. I looked up, but her eyes were closed.

"Face it, Sparrow, with me as a father there is no way their third word isn't going to be 'fuck' or 'shit' or 'damn.'"

"Third word?" she said, opening her eyes. "What's their first then?"

I smiled. "Dada and Mama of course."

"I'm sure their baby books are going to be the first ones in history were 'shit' and 'fuck' have a very real possibility of ending up on their top five first words list."

"You say that like it's a bad thing. At least people will know they're mine."

She snorted, but smiled just the same.

Eventually, we got out of bed and had breakfast. While Sparrow took a shower, I packed the last of her stuff. A couple of hours later, we were on our way.

We were going to stay at my parents' house until the babies were born. At first, I had been adamant that would stay in Seattle and take care of everything ourselves. I had been sure we could handle it. But the more her belly grew, and the more real it became, I realized there was no way we could handle this on our own. Especially not since we were going to have two kids. One kid, we might have handled on our own, but two? There was no way.

My mom was absolutely thrilled about the pregnancy, and she couldn't wait to spoil her first grandkids. Emmett and Rosalie had yet to start a family, which surprised me a little. I had been sure that Emmett would have knocked her up before they graduated college. Rosalie wanted kids and that was no secret, so I wondered why it hadn't happened yet. Maybe they didn't want to start a family until they knew they could provide for one. My trust fund was the only reason I wasn't panicking about a better paying job yet, but I knew once the babies were born and we had settled into a routine, I would have to go out and find one. I needed to provide for the three loves of my life.

Mom must have been looking out the window, anxiously waiting for our arrival, because she was bouncing down the steps to meet us when we pulled up. Bella didn't even have time to get out of the car before my mom embraced her. Luckily, Bella didn't mind. She returned the hug just as tightly.

"I'm so glad you're here," Mom said, kissing Bella on the cheek. "Look at you. You're beautiful." She took a step back, holding Bella's hands in hers as she gave her an once-over.

"Told you," I teased Bella as I got our bags from the trunk. Bella rolled her eyes at me, before turning back to my mom. They started chatting about the babies as they started walking toward the house. I brought our bags up to my old bedroom, while they chatted away. I smiled when I noticed how relaxed Bella was when she was sitting in the living room, holding my mom's hand as they spoke. Only my mother had that kind of effect on her these days. It was probably a woman thing… or maybe it was a mother thing.

Dad was just as excited to see us when he came home from work. He and Bella disappeared into his office to talk in private. She had a few concerns and he was more than happy to talk to her about it. I guess having a dad for a doctor was a good thing. Maybe she would be more relaxed now until the birth, and hopefully not as paranoid and worried. With a doctor down the hall, she could get the answers to her questions right away without having to obsess about it.

My mom smiled at me as I helped her clean up after dinner.

"She is absolutely beautiful," she said. "I can't wait to meet my grandkids."

"You and me both." I smiled.

"Have you thought about names yet?"

I shrugged. "We've been talking about it, but we haven't decided on anything. We don't even know the sex of the babies yet, so it's difficult. I mean, we have to choose two boy names and two girl names… and then we have to decide which boy name and which girl name we like the most at the off chance that we get one of each. And that's just fucked up, because if we like one name more than the other then what does that say if we get two boys? I mean, one of them will think we don't love it as much as his brother because his brother got the best name. It's fucking frustrating. How the hell do we choose?"

My mom laughed softly. "Oh, sweetie, don't stress over it. Naming your babies is supposed to be a joyous thing, not a reason to give yourself an ulcer. Wait until the babies are born, then just look at them. Most babies name themselves. Did you know that we wanted to name Emmett Felix? But once he was born, we knew at first glance that he wasn't a Felix. He was an Emmett. He practically came with his own name-tag."

I smiled crookedly. "Do you think I'll be a good father?"

She looked at me, her eyes brimming with tears. "I can't imagine anyone better. You and Bella are going to be the best parents. There is no doubt in my mind."

I frowned. "But…" I sighed. "But what if we screw up? Fuck. With Bella's past and my shit, how on earth are we supposed to raise a baby… fuck… two babies. We'll screw up, and they'll fucking hate us."

She shook her head. "No, you can't think like that. You worry about being good parents despite of your past, when in reality you should be thinking about how you will be good parents thanks to your past. You have both been hurt, but Bella is one of a kind. Her parents didn't treat her the way they should have, and they hurt her beyond repair. It's amazing how far she has gotten, and I think it's because of her past that she will make the most amazing mother. She knows what she missed out on, and she will never let her kids suffer the same way she did. She will spoil those kids with so much love that they won't even know what to do with it. Bella has come such a long way, and you have too. There are no words to describe how happy I am that you guys are still together… and now creating new life. You can't fail as parents, because you are too aware of your own flaws to make that happen."

"I'm just scared, I guess," I mumbled. "I try to be strong because Bella is freaking out… but… it's hard sometimes, you know?"

"I know, sweetie," she said, stroking my back. "Being a parent is hard work, but it's so worth it. Just be there for Bella, and if you're scared, talk to her about it. You're not alone in this, and neither is she. You may try to stay strong for her, but sometimes she must stay strong for you too."

She was right, but I would feel too fucking selfish complaining about my fears when Bella was the one carrying the kids. What kind of right did I have to complain about anything? I was doing the easy part… although, seeing the love of your life scared and vulnerable wasn't an easy thing at all. Trying to support her was the hardest thing I ever had to do, because I didn't blame her for her feelings at all. If waiting for the kids was this hard – then how difficult would it be once they got here?

x x x x x

"Open it, open it, open it," Alice chanted, a few days later, clapping her hands together excitedly. Bella smiled and untied the silky ribbon around the bright pink box. She removed the lid and peered inside. "It's maternity wear!" Alice exclaimed when Bella looked up. "I know you hate the crap they sell in most stores, so I made you these. It's modern, it's hip. It's for you!"

Bella examined the two shirts in the box and I could tell by her smile that she was very pleased with the content. The shirts had Bella written all over it. They were exactly her style, and the only difference between these and her regular clothes as that they had been adjusted to fit her belly in a flattering way. Best of all? They were black and grey. Not pink or baby-blue. And there was no lacy or flimsy fabric at all.

"Thank you so much," Bella said, hugging the shirts to her. "I really appreciate it."

"I'm not done yet," Alice said, shoving another box in Bella's lap. Bella laughed as she opened the box, this one containing a dress in a midnight blue color. At first I thought it was black, but when I tilted my head, it was blue. It was pretty fucking awesome. Bella stood up and held it in front of her, and I knew that she would look gorgeous in it by just looking at it. It was going to show off her cleavage, which was all I pretty much cared about these days. Her boobs were huge, and I didn't mind if they were on display for me to see. As long as nobody else was looking.

"I was thinking you could wear it at the dinner tomorrow. Rose said she can't wait to see you. I told her you were huge, and she is so jealous," Alice said, giggling.

"Hey," I protested. "My girl is not huge. She's gorgeous."

"Whatever you say, Daddy-o," she said, rolling her eyes. She threw a small box at me. I looked at it confused and she smiled. "You didn't think I had forgotten about you, did you?" she teased.

I rolled my eyes and opened the box, smiling at the small pocket watch inside. I picked it up and opened it, noticing that it had left room for a picture as well.

"Since Jasper spent so much money on that fancy camera of his, I figured maybe he could take your portrait once the babies are born, and you could put it in there," Alice explained. "I didn't want to give you anything girly, and maybe carrying around a picture of your family is girly, but whatever. Pocket watches are timeless."

I stood up, and pulled her into a hug. "I love it. Thank you, Alice," I said.

She returned the hug and sighed in my ear. "Anytime, Edward," she replied.

"Speaking of Jasper, where is he?" Bella asked.

"I don't know. I haven't seen him since he picked me up at the airport earlier. He's been acting weird for weeks, barely speaking to me on the phone, and I don't get it. I'm not stupid, I know that the distance thing has been hard on him, but I'm back now. I thought he would be happy, but instead he barely spoke two words to me before dropping me off here. If I didn't know any better, I would think he was planning to break up with me." Alice laughed at her own words, waving them away as if it was too crazy to even think about. Which, I guess, it was. There was no way Jasper was breaking up with Alice. For reasons unknown to me, he worshiped the ground Alice walked on.

I glanced at Bella, who was biting her lip as she looked down at her clothes in her lap. She was trying very hard not to smile. I knew that smile. She knew something. She glanced up at me and her smile grew. I quirked an eyebrow at her, silently asking her what it was. She made a very subtle nod toward Alice – who luckily didn't notice, since she was too busy texting. I raised my eyebrows and Bella nodded again. I grinned.

I guess it really was ludicrous to think that Jasper would break up with her – especially if he was planning to propose… again. I had a feeling he wouldn't be denied this time.

x x x x x

As expected, Bella looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress. It went down to right above her knees, hugging her in all the right places, and I loved how it enhanced not only her boobs, but also her belly. Most maternity dresses she had looked at in the store were lose and looked like fucking tents, but this was sexy and sophisticated. Bella wasn't one of those women who were embarrassed of her belly. She didn't call herself fat or some shit like that. So this dress really was perfect for her. I could tell she loved it too.

I drove Bella to Port Angeles, were we would be having dinner with the others. I was excited to see my brother again, I was even excited to see Rosalie. We hadn't seen them since before we found out that Bella was pregnant, since they lived in Rochester, New York, these days. And they hadn't been home in quite some time; both had been too busy with other stuff.

The others were already there when we arrived at the most luxurious restaurant in Port Angeles. Emmett got up from his seat when we approached, and he didn't pay me any attention at all. He was too busy staring at my very pregnant fiancé.

"Oh my god, what did my brother do to you? You're huge!" Emmett said, grinning so wide his face might crack. Or maybe it was the fact that he just called my fiancé huge that would make his face crack – because I wanted to fucking punch him.

He swooped Bella into a hug, but I could tell he was holding back. He didn't give her his usual tight squeezes. I guess he was worried about the babies.

"So how many are you having? Do we have another octomom on our hands?" Emmett joked, pulling out a chair for Bella. She smiled at the gesture and sat down. I took the seat next to her, which had me ending up next to Rosalie. I nodded at her in greeting, but she was too busy staring at Bella… correction, she was too busy staring at Bella's stomach.

"No, Edward only placed two buns to bake in this oven, thank you," Bella replied with a smile. I noticed how Jasper, who was sitting on Bella's other side, squeezed her hand under the table. He looked nervous. She asked a question with her eyes, but he shook his head. She sighed, but didn't say anything.

"You're radiating," Rosalie said. "You're absolutely radiating."

"Radiating? Try gravitating. She's like her own little planet. I'm surprised you don't have any moons," Emmett joked as he sat back down next to Rosalie.

Soon, we were all laughing and talking. We didn't even wait for someone else to finish before we talked. We all had too much to catch up on and there were four different conversations going on at all times, all muddling together into something completely incomprehensible for anyone who was eavesdropping.

I had really missed my brother and my friends, and even though we talked on the phone a lot and e-mailed each other, it was nothing compared to having dinner and actually talking to them in person. While we were waiting for our desserts, the babies woke up and decided to play soccer again. Jasper put his hand on Bella's stomach, trying to feel the kicks, and Bella moved his hand where he could feel it. His eyes went wide in awe.

"That's incredible," he said, smiling as the babies kicked again.

"Yes, especially at night when they like kicking my bladder or my kidneys, or anything else they have at their disposal. I should have known Edward's babies wouldn't be easy one me," she teased, looking at me.

I snorted and took a sip of my beer. "My babies are fucking awesome, thank you very much."

"Do you know the sex yet?" Rosalie asked.

Bella and I looked at each other, smiling. As a matter of fact, we did. The day after we returned to forks we went to the hospital for a check-up, and Dad asked us if we wanted another ultrasound. We had discussed the benefits of finding out the sex. I was still stressing about the names, even though my mom told me not to worry about it. I figured finding out the sex could be a good thing. We didn't need any more surprises. Having her get pregnant – with twins nonetheless – was surprising enough.

So, Dad had taken us into a private room, doing the ultrasound himself even though it wasn't his job. Then he gave us the best news ever – second to the news of her being pregnant, that is.

"A boy and a girl," Bella said.

"Really?" Alice said pressing her hands together and resting the sides of her fingers over her mouth, as if she was praying. Her eyes were welling up with tears.

I nodded. "I told you guys that I've never done anything half-assed," I said, leaning back in my chair as I smirked. "I didn't want to pick a sex, so I made both."

Bella rolled her eyes and slapped my chest. I caught her hand and brought it to my lips, kissing her knuckles. She smiled softly at me, appreciating the gesture.

"Have you thought about names?" Rosalie asked.

"Yeah, we've discussed it, but we haven't settled on anything," Bella replied. "Who knew naming babies would be so hard? I didn't have any trouble naming my stuffed animals when I was a kid."

"That's because they won't resent you when they grow up if you pick a ridiculous fucking name," I pointed out. "I mean, with a name like Fluffy McStuffybuttom the kid is bound to get teased."

Bella glared at me. "You're never going to let that go, are you?" she asked.

"Nope," I replied. When we first moved to Seattle, she had brought a stuffed animal in one of her boxes from her parents' house. I had laughed for an hour straight when I found out its name. Fluffy McStuffybuttom. I wondered how the hell she even came up with that.

I leaned over to kiss her cheek, and I knew I was forgiven for teasing her. I rubbed her belly too, for good measure. When she met my gaze, I knew for certain that I was forgiven.

"I love you," she mouthed.

"I love you too," I mouthed back.

She placed her hand on mine, just as the babies kicked again.

x x x x x

"Are you okay?" I asked for the twentieth time in five minutes. Bella sighed, rolled her eyes and nodded. "You sure?"

"It was one contraction, Edward," she said. "Your dad said they're common. I'll be getting them every once in a while the closer we get. It's nothing for you to get your panties in a bunch about."

"But are you sure you're not in labor? You sure you don't want me to take you to the hospital?" I asked.

She stopped pushing the cart, turning to me in exasperation.

"Sweetie," damnit, she only called me sweetie when she was angry, "trust me, you will be the first to know when I need to go to the hospital. Right now, I'm fine. Okay?"

I frowned. "Okay," I mumbled.

We were currently shopping in the new big-ass store in Port Angeles, they had the biggest selection of baby stuff I had ever seen. We had been here for over an hour, and we had yet to see it all. That might have something to do with the fact that Bella wasn't moving as fast as she usually did, and she was kind of wobbling forward like a penguin. I could only imagine the discomfort she was in.

We reached an area of the store were we could sit down, and I didn't even need to ask before Bella plopped down on of the benches. I crouched in front of her and she looked at me with tired eyes.

"I want them out," she said. "I can't take this anymore."

"Hey, it's Isabelle and Edward Junior you're talking about, a little respect would be nice," I chided teasingly. She rolled her eyes.

"We're not naming them Isabelle and Edward Junior," she said. "That would be like naming them… I don't know? Edbella and Isaward or something… ridiculous." She had been cranky for the past few days, and since I was such a lousy fucking person, I was kind of amused by it. She was always so snarky when she was cranky, and I liked her snark even though I felt bad for her being so uncomfortable.

"What about Skye, then," I suggested from the top of my head, as I took her hands in mine. "Skye is pretty, right? You're my Sparrow, and you live in the sky, so it's only natural if our kid is from there too."

She managed a chuckle at that. "You're so freaking cheesy, soon you'll be saying that our kids were brought to us by the stork, and that going into labor is just a myth," she said. "But… but yeah, I kinda like Skye for a girl…. It's… it's pretty." She bit her lip, and looked at me.

"Skye it is," I said. A lone tear slipped from her eyes and I wiped it away with my thumb. "What is it, baby?" I asked.

"Our daughter's name is Skye," she whispered.

I nodded, feeling my own eyes tear up. "Yeah, it is."

"But our son doesn't have a name…" She met my gaze. "I'm putting down my foot on Edward Junior… but what about Anthony?"

"Really?" I asked. "You… you would be okay with that?"

She nodded. "Skye and Anthony… I think we can work that."

"'Anthony, get down from there', 'Skye, don't use so much make up,'" I said, trying the names out in a parental voice. I smiled at my girl. "Yes, I think we can definitely work that."

I straighten up just enough so I could meet Bella's lips. I kissed her gently and she sighed in contentment.

"Do you want anything?" I asked, when I pulled back.

"I wouldn't say no to some water," she said.

"I'll be right back." I kissed her again, before standing up and walking toward the small cafeteria a few aisles down.

I had just paid for the bottle of water, and was turning around when I bumped into someone.

"Excuse me," I said, looking at who I had bumped into. My eyes went wide when I recognized the face. "Jesus fucking Christ," I muttered.

"Well, well, well, I didn't think I would bump into you here," Tanya said, smiling. I looked down and I didn't even bother to hide my surprise when I saw her resting her hands on a small bump. She couldn't be very far along, it was barely noticeable. She noticed this and smiled. "Yes, I see you noticed my baby. Isn't it incredible? I'm happily engaged to most amazing man in the world. He owns three big companies, a yacht, an island in France and-"

"Let me stop you right there," I said, holding up my hands. "I didn't ask."

Her eyes darkened. "You had your chance with me, it's not my fault you didn't take it. What are you even doing here? Did you ever get engaged?" She could pretend all she wanted, that she was happily engaged, but the bitter tone when asking about my engagement didn't go unnoticed.

"Goodbye, Tanya," I said, turning and walking away. I didn't want to waste my time on her. God only knew I had wasted too much time already.

Bella was standing up when I reached her, she was gripping the cart tightly and she was bending over slightly.

"Sparrow?" I quickened my steps and was with her in no time, I put my hand on her back and she turned her head to look at me. "Another one?" I asked.

She nodded. "This… this one was a little worse… But it's… over… I think," she said, wrinkling her nose in pain. I rubbed her back, in a sad attempt to ease her discomfort.

"Wanna laugh?" I asked.

"Sure, tell me a joke," she said.

"I bumped into Tanya."

She snorted. "She is a joke. Is she stalking you or something?"

I had already told her about how I had met Tanya when I bought the engagement ring.

"She's actually pregnant. Quite a sight. I pity the guy who ever knocked her ass up," I said, shuddering. She laughed, but it sounded strangled. After a few moments, she was strong enough to stand up straight again. I was still rubbing her back.

"Maybe we should go shopping again once the babies are born," I suggested. "We have enough stuff to last a few lifetimes, so we don't need to check out the rest of the store."

She nodded without protest, and we made our way toward the check-out. Bella groaned when we got there, and it didn't take long for me to realize why. Tanya was standing by the only open check-out counter, having her stuff rung up. Tanya glanced at me, then at Bella, then her eyes went huge. She dropped the stuffed animal she was holding. She stepped over to us, ignoring the fact that she cashier was waiting for her to pay.

"This is sweet," Tanya said, and I wondered who she thought she was fooling with her 'friendliness.' "It's nice to see you two can still be friends considering everything."

It took all of my self-control not to snap at her. Bella had told me that there was no use in fighting the past, and that would be exactly what I would be doing.

Fighting the past – because Tanya was the past.

I sighed. "I'm not getting into this with you," I said.

Tanya scoffed, then looked at Bella. "Who knocked up, honey? Someone at the rez? I heard you liked the dogs there," she said. "Did you ever get a chance to see something outside of Forks? Or is this like, an exception for you? Visiting the fancy Port Angeles. Must be a nice change from the rez. Last I heard was that Edward was engaged, isn't that wonderful, don't you think? I'm so sad you guys didn't work out." Bella looked at Tanya like she was nothing but gum on her shoe, which spurred Tanya on even more. "I, for one, am happily engaged with the perfect man. He gives me everything I want and I couldn't be happier. Our little bundle of joy is exactly what we needed to make everything perfect." She patted her stomach then glanced at Bella's. "Pregnancy hasn't been very good on you, has it?" She giggled. "How much have you gained? I've only gained a few pounds, and it's all on my stomach. No extra fat. How are you going to handle being a single mother?"

Bella sighed, and much to my surprise – she smiled.

"I won't have to worry about that," Bella replied sweetly. "I'm sure my soon-to-be husband is going to take good care of us."

Tanya glanced at Bella's left hand and snorted. "But you're not even wearing a ring. You're so full of it."

Bella sighed again, and I knew this wasn't going to end well.

"C'mon, let's leave. Let's not waste our energy here," I pleaded with her. "She's not worth it."

But Bella wasn't having it. Maybe it was the hormones, or maybe it was the fact that she was tired of girls like Tanya always wanting to ruin someone's life. But Bella snapped – she snapped real good. Bella showed Tanya the necklace she was wearing. Right next to the crystal sparrow, that I gave her all those years ago, was her engagement ring.

"I haven't been able to wear my ring for the last few months because my fingers swelled," Bella explained. "Pregnancy tends to do that to you, and I can assure you that you will be gaining your fair share of pounds before your pregnancy is over." Tanya snorted, but Bella wasn't done yet. "I have never lived on the reservation, and I have no plans of ever stepping my foot there ever again. I live in Seattle, with my fiancé, but we're currently living at his parents' house until the babies are born."

Tanya narrowed her eyes. "Babies?"

"Yes, I'm having twins," Bella said, her voice venomous. "Is there anything else you want, or can you finally leave us the hell alone? High school is over, Tanya, it's time to grow the fuck up."

Tanya looked at me. "Are you going to let her talk to me like that?"

"C'mon, Sparrow, let's go home, otherwise the babies are going to be born right here because they want to escape from her. Being this close to her can't be good for them."

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea," Bella said, finally ignoring Tanya as she pushed the cart toward the cashier. Tanya stared at us, obviously forgotten that she still hadn't paid for her stuff.

I ignored her glares, and kissed Bella's temple. Bella smiled, and I felt her relax.

Something told me that she had been waiting for that one final confrontation. To show Tanya, and everyone else, that she made it out okay, and that she wasn't a victim anymore.

"Excuse me, miss," the cashier said to Tanya. "Are you going to pay?"

Tanya huffed and walked back, and we ignored her as we unpacked the cart that we had filled with stuff for our kids. When Tanya had packed her bags, she looked back at us as the cashier rung up our things.

"Just tell me one thing," Tanya said to Bella, no animosity in her tone. "Just fucking tell me who the father is." Tanya sounded tired, and we both looked at her. Being a bitch must be tiresome work.

"I am," I replied in Bella's place. "And I couldn't be happier."

Tanya didn't look surprised, she didn't look disappointed. She simply looked empty.

"Yeah, I figured," she muttered, before she turned her back on us and walked out.

Bella shook her head and looked up at me.

"That girl will never be happy," she said. "She can't be happy unless someone else is miserable, and the older she gets, the harder it will be to have people listen to her, let alone care about anything she has to say. She is going to end up alone."

I stroked her back and shrugged. "It's not our problem, it's her own fault she never left high school. In her head, life is high school, and she is never graduating."

I kissed her temple again as we made our way toward the car.

I returned the cart once we had put all the stuff in the car. When I walked back, I found Bella still standing next to the trunk, resting one of her hands on it. I looked at her with a smile.

"What now?" I asked, leaning in to kiss her chastely on the lips.

She looked at me with a sheepish expression. "Mind if we make another stop before we go home?"

"Sure, where to?"

"The hospital. I think my water just broke."