A boy walked through an empty street. It was night and the towering skyscrapers on both sides had their lights on. The ground was damp and there were a few puddles randomly placed along the street, a sure sign that it had rained recently. The sky faintly flashed with lightning at random intervals, threatening to rain down again.

The boy was clad in full black. He had a black coat on, with its hood down behind his neck. It went down a bit past his knees revealing his black pants beneath it. His shoes looked too big too fit his feet, and they squelched as they came in contact with a small puddle.

A man was standing in front of one of the buildings the boy passed, slightly leaning on its wall. He was wearing the same coat, but his sleeves were tighter near his cuffs. He stood with his arms crossed as if showing them off. He kept his green eyes down looking at the ground.

"Your mind's made up?" he said.

The boy stopped walking as if he was expecting something like this. He turned his head a bit so he could look at him and project his own voice properly. His eyes were deep blue and they looked angered yet calm.

"Why did the keyblade choose me?" he said. The man did not reply. "I have to know", the boy added.

The man now turned fully facing the boy, his arms no more crossed, and looked as if he was about to cry. "You can't turn on the Organization!" he cried. "You get on their bad side and they'll destroy you!"

"No one would miss me", said the boy rather coldly in a meh-can't-be-bothered-to-care tone. He nudged his head a bit as he said this sending his golden bangs to the right side of his face. He walked on and faded into a shadow cast by one of the skyscrapers.

The man looked down again. "That's not true", he said. "I would", he added when the boy was out of view and earshot.

He scratched the back of his head, which was covered with streaks of spiky red hair, and turned around and walked off in the direction opposite to the boy. A tear rolled down his face and as it dropped into a nearby puddle a small cloud of steam rose leaving a chakram-shaped hole on the ground.

"I am Axel", he said to himself, his voice shaking as more tears rolled down his face. "I am a proud member of Organization XIII. I am The Flurry of Dancing Flames. True to my name, I am a true member of the Organization." He smirked as he said this. Another tear rolled down his cheek but Axel wiped this off with the sleeve of his coat. He managed a short cold laugh. "What a joke!"

"You're sure things are better this way?" asked Axel.

"I never expected you to question it" said the man he was talking to. His hair was long and blue. His eyes were gentle and were of a cool shade of amber. He had an X-shaped scar on his face, the two lines intersecting between his eyes. "If you could save one of them", he continued, "why would you choose the puppet?"

Axel didn't answer. He looked at the man, then at the floor, then back at the man.

"Or put it this way", the man continued as he raised an arm and waved it aimlessly as he spoke. "Which would you rather suffer the loss of: some make-believe friendship", he paused and looked at Axel, who looked at the floor again. "Or a real one?"

Axel stayed silent.

The man walked past him. "Things are finally right again", he said, "Of course we're better off this way."

Axel didn't know why he was standing here getting lectured by Saïx just to get an answer to his question. Yes, his name was Saïx. Axel looked at him and listened intently as he rambled on.

"Xemnas is exasperated from all the 'fixing' we've had to do. We have to set things right." He turned to face Axel. "There is simply too much on the line...Lea."

Axel could take no more of this. He turned and walked away. Saïx even called him by the other name; his 'Somebody's name. Boy, did that piss him off. He didn't have to remember his past if he didn't want to. He still had fragments of memories of his past drifting inside him.

He saw a picture flash in his mind. It was of two boys. The one on the left had red spiky hair, resembling his own but shorter, and the one on the right had blue hair. They had their arms rested on each others shoulders. The boy with the red hair had big green eyes and a wide playful smile, two other similarities between him and Axel. The boy with the blue hair had gentle amber eyes, much like Saïx's. Who were they again?

Another picture flashed in his mind. This one had two people in it too, and were in similar poses as the previous two. Only the people were different. The red haired boy was replaced by a grown up version of him, a man. It was himself. It was Axel. The boy on the right was replaced with a boy of the same height, but he had spiky blond hair and deep blue eyes. He had a gentle smle on his face. Unlike the previous picture Axel recognised the both of them: it was a photo of him and Roxas on the clock tower. Roxas.

And then anohter picture flashed up, this time a single person. He couldn't tell their gender because their hood was up and most of their face was overshadowed. By the way their hips curved, Axel figured it was a girl. A girl? The picture now animated itself, as it it was a little movie playing in his head. The person in the memory pushed her hood back revealing her face. She had black hair that went just a bit past the back of her neck and it covered most of her face on the right side. She had the same deep blue eyes as Roxas. What was her name again? After Roxas left the organization all memories of him and the girl were slowly fading away. Who is she?

Why would you choose the puppet?

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