Janelle was sitting at her desk reading when she heard the doorbell ring. Minutes later she heard the stairs creak and her father knocking on her bedroom door, "Come in."

"Hey sweetie this came for you," said Thomas walking in with a long bag that she knew held the dress Dean picked out.

Janelle groaned and stood up as she took the bag from her father. She was scared to know what was inside. There was probably some slutty degrading dress inside. She frowned as she laid the bag on her bed and slowly zipped it down. She closed her eyes and heard her father say, "Jesus…"

"Is it that bad?"


Janelle opened her one eye and looked down at the dress. Her eyes widened in surprise, "Oh my God," she said taking the dress out and looking it over. It was a beautiful elegant purple silk evening dress. It had a slit on the left side, beaded straps, the middle of the dress had its own opening but not too large for her breast to hang out and the back was bare. "It's so beautiful."

"You got yourself one good man sweetheart," said Thomas as he looked in the bag and pulled out two pairs of silver heals that strapped up the calves and a beaded bracelet to match the beads on the dress, "He seemed to go all out tonight."

"Yeah you can say that," she whispered to herself and looked at the clock, "Looks like I better get ready."

"You ok sweetie?" He rubbed her back and she looked at him. She didn't have the heart to tell him what she had done and what she was doing with Dean Winchester to save him. She loved her father with all her heart.

"I'm fine…just a little nervous I guess. It's my first dinner party you know?"

Thomas smiled at her, "You'll be the belle of the ball sweetie. Now get ready he'll be here pretty soon I'm guessing."

Janelle smiled at her father as he left her room and she looked back at the dress. This was going to be an interesting night. She sighed throwing her clothes off and walking into her bathroom to shower up. She still couldn't believe what she was doing but she would do anything for her father, anything.


"Janelle Dean is here!" yelled her father as he walked towards the door.

Thomas opened the door and there was Dean standing in a nice black satin shirt and black slacks. Dean smiled at Thomas, "Evening Mr. Lawrence."

"Hi, Dean," said Thomas letting Dean in.

"Is she ready?" Dean arched an eyebrow.

"I'm right here," said Janelle rolling her eyes as she walked in.

Dean bit his bottom lip looking at her. He knew she'd look sexy as hell in that dress and she would get all the attention at the restaurant. The dress wasn't too sexy but it wasn't too posh either. And with her body she could get away wearing it.

"Wow…you look great," said Dean walking up to her and giving her a small kiss on the cheek.

Smooze she thought as he pulled back.

Dean placed his hand on her lower back and they turned to her father, "Do you know how lucky I am? How lucky to have found such a beautiful smart loving woman like her?" Dean jerked her to him and held her tightly. She knew he was taking her father's ignorance to the next level with the little show he was putting on. "Well, we better be off."

"You two kids have fun," said Thomas before closing the door.

Janelle pulled out of his arm and he laughed, "Laying it on a little thick aren't ya?"

"Really?" he asked as they reached his car and he looked at her, "Because I can go back in and tell him his daughter fucked me so good last night and many more times to come to get him out of his deal." Dean grinned at her, "I'm sure daddy would love that."

Janelle glared at him, "Let's just get this over with please."

Dean took her hips in his hands and pulled her close to him, "I didn't even get a kiss to start off our wonderful night."

"Well, don't want to ruin the makeup so let's just-" She gasped as she was turned against the car and his lips crashed onto hers. She moaned in surprise and kissed him back not to get him mad. His right hand moved into the slit and gripped her thigh sliding it slowly up his own thigh.

Janelle knew she better pull away before Dean and her made a scene in the front yard, "Wait," she said pushing him up, "We really should be going."

"They can all wait for me," said Dean kissing her neck, "You just look so fucking good. I want to fuck you up against my car so bad."

"Good things come to those who wait Dean…baby," she added the baby hoping it would calm down his anger from the rejection, "How about we get going now so the sooner we get there the sooner we can leave and the sooner I can rock your world."

Dean pulled back and looked into her eyes. She didn't know if he was angry or actually liking her plan. She bit her bottom lip hoping he would take her innocent looking face she was making into consideration of her idea.

Dean smirked, "I like your thinking sweetheart. Let's go."

The two got into the car and Dean drove off. He smiled, "I can't wait to show you off to everyone." He rubbed her leg softly, "You're so fucking sexy." He squeezed her thigh and glanced at it. He couldn't wait to have her legs wrapped around him tonight.

"Now I know you haven't been to one of these before," said Dean pulling up to the restaurant and waiting for valet, "so try and act the part alright cupcake?"

Janelle rolled her eyes as she looked at him, "Dean I've been to grand openings before and was in drama so don't worry I won't ruin your rep."

Dean smirked, "If you're a good girl tonight I'll reward you." Dean licked his lips and softly rubbed her leg.

Janelle took his hand and threw it off her leg, "The only one that would be rewarded is you."

Dean laughed as valet opened their doors. Dean walked to the other side of the car and took Janelle's hand in his.

"Dean! Dean!" yelled a few voices as the two started up the stairs.

Janelle noticed a few paparazzi standing there trying to talk to him.

Janelle just raised her eyebrows slightly surprised as she looked at Dean who was smiling.

"Can we have a minute?" asked one of the reporters.

"Just one because I have to get in there to show off this stunning beauty by my side," he winked at Janelle who just gave her fake smile to everyone as Dean laid his hand on the small of her back, "and I guess also the restaurant."

The reporters laughed and Janelle thought how cheesy he was but just smiled away and played along.

"How is it that you have acquired so many restaurants and other small companies in the past year and have gotten them to five star places?"

Dean grinned, "Just luck. And knowing my way around. I know what people like so I give it to them. Plus," he placed his hand on her Janelle's waist, "I have Janelle and without her I don't know what I would do."

A few of the reporters smiled and asked, "How long have you two been dating?"

"A few days now but it was love at first sight. I met Janelle at her father's mechanic shop over on Elm an investment I am getting my hands in its called Lawrence Garage. I was talking to Mr. Lawrence when Janelle walked in and I'm telling ya she stole my heart."

Janelle grinned as she gave him a tight squeeze and placed her hand on his chest. She could have sworn she heard "Awwww..." throughout the crowd.

"Is this it then for Mr. Dean Winchester?"

"I believe she is the one. If she can walk into a room and steal my heart then she's either the devil or the one." Dean looked at Janelle with a smile. He could tell she wanted to kick his ass. He loved all of this. He turned back to the crowd, "But I got to get going inside. Please don't forget to drop in and have a bite. The food is marvelous and the service is always with a smile. You don't leave without hitting that wall." He winked at them and headed back up the stairs.

With a smile still on her face just for Dean she said, "Still laying it on thick and lying to your people."

Dean grinned, "Everyone loves a happily ever after and who knows with you stealing my heart we may be engaged in a month." He chuckled as she quickly turned her head looking at him.

"Please tell me you're joking."

Dean opened the door, "I have to keep up appearance baby after all that's what you signed on for." He smirked at her staring at her speechless face before she walked into the restaurant.

"Next thing you'll be telling me I'll have to get pregnant."

Dean sauntered up behind her lightly tapping her ass and smiling, "Oh not now but after the wedding yes."

She glared at him just as he wrapped his one arm around her, "I need a drink."

As the night went on Janelle played the perfect little girlfriend for Dean but what got her through all of it was thinking of her father. She was doing all this for him. Dean didn't know but...her father was sick and he needed his money to keep up with the hospital bills and his medication.

Janelle was talking to an elderly man that seemed to be quite impressed with Dean and his ability to bring the small mama and papa places to the big leagues.

"He is one of a kind isn't he?" asked Janelle before taking a sip of her champagne. "But like they all say behind every man there's a woman."

Mr. Jefferson gave her a look before smiling, "And you keep him in line don't you?"

"I try but with men like Dean it's a challenge," she laughed.

Dean finished talking to one of his guest when he looked for Janelle when he noticed her talking to a VIP. Mr. Jefferson was a very important business man that Dean has been trying to impress for a long time. He didn't need Janelle screwing things up.

Dean placed his glass on the bar and walked over to them. The two were laughing and it made Dean a little nervous.

"Hey sweetheart," said Dean walking up to them.

Janelle smiled at him wrapping her arm around him, "Hi honey. I thought I lost you to all those people." She gave him a small squeeze and then smiled at Mr. Jefferson. "This is the man of the hour Mr. Jefferson."

"Dean Winchester it is a pleasure." The two shook hands. "I have to say you have a little gem here."

Dean smiled, "Thank you sir."

"She has told me so much."

Dean gave her a look, "She has huh?"

Janelle smiled at him. She had hit a nerve she could tell.

"Yes and I think it's a great idea. Taking little shops and putting all your money into it. That's such a dangerous investment but you seem to pull it off." Dean's shoulders loosened up as Janelle grabbed Deans hand smiling at Mr. Jefferson. "And Janelle is such a beautiful young woman and very intelligent. She's a keeper. I need to go but I'll be calling your office first thing Monday."

Dean let out a small chuckle, "Uh ok I'll be hearing from ya."

Mr. Jefferson and Dean shook hands one last time and he kissed Janelle's cheek. He looked back at Dean, "Make her happy. I plan on seeing more of you two." He patted Dean's arm before walking away.

Janelle sipped her champagne with a smirk, "So...did I do well?"

"Do you have any idea who that was?" Dean looked at her.

"Yes. Mr. Jefferson as in Donald Jefferson the owner and inventor of Jefferson Investments." Janelle shrugged, "I've seen his billboards."

Dean was shocked. Janelle raised her eyebrows and smiled at him.

Dean was impressed. He smirked as he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulling her close to him. His eyes wandered her body before flicking back to hers, "I should give you something for getting me in good with Jefferson. I've been trying for a very long time to get his attention."

"You're welcome." She was starting to not like the look in his eye.

Dean shook his head biting his bottom lip, "I should thank you. Come on."

"That's not necessary." But Dean didn't listen as he pulled her towards the back where the restrooms were. He had her stand still as he walked into the men's room. Janelle was confused as she heard every stall being slammed open and then the door opening again. Dean looked around before pulling her inside.

Janelle arched an eyebrow as Dean guided her to the last stall. He slightly pushed her in as he closed and locked the door.

Dean pushed her into the wall with a smirk.

"This can't be sanitary," she said just as he started kissing her neck.

"Don't think about it."

Dean's hand ran up her leg where the slit was. His mouth was on hers and she kissed him back. His other hand rubbed her breast before cupping it. She moaned into his mouth and he smirked.

"You look so beautiful tonight."

The two looked into each other's eyes and she felt her panties being pulled down her legs. He lifted her right leg pulling her panties over it then leaving it hanging around her left ankle.

Dean's right hand rubbed her smooth shaven pussy. She quietly moaned as her hips bucked a little into his hand wanting him to touch her more. Dean obliged her request by dipping his finger lower and circled her clit.

Janelle moaned as his finger tortured her. Dean worked on his belt and pants also pulling his shirt out. Janelle ran her hands up his shirt feeling every muscle tense and ripple under her touch.

"I fucking want to be inside you," Dean growled as he ground his hips against her own. She felt his hard cock against her belly.

"Better not stain the dress."

Dean chuckled, "I bought it."

"I don't need to be walking around with cum stains on my dress."

Dean chuckled as he gripped her dress pulling it up over her hips and wrapping her one leg around his waist.

Dean kissed her just as he entered her. She moaned into his mouth at the feel of him filling her up. Janelle tightened her leg around his waist as he started thrusting hard and fast into her.

Janelle's back started to slam hard into the stall. It was getting hard to breathe for her. She was gasping for air as she grabbed hold of the top of the stall. Her knuckles turned white gripping it tightly.

"De-Dean," she gasped loudly.

Dean smirked as he continued to thrust in and out of her. "You like that baby?"

"Fuck," she moaned, "I hate y-you!"

"You'll learn to love me."

Dean wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. He closed his eyes as he groaned and bit his bottom lip, "You're so tight."

Dean's right arm wrapped tighter around her small frame. His other hand gripped the stall slamming into her harder.

"Oh shit," she moaned bucking her hips into his.

Janelle tried to lower her moans but she couldn't. Dean knew how to make her moan and scream like no one else.

Dean loved when he thrusted into her and all he heard were loud "UH...uh...uh!"

The bathroom door opened but as soon as they heard the moaning it quickly closed. Dean smirked hearing the door. He loved making a show. That just pushed him into wanting to make her cum harder.

Janelle closed her eyes and threw her head back biting her bottom lip. She was close. She felt her lower abdomen fluttering and her walls started to tighten even more around Dean.

"That's it baby...cum for me," Dean groaned pounding into her. His own orgasm close.

Janelle's one hand gripped his shoulder tightly, "Oh...uh...I'm gonna...shit Dean I'm cumming!"

Dean kissed her passionately pulling her tighter against him as he came next. He groaned into her mouth as she continued to moan into his mouth.

The two slowly calmed down from their high. Janelle licked her dry lips as Dean put her back down on her feet.

Dean grinned as he pulled his boxers and pants up. Janelle pulled her panties up as she glared at him.

"Don't give me that look you enjoyed it."

Dean tucked his shirt in then gripped the back of her head pulling her closer to him. "Now you continue to be good and we'll just have a beautiful relationship." He gave her a kiss then gripped her ass.

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