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The raiding party moved through the trees silently. The Drow were creatures of the night and no one could best them.

"The village is ahead," signaled one of the Drow warriors, "they do not suspect we are here, Zak."

"Of course not," replied Zak in the same manner.

Zaknafein Do'Urden, weapons master of house Do'Urden, the Ninth house of Menzoberranzan, had temporarily escaped his prison. His son, Drizzt, was in his last years at the Melee-Weapons Academy. He had convinced Malice that is would be a good idea for him to accompany the younger warriors of the raiding party. This particular area had already had Drow sent here and none from the last party had returned.

They never suspected the ambush, at least not this far from the village.. Arrows flew from the shadows, quickly killing several Drow. Their dying cries echoed across the forest as wizard spells joined the fray. An arrow struck Zak in his right shoulder. His swift retreat proved meaningless when the spell of an unseen wizard struck him in the back. The darkness filled his vision as he fell.

Zak didn't know how long he had been out. He tried to force his eyes open but was blinded by light. Screwing them shut he realized the sun had risen on the surface.

"Does the light hurt?" asked the sweet voice of a woman.

"Yes," hissed Zak through gritted teeth.

The rustling of cloth filled his ears and from behind his eyelids he saw the light vanish. Once the light was gone Zak slowly opened his eyes. He saw the roof and as he turned his head, his Drow eyes allowing him to see in the darkness, he saw a form bending over a table before a candle was lit, bathing the side of the hut in a dim light.

"Is that better?" asked a feminine voice.

Unable to trust himself to speak he nodded, not sure of the women had seen; he was wary of her. She brought a bowl and set to on the table next to the bed before he saw her face. He was stunned, never had he seen someone like her before. She held more beauty than any Drow female he had ever seen. Zak tried to sit up but the women pushed him back down.

"Please lie still, you are too injured to move, and I need to change the bandage," smiled the women.

"Why do you help me?" asked Zak confused.

"It is my duty. By the will of Ida and Kay you survived. I, as a priestess of the Twin gods, must help those in need," smiled the women.

Her answer puzzled Zak. Why would anyone, let alone a god, allow him to live? He was under the will of the Spider Queen, she didn't spare anyone.

"Your companions, however, didn't survive, I am sorry."

"Don't be," chuckled Zak, "We are Drow. We feel nothing for any other beings. Besides had they survived they would have killed the people of your village, down to the last child."

"Ida and Kay protect their people; no harm would have come to them. Your companions died because they wished us harm. You, however, lived. If you are Drow, then tell me how can this be?"

"I wish no hard to your people. The ones I wish to kill are my fellow Drow."

"Wishing to harm another will only damage your soul. Even those who are evil deserve a chance to repent."

"You are an odd human," stated Zak.

"Maybe so…" chuckled the women, "I am finished redressing your wound. Please rest now; I shall bring you food later."

The women stood and headed to the door but paused when Zak called out to her, "What's your name?"

"Baylon… Baylon Harpell and you are?"

"Zaknafein Do'Urden."

"What a lovely name. Rest well Zaknafein Do'Urden"

He was sure that this grinning Drow in front of him was crazy. Jarlaxle had drug him all the way from their apartment in Heliogabalus to this god forsaken village in the south. He didn't even explain why, just showed up one day from out of nowhere and told him they were going somewhere. The damn Drow was support to be in Menzoberranzan, leading Bregan D'aerthe, his mercenary band, not dragging him across Faerûn.

"What's so important about this village?"

"I promised someone I'd check up on this place if I was ever near here," grinned Jarlaxle, "Oh don't scowl Artemis, it'll be fun."

"Fun? You do remember that you're a Drow right?"

"Don't worry!"

The duo reached the outskirts of the village, the wooden wall stood around the village like an impenetrable fortress.

"Stay here," said Jarlaxle.

Artemis turned to ask why but the Drow was already gone. After a few short minutes Jarlaxle returned with the ever present smile upon his face.

"Well?" asked Artemis impatiently.

"To the east," proclaimed the Drow.

That grinned bothered Artemis and he knew they were about to do something he was not going to like.

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