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"Kali, come back!"

The girl, Kali, didn't. She continued running. She had to get there to see her friend. Kale, her twin brother, kept calling her to slow down. The holy twins they were called, just like all they twins in the village over the last twelve generations; the human children of Ida and Kay, the twin gods, who the villagers of Mith Drannor worshiped. They were raided in the temple. Their father was a priest there while their mother served as a median woman.

Kale chased his sister. She was the hyper and active one. They had received new that their best friend, Estel, was back. Commander Jamal, the leader of the army, was the one who told them and his office was where Estel was at. Kale was the sub-commander of the army, right under commander Jamal, while his sister was a lieutenant in the archery units under the evil Commander Izayon. Kale rounded the corner in the army garrison only to hear his sister shouts and a loud thud come from his commander's office.

"Commander Jamal," greeted Kale when he entered.

"Hello Kale," the other man in the room, a look of amusement gracing his middle-aged face. "Kali, I'm sure Estel would like to get off the floor. He is very tired and the force of the fall isn't good for his leg."

"I'm sure he would like to breathe too," added Kale.

The over exited girl released her friend before pulling him up with her. Estel sat in the chair he had been in when Kali had tackled him to the floor.

"He tried again," growled Estel.

"We don't know that," said Jamal.

"Who else would it be?"

"That self centered …." began Kale.

"Kale, don't" interrupted Kali, knowing what he was going to say.

"Enough," said Jamal, "We cannot publicly accuse him without the proof of his guild. You three know that."

"We know it's true! So does everyone else. Commander Izayon has always wanted to kill Estel," argued Kale.

"For no reason," added Kali.

"We still have no proof."

"I'm fine guys," smiled Estel, "Let's just let it go."

Estel hated people worrying over him, especially those he loved dearly. Kali, Kale, Commander Jamal and the old priestess Kida were the only people who truly accepted him. Kida had found him when he was thirteen after several of the older boys of a shop keeper had nearly beaten him to death. He was orphaned at three and had to get food any way possible, even stealing, for ten year. Kida had raised him in the temple alongside Kali and Kale, much to the displeasure of the other priests and priestesses but since she was the high priestess no one could say anything.

The priest bowed as their leader passed but grimaced when the boy following her walked by. He was thirteen. He was beaten and bruised; blood caked his torn cloths and flesh. The boy was known and hated by the whole village. He was left alone at three because he had no other family besides his mother who had passed away. He has to eat scraps and steal for ten years. Kida, the high priestess had found him lying on the ground in a back alley where he was bleeding on the ground.

"Sit down," instructed the elderly woman.

A second woman entered the room. She bowed to Kida. "Lady Kida."

"Pendra, treat this boys wounds and have him brought clean cloths," ordered Kida.

"But my lady this boy is…"

"Pendra," warned Kida.

"Yes, my Lady."

Pendra kneeled in front of the boy and began treating his wounds. She glared at him the whole time. She finished as quickly as she could before leaving to fetch the cloths.

"Are you hungry?"

He glanced at her before shaking his head.

"You are safe hear, no one will hurt you. I swear to you, my child, that no one inside this temple will bring harm to you," smiled Kida, "Now, tell me your name."

The boy looked at her before quietly whispering, "E…Estel"

"Now Estel, are you hungry?"

This time Estel nodded.

"I shall return in a moment, please remain here."

She left Estel, who jumped from the stool and began exploring the room, looking for escape round in case they were needed. While he was examining the window the metal grate on the far wall fell causing the boy to jump. He turned around in time to see a rather filthy girl crawl out. She appeared four years old. She eyed the room before she saw him. She almost knocked him over in her mission to inspect him.

"wow!" grinned the girl, "you're so pretty. My name is Kali. What's yours?"

Before Estel could decide to answer or run a second person crawled from the whole. He stood and dusted himself off. He was cleaner than the girl and Estel thought he was seeing double.

"Kale, Look. He's so pretty. Isn't his while hair adorable?"

"I'm sorry about my sister. She's always so hyper," smiled other boy, " I'm Kale."

"Est…" began Estel but the door swing open.

The women, Pendra, and a Priest stood in the door. The priest glared that Estel before grabbing both children. The twins looked at Estel sadly before beginning to struggle. Kali bite the hand of the priest forcing her to be released. She ran over to Estel and hid behind him.

"Kali, get over here now," ordered Pendra.


Pendra sat the clothes she had been holding down before she marched over to the two children and grabbed Kali by the arm.

"Let me go!"

Estel grabbed Pendra arm, surprising her and she let Kali go. The Priest, who had released Kale, backhanded Estel.

"Do not lay your hand on my wife Drow child!"

He reached down to pick up the boy but found Kale in his way; Kali was next to Estel helping him from the flood.

"I am sorry, Father, but I cannot let you hit him. He is my friend and I will protect him."

"You're Friends? He is Drow. They do not know the meaning of the word. He will kill you and your sister the moment he gets the chance," said the Priest, "enough with this foolishness."

"No!" cried Kali, "Your wrong!"

Before anyone could say another word the door banged open and a rather unhappy Kida stood in the light.

"Pendra, Kalamar, Out!"

"Buy my Lady the boy…" began Pendra.

"Get Out!"

"Kale, Kali lets…"

"The children can stay, you two out. I will not say it a third time."

The two unhappy parents left quickly. Kida walked over to Estel and went to help him up but he flinched away from her.

"Estel, I am truly sorry for what they have done. I never expected for them to follow Kali and Kale here."

"I'm sorry," murmured Kali between sobs, "It's my fault."

Estel watched the girl brake down into tears. He felt so sorry for her that he leaned over and hugged her. She wrapped her small arms around his middle and cried into his chest.

"Now, I believe I own you three a good, hot meal," smiled Kida," and some cake."


"What… Kali don't do that, I can hear you know!"

"Well then answer me. I've called out to you seven times!" said Kali.

"Well, what do you want, squirt?"

Estel grinned at the look on her face. Since he was nine years older than her and his Drow blood always kept him taller he had started calling her squirt. It had always been funny because she looked so upset when she actually found it funny too.

"Someone's at the gate, let's go see," grinned Kali before throwing a clock at him.

"Is that such a good idea?" asked Kale who followed the two.

"Look at it this way, if we don't we'll never hear the end of it," pointed out Estel.

"True," agreed Kale.

"Then let's go!" shouted Kali and Estel covered his head with the clock's hood.

"Who goes there?" called the sentry

"Bruenor Battlehammer, King of Mithril Hall."

"Well met king Battlehammer," replied the sentry," Open the Gate!"

The cart pulled into the gate as it swung open. A old woman stood in the road on the other side. A rather large crowed of people gathered farther away.

"Greetings Companions of the Hall, I am Kida, high priestess and head of Mith Drannor. We are pleased to welcome you here for your exploits have even become know to us."

Bruenor spoke with the elderly women and Drizzt inspected the part of the town he could see. People were gathering and whispering. The distrust hung over them like a cloud. Exploits or not these people didn't want them here. Drizzt noticed three people who sat on a roof at the far side of the square. They were away from anyone else. Two, he could tell were blonde and obviously twins. The third, however, hid himself with a hood, much like Drizzt was doing.

"Elf," called Bruenor, "We be goin'."

The companions followed Kida deeper into the village. Many watched as they passed. They soon came upon the large door of a temple. The temple was manly red with silver and gold designs. The door had a crescent moon surrounded by a sun. The moon shone silver and the sun stood out as a bright gold. The symbol appeared many times as they walked down the hall to a room. The room was rather large with a table and many chairs surrounding it. The companions sat at the table with Kida and several priests brought some food and drink.

"I've been told that you have seen a Drow near here and yet the only Drow I see is the one who accompanied you," said Kida.

Drizzt nodded his head in recognition before removing the cowl. Many of the priest's faces darkened in disgust but none objected to his presents. After all this was Drizzt Do'Urden and all know who Drizzt Do'Urden was.

"We don't know if he did come here but he headed in this direction," explained Cattie-brie.

"That be what they tell me," said Bruenor, "me an' Rumblebelly never saw 'im but I an't boughten' 'ere word."

"Surly that is not the only reason for your visit?"

"A… uh… friend of ours said that there was some trouble here," stuttered Regis. The others looked at the Halfling and tried not to laugh.

"We know of no such trouble," said Jamal as he entered.

"This is Commander Jamal of the Army and Commander Izayon of the Archery units," said Kida, introducing the two men who entered.

Jamal bowed to the visitors but Izayon made so such move; he only glanced at them long enough to glare a Drizzt.

"We are more than capable of handling our own problems," said Izayon, "You help in not needed."

"Command please, I'm sure you have solders to train," smiled Kida.

Izayon bowed to her and left but he cast another hatful glare at Drizzt. The second glare didn't go unnoticed.

"I'm sorry for him. He lost his brother thirty-three years ago in a Drow raid on our village."

"He has hated Drow since then," said Jamal

"Commander?" called Kale, who entered.

"Ah Kale, come in," smiled Jamal, "This is sub- commander Kale, my second in command."

"Please to meet you," greeted Kale.

"Something wrong?" asked Kida.

"No…er… well maybe…. It's Estel. He's…" stuttered Kale.

"I'll handle it," said Jamal, having some idea of what was going on. Kale had been bribed to get information.

"Estel?" asked Wulfgar, the name sounded elfish.

"An orphan boy; he's... he could be what your friend was referring to. Estel is no threat to this village but to an outsider he might be seen as one."

"Why would Jarlaxle send us here for an orphan boy," Regis asked his friends.

"Don't know," answered Cattie-brie.

"There is something more to this," stated Wulfgar.

"Why'd this boy be a threat ta ye?" asked Bruenor.

"His mother was the child of a traveling wizard of the Harpell clan. When her parents died she was taken in by Lady Kalana, the previous high priestess, who raised her to be a priestess. She was next in line after myself for the position of high priestess but died when Estel as three," explained Kida, I took Estel in at the age of thirteen and raised him in the temple."

"You avoid his father," stated Wulfgar.

"One of our ways forces us to care for survivors of a battle regardless of who they are. Once a battle is finished we bury the dead of both sides and treat the wounded. Thirty-three years ago, the Drow attacked us. We fought them off twice but the third raid spared a survivor. By the Law of Ida and Kay, our twin gods, we treated him. He spent three months in this village before leaving. A week later Baylon, Estel's mother, was found pregnant," explained Kida.

"You are fortunate that he didn't try to kill you later," said Drizzt.

"Baylon insisted he was no threat to us. She told me at one point that he only wished to escape his own city."

"I remember the raids, my father, Zaknafien, spoke of them after I finished my training at the academy," smiled Drizzt mournfully.

"Zaknafien you say, I might have suspected," said Kida to herself.

"You know the name?" asked Cattie-brie.

"Yes, the surviving Drow bore the same name. He also bore the name Do'Urden," said Kida, "Zaknafien Do'Urden was what the Drow introduced himself as."

Drizzt could feel the stares on him as his eyes widened. Bruenor was at a loss for words. Cattie-brie and Regis could only stare at Drizzt who was just as surprised.

"If Zaknafien is Drizzt's father then…" began Wulfgar.

"Estel is my brother," finished Drizzt.

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