Chapter 2 – Just about love and compromises

«I'm opening, then...» and as she did... «Oh...» she looked around many times. «Hyung-nim...» her breath was caught. «Hyung-nim this is... how did you know?»

He smiled. «I asked your brother. And he told me about Gardenias.» they were her favourite flowers. She couldn't believe he had such a sweet thought.

She looked at the ground, again. «Tha... thank you... for taking me here.» that she glanced at the flowers, there were a lot. She knelt down. «Can... can I have... one?»

«Every flower was... planted for you. They're all yours. Pick as many as you want.» she was sure to have heard wrong. He has never been that sweet before.

«Just... just one is fine. This place is really beautiful. It's peaceful.» she take a deep breath. «Now that I'm here, it seems that everything is fine.»

He took a sit just next to her. «Have you changed your mind, then?» she blinked, looking at him.

«About what?» she gave attention to flowers again, and to that specific one who has taken her attention. She was planning to take that one.

«About places and people related to feelings.» her hand stopped just before reaching the stem and she looked at him once more.

«Why are you trying so hard to make me say I changed my mind?» she asked, there was no anger or charge in her voice. She simply wanted to know.

«I just wanted you to understand the way I see things.» he explained, looking far. She didn't understood what exactly was is point of view. «I don't think that the only certainty of the feeling is enough.»

«Are you not happy knowing that the people you love, love you too?» she asked. «I think it's a good reason for going forward in your life. Even with the person you love the most... are you not happy when you know she returns your feelings?»

«What's the point in returning feelings if we can't see each other?» she wasn't sure if he was still hypothetically speaking or was talking directly about them. «Please, pick that.» he allowed her, seeing that she was there stopped by his words. «It was the first who bloomed. It should be yours.»

«Oh, thank you.» she said. She looked at the flower, while speaking. «Why don't you see the importance of love even if the two people are not physically close?» she ran a finger on a white petal. «I think what is more important in a relationship is... well, I think when you really love someone, you hope that he or her realises all his wishes, don't you? If I am a burden to someone I love, even if he's not the one I love the most, I will just go away.»

«What if you're not a burden and he wants you to stay with him?» he asked.

«Maybe he just doesn't notice how my presence could be deleterious.» she answered. «And I'm a bit selfish too... I want also to realize my own dream, I want to love someone but I don't want this someone to give up his own dreams for me.»

«It's a bit complicated.» he noticed, crossing his arms to his chest. «Then, you're not one of the people who thinks love overcomes everything.»

«It depends on what you mean by "love"» she replied. «Love is the most important feeling in the world. When someone's away, do you stop loving him or her? I don't think love is just holding hands, kissing and everything that comes after. I think love is the everlasting feeling of joy that you feel when you think about that person.» while she was telling that, she knew that was a kind of bittersweet pleasure. She knew she was yearning to see him and be with him again. But Tae Kyung was amazing, really, in everything he did, how could she be a match for him? There could be no possibility, even if he still loved her.

«Love is a mix of things. It's composed by the "spiritual" part, but also the "physical", holding hands could be as important as feeling joy.»

She smirked. «Oh...» he had teased her for all time, that she knew. How about doing the same for once? «do you want to hold hands, then, milord?»

«Are you asking because you want to know how does it feel?» she shook her head: he said all that and at the end she was the one who wanted to hold hands. He was really incredible.

«Well... you have to let me experience these things if you want me to change my mind.» he nodded and give her his hand. «Okay, if I take this hand... where are you bringing me?»

He thought for a moment. «I was thinking about experience the things you despise.»

«I don't despise them! I just said that they're not as important as the feeling itself!» she justified. He came nearer and kissed her forehead. She blushed furiously, while her heart was going to leave her chest. «What was that just now?»

«You said you wanted to experience these things. I'm simply allowing you to.» he explained, trying not to laugh at her expression. «Come on.» he dragged her with him.

«Please... please stop...» she said, panting. They were running on a street, still hand in hand. She didn't know this was something lovers do. «You have too much fans. We can't even go to take an ice-cream!»

He burst in laughs and she asked herself if he had gone mad. «You really risked your life!» he pointed a finger at her and continue laughing.

«It's all because of you, my dear! You were too near and they thought you were going to kiss me, so they got mad.» he stopped, and glanced at her in a strange way, she had the impulse to step back.

«Too near?» he asked, the tone of his voice was like he didn't understand, but they both knew that he understood very well. He took a step closer. «Like this?» he tilted his head a bit and lowered his head at her level. «Or like this?» she tried to make some distance between them, but he placed a hand on her back and pressed her against him. He arrived near her lips. «Or like this?»

«Please... stop...» she almost begged. She couldn't say that loving was enough if he kissed her once more.

«Stop what? Remember... you asked for this.» and he placed his lips on hers, tightening his hold on her. She tried to push him away, but when he began to move his lips on hers, she closed her eyes and gave in. That was simply too much.

She moved her arms around his neck and pulled him nearer, he smiled against her lips and thought this was victory, indeed.

He pressed his lips more firmly against hers and licked her lower lip to deepen the kiss. When his tongue met hers, she stopped to breathe. He has never kissed her like that before. She began to shiver and to want the kiss not to end.

When they separated from each other, she pressed her lips together just to be sure that all of that happened and blinked: she couldn't believe it. «Just... just come home.» she said, not knowing what else to say.

«I won't.» he replied, serious. «They're kids, they have to know how to behave.»

«If you're that mad, just come back for me.» she tried, biting her lower lip. «I'm only staying for ten days, they're not too much, and if you still want to go away, you can do that after I depart.» she couldn't leave him just like that, not when she promised she would bring him back, and when she stayed for so short. She didn't want to choose between him and the others. «What about that?»

He snorted. «Then, you're still going to leave.» he commented. She felt he has something else to say, but she didn't ask.

«I told you.» she said, then. «I know this is not so much. But if you really want to be with me, can't you be permissive with the guys for once? Just for once, please.» she wanted to see him, not just for some hours, she wanted to be with him for all the ten days, but she also wanted to see her brother, Shin Woo and Jeremy. That was a really selfish thought, she knew.

«Just don't look at me like that!» he told her. Then, he came up with an idea. «If I give something, I want also to receive something.»

She knew this was not going to finish good for her. «Come on, say that.»

He smirked. «Five days.»

«Five days?» what was that supposed to mean? Was he going to stay only for five days?

«Yes, stay here five more days, and I'll come back with you.» it wasn't that much more, but he knew he couldn't ask for more. Five days were five days, after all.

«That's blackmailing! You jerk!» she protested, hitting him on an arm. «This isn't fair!»

«I wouldn't call it blackmailing.» he said, seeming thoughtful. «I would call it a compromise

«I told you she was the only one who could bring him back!» smiled Mi Nam, satisfied, when he saw them arriving from the window. Mi Nyu was his sister, for sure. When she wanted something, she obtained that. That was also about Tae Kyung.

«I can't believe it!» said Shin Woo, dismayed. «Is he really here? I had doubts, but that girl is really amazing!»

«We should apologize, guys, don't you think?» asked Jeremy, from behind his magazine.

«Just wait and see.» said Mi Nam, while he went to open the door for them. «Welcome back home, guys. Sis, you're the best, indeed.»

When they walked in, Mi Nam embraced his sister again. «Treat her well, Tae Kyung.» he warned, looking a bit disappointed and jealous. She was his little sister, after all.

«Stop.» she ordered, placing a hand before his face, before he could say something more embarrassed. Tae kyung simply looked back at him the way he always did when he was irritated and, then, headed to his room.

«He's not that mad, yeah?» asked Jeremy, quite frightened by the glance.

«I don't think so.» Mi Nyu answered, sitting on the sofa. She was really tired. «So, tell me... where am I going to stay for these days?»

Mi Nam and Jeremy answered at the same time. The first told «My room.» the second. «Tae Kyung's room.»

«Err... what?» asked her, blushing.

«Why did you suggest something that stupid?» asked Mi Nam. It seemed like Jeremy suggested to kill his sister.

«Well... I thought about the bathroom. You still haven't hot water, and I thought she wanted to take a hot shower or something. And... she's a girl, so if it's not in your room, she should stay in her boyfriend's room.» explained him, like it was the simplest thing in the world.

Mi Nyu thought that she herself didn't know if they were boyfriend and girlfriend or not. Things were confused a lot, so she couldn't think about share a room with him. Things would become even more complicated.

«We can do this,» said Shin Woo. «if you need to take a hot bath or whatever, you can ask Tae Kyung, but maybe it's better for your brother's health if the two of you don't sleep in the same room.»

«You're a genius.» stated Mi Nam. «You should do as he said.»

Mi Nyu smiled nervously. What she was supposed to say? Can you please let me use your bathroom? That was the most embarrassing thing in the whole world, for sure. «Of course.» she said, just not to make the expression of his brother fade from his face.

«The problem is solved.» concluded Jeremy, smiling.

Mi Nyu swallowed just watching Tae Kyung's closed door. How could she ask him to take a bath? Her brother put her luggage in his room, and insisted for her to take some rest. She did so, and now she really needed to take a relaxing bath. She got up and found a note on the bedside table. It said that they were at the new spa opened recently.

She frowned. «I wanted to go too.» she complained, snorting. There was no sound in the house, maybe the four of them went there all. She sneaked out of the bed and opened the door: nothing. She bit her lower lip, feeling like she was a robber. She softly knock on Tae Kyung's door, just to make sure he wasn't there. There was no response. If he was not there, there was no need to ask for permission. He would never know, unless she had not moved something. She thought of being very careful about that.

She took a deep breath before entering the room, there was such a long time since she has done that. She lowered the handle and entered, after a step she immediately closed the door behind her, sighing of relief.

«Is there a particular reason for you to come furtively in my room, Mi Nyu?» asked Tae Kyung, sitting at his desk with a newspaper in his hands.

She froze, not knowing what to say. «Well... I... I...» he was standing there, waiting for an explanation she was not going to give properly. «Well...»

«Stop saying well and tell me.» it was like an order.

«W... no. Ehm... in my brother's room there's no hot water.» she said. He frowned, and she knew he didn't believe her. «I just came thinking you were with the guys at the spa, so... well...» she thought that she already did the worst she could, so she decided to go till the end. «can I use your bathtub?»

He sighed. «You really are...» he himself didn't even know what she was. He shook his head. «Just do what you want.»

«Thank you...» she said, not looking at him. He reminded her of the kiss they shared not much time before. «I'm going, then.»

She waited until the hot water came and tried to relax in the bathtub. She was really nervous, especially knowing he was in the other room. They have stayed apart for so long, that she didn't know how to behave in front of him. She rested her head on the edge of the bathtub and sighed. She heard a knock on the door.

«Mi Nyu...» it was Tae Kyung's voice, of course. «I was thinking about something.»

Her heart begin to beat faster. She couldn't say why, however. «W-what?»

«You asked me to use my bathtub, but... you had not towels or clean clothes with you... are you planning on going around naked?»

She blushed. «My God!» she hasn't even thought about that! «What can I do, now?» she looked at the door, thinking. «Can you please help me?»

«Of course.» he said, and she could hear that he was smiling. «But I need a payback.»

«What payback?» she asked, shocked. «What the hell are you talking about?»

«Don't you remember? Five more days everytime you ask me something.» he reminded her. She could tell he was enjoying the victory. She thought a bit about it: she could need his help one more time, or two, or even three. And five days for each time... it was really too much.

«Let's find another compromise.» she tried, even though she was not so sure that the first agreement comprehended five more days for all the times she would ask for help.

«I'm listening.»

«I'll stay here a month, not a day less or more. But please don't ask for other days, are you okay with that?» a month was enough, she thought, and he wouldn't accept anything less. She knew that.

«A month?» he repeated, like he was savouring those words. «It's okay with me. But we have to decide another form of payback in this case.»

«Staying here a month is not enough? Just consider it like an offer. For example, if a chicken costs 3 apples, you take five for 10.» she thought this example was really stupid the moment it exited from her mouth. She heard him laugh and blushed again.

«Fine. I'll help you.» he said, entering the bathroom. «What do you want me to do, then?»

She brought her knees to her chest, just to be sure he wasn't seeing anything. «Can you bring here a towel?» he smiled mischievously.

«Have I to help you to wrap yourself in it?» asked, trying to hide the smile, while he was searching for one of his towels, because he didn't know where to find hers.

«Please, Hyung-nim!» she said, covering her face with her hands. This was already embarrassing enough. There was no need for him to be like that.

«Understood.» he said, placing the towel near the bathtub. «I was just joking.» he sat right beside her, and she tried to make some distance between them. She was really uncomfortable. Instead he moved a lock of her wet hair behind her ear. «Your expression is really funny when you blush.»

She looked at him, quite offended. «What do you mean?» she was tempted to make the pig-nose again just after looking straight in his eyes, even though she thought she had lost this habit.

«I meant what I said.» he replied, smiling and kissed her once more. She tried not to kiss him back, but couldn't. She wrapped her arms around his neck once again and tilted her head, while stroking his hair gently. When his tongue met hers, she couldn't think of anything but him. There was nothing that made her feel so light-headed like his kisses. She pull him back to breathe, and notice to have made his shirt all wet.

«I'm sorry.» she said, looking at his shoulders. He looked too.

«Just don't worry. I wanted to change clothes, anyway.» he smiled again. «Should I take a bath, too?»

She blushed. «R-right now?»

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