Don't Trust First Appearances

Chapter 12

The Ways Things Are, The Way They Could Be

The maddening sounds of clashing swords echoed. Kagome slid her right foot back and adjusted the angle of her left foot for better balance and mobility. Sweat rolled down her face and she had to tighten her grip as to not let the sword slip from her damp palms. She took a deep breath—stopping her panting—before charging at Sesshomaru, holding the sword in ochs position. At the last moment, she fluidly changed into pflug position. She jabbed the sword towards Sesshomaru.

He saw through her movements, though. He always did. A quick sidestep and a parry her sword attack with his own caused her imbalance as she hadn't predicted his counterattack. When her body fell forward beside him in an attempt to balance herself, he used the hilt to hit her upper back (just below her neck). The impact left her lying on the ground.

Kagome had never won against him in a battle. It was probably impossible. Today's failure was just another to her count. However, today's loss was worse than usual. She just couldn't forget what she told Mitsukuni. 'Because I like you! I really like you!" She had admitted that she might romantically like him, on Valentine's day, while he still thought she was a guy. It was mortifying. Her mind shouldn't be wandering when combating a demon but she couldn't help it.

"You still don't get it," said Sesshomaru in resignation. He stared at his charge expectantly. "Today's practice is over."

Kagome twisted her body to look at her guardian. "Don't get what?! I do everything you tell me to."

After a moment of silence, Sesshomaru decided to humour her with an answer. "Nothing. Everything. Take your pick."

Leaving the sword on the ground, she stumbled back onto her feet in a fit of rage. "I've done everything you told me. I've spent years learning these moves you taught me. I've improved my endurance, under your instruction. I've reluctantly agreed to become your heir despite the fact that I know little to nothing about your job and if you've been able to hide your identity until now—you shouldn't even need an heir! I take extra lessons because of you. I dress and act as a boy because of you."

This wasn't the first time she had begun to break down. It wasn't even the first time she broke down in front of Sesshomaru. However, after she vented some of her frustrations and clam up—apologizing for her outburst and thanked him for the opportunities he's opened up for her. She wasn't backing down so easily this time, though.

"Why is it that I do everything you tell me but I am still a screw-up! Tell me."

"Get ready for school." Sesshomaru began to walk away. This outburst wasn't any different than any of the others. He wanted it to be different, but she still didn't understand.

He was observant. Clever too. Despite being the "childish" one, he was often the guidance to the other host members. He always let them come to him because he doesn't like to force his opinions on them.

Mitsukuni has been aware of his interest for a while now. During the first year of high school he realized how often Kagome spent by himself. The Host Club wasn't established until closer to the end of the year so neither of them had been asked to join by this point. There were times he would attempt to converse with him, but they wouldn't normally be able to carry a conversation with the short answers he was given. Sometimes, he couldn't even tell if Kagome acted that way on purpose or instinctively. If his attitude hadn't lasted so long, he would have merely assumed he was quiet because he was the "new kid".

However, the year past and he met Tamaki who said it was okay to like cute things and sugary sweets. Mitsukuni ended up quitting the Karate club, which he had been expected to remain captain of, in order to become a member of the host club. It hadn't taken him long to figure out that while Tamaki did want to make a Host Club for the reasons he's stated, he also realized there was more to it as he got to know the other members.

Aside from Takashi, who pretty much followed him into the club, he knew no one else aside from newly acquainted Tamaki. But when he did get to know them, they were all misfits in their personal life who had the potential of becoming good hosts. It was because of this that he informed Tamaki of another potential member. Tamaki was still relatively new and didn't know of many of his seniors. However, Kyoya filled Tamaki in about Kagome. He could still remember Tamaki's reaction of "leave it to me" with that bright smile of his.

Of course, the next time they gathered Tamaki had been sulking saying he was rejected. Mitsukuni had been surprised since Tamaki had a way of touching a lot of people's hearts—even platonically. So the fact that he had been rejected meant something. With encouragement Tamaki tried again only to return sombre. From that point on it became a mission to ask in groups. The offer became less and less, but they never did stop.

Then Haruhi broke the vase and joined the Club. It was a little after that when Kagome finally accepted the offer after accidently gaining the knowledge that the girl was in the Club. He didn't know what to think at first. He was happy to know the other boy had at least one friend at school (though he apparently hadn't been aware). He had thought that Haruhi had a crush on the boy and it seemed that it wasn't returned or maybe he had simply been too oblivious and naïve towards his own emotions. Either way it was the first time he saw Kagome open up and he only increased his openness during the following few months.

He didn't really know what to expect with him.

As he got to get to know him, Mitsukuni found companionship. They would argue sometimes but more often than not it was over things that could affect the other person. In hindsight, it only showed that they cared for each other. There were also times they could help each other when they didn't want to burden others. It was odd. He was used to helping others that he never really thought about himself. True, he dealt with this odd likes with his family on his own with a little shove from Tamaki and Takashi was always there for him, it was Kagome who barged into the way to help him.

Kagome interacted personally with few people so it meant a lot to him. Kagome became someone close to him. With the beach incident he hadn't been very happy but as always he tried not to say anything at first. Kagome had actually apologized to him and kissed his cheek. It had been odd but endearing. In actuality, it would have been more expected from Tamaki since he was half French.

It was around that time. No. Perhaps a bit before then that he began to realize that he garnered some attraction to the other man. But things could quickly swing awkward and their relationship as is was fine. He was content with how things were.

It was Valentine's Day, however, when he realized Kagome may not be content with the way his life was. He hadn't heard the conversation Kaoru and Kagome had that one day in the cafeteria, but the relaxation that showed as they continued to talk should have been a large indicator of the stress in his life. But everything came together. He still didn't know everything surrounding his situation but concluded that he had chronic stress. The emotions Kagome experiences multiplies because of his pent up emotions cause for zealous reactions.

So when Kagome was crying before him he didn't know what to do. No. He knew that this was one situation there was nothing he could do. He wasn't quite sure what Kagome felt. He didn't know if he felt the same as he did or if he was merely overthinking it and came off as an emotional wreck from his personal life. Either way comfort was going to do nothing in that situation. He just needed to vent. It wouldn't have mattered if he had been there or not. It probably would have saved Kagome the embarrassment of breaking down in front of him if he hadn't.

Apparently the weekend hadn't been enough to calm Kagome's mind frame. His attention immediately spiked into incomprehension as he heard some girls whisper before running off. Kagome had challenged Takashi to a Kendo match.

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"Ne, Mitsukuni? Are you free this weekend?