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Nami's p.o.v

"Alright everyone, please get out your 'Jekell and Hyde' books and we'll begin" I sigh as I dig into my bag. English. It's one of the most boring things in the world. Why couldn't we be in drama or art or something? I've always liked art. Can't we have that today instead of tomorrow? Luckily, Mr. Falcon makes English at least bearable. He's an old friend of Vivi's father so he's also a nice guy as well. He even lets Vivi call him by his first name 'Pell'. Not to sound like the guy's strict, but even though I know his name, I wouldn't dare call him that out loud. Opening up my copy of 'Jekell and Hyde', I look up at Pell, who's standing at the front of the class, near the white board.

"Okay" Pell says with a smile "Today, since I'm presuming you've all finished the book as I set it for homework, we'll be seeing what themes 'Jekell and Hyde' has. Does anyone know of a main theme about the book?" To no-one's surprise, Robin puts her hand straight up. Pell smiles happily and points at her.

"Yes, you Miss Nico?"

"The theme of the public face and the private face" Robin answers with a relaxed grin. Pell nods.

"Correct. During the Victorian era, this theme was prominent among many of the people. For example, people acted one way in public but were completely different in the safety of their own homes. After all…"

Everyone has secrets…

?'s p.o.v

"Come on, hurry up idiot"

"We're gonna be spotted, we're gonna be spotted"

"Be quiet you flashy fool. This is the score of the century and I'd rather not lose it to that Scarlet bastard"

"Okay then…where the hell is our getaway?"

"Flashy moron, Mohji and Cabaji are in the slammer, so the only way we're gonna escape is by running for our flashy lives"

"But what if someone spots us?"

"Don't worry; no-one knows we're here"

And I believe that's my cue. Leaping down from a nearby rooftop, I land before the two crooks in the alley way. The two gasp and jump back away from me as I make contact with the ground. Good to know I've made an impression with someone doing these little heroic antics.

"Hi, I'm No-one. Have we met?" I ask coolly with a wide grin. Of course, the two step backwards, their mouths hanging open.

"THE SCARLET WIND!" the timid one yells, shaking and shuddering back down the alley. The other thief growls and removed a revolver from his pocket.

"EAT LEAD YOU FLASHY FOOL!" he yells, firing the gun wildly at me. Sighing, I side-step the barrage of bullets and listen for the hopeful 'click' of his gun being empty. The revolver didn't fail to disappoint.

"You still at this Baggy? Aren't you a little old to still be doing this stuff?" I ask with another sly grin. 'Baggy', of course, glares angrily at me.

"IT'S BUGGY! NOT BAGGY YOU FLASHY BASTARD" he yells in reply. I ignore Buggy and quickly, my attention focuses on the timid man behind Buggy, who's trying to sneak away from the confrontation.

"And Galdino? I thought you went the old straight and narrow. You really shouldn't be hanging around with the likes of this idiot" I shout towards the frightened man. Galdino, of course, jumps and tried to make a break for it. Why do they always run? Effortlessly, I reach my arm forward and it almost magically stretches past Buggy and grabs hold of the fleeing Galdino's shoulder. Buggy takes his chance and quickly starts reloading his pistol. Noticing him doing that, I pull my arm backwards with a flick of my shoulder. My arm retracts and Galdino soars backwards like a flash of lightning, hitting Buggy in the back. The two fall on the floor, pretty much knocked out from such a dizzying attack. Nice to know, I'm getting good at this stretching thing. Its weird but ever since I started doing this hero stuff, I feel as though I'm learning to control my elastic powers better. I scoop up the unconscious forms of the two thieves' in both arms and then, with a big of pressure applied to my elastic legs, I shoot off like a spring and landed on a nearby rooftop. I think I'll drop these two off at the police station; I need to head back to school. I'm already running late and these guys haven't made it easier creating a diversion. For a second, I actually drop Buggy on the floor and pull out a small book from the bag on my back. Pell's gonna be pissed that I'm late…again, especially when he learns I haven't finished this book. Where was I again in this thing? There it is

"I thus drew steadily nearer to the truth, by whose partial discovery I have been doomed to such a dreadful shipwreck…"

Nami's pov

"This man is not truly one but truly two"

Pell finishes reading, clearing his throat afterwards.

"Now, can anyone tell me…" he begins but is interrupted by the door bursting open. I look over, already knowing who I'm going to see. Standing in the doorway is none other than a raven haired boy wearing a school uniform with the tie left untied around his neck. He pants like crazy in the doorway and slowly stumbles into the room. Pell sighs and clamps the book shut.

"Monkey D. Luffy. Late again I see…what a surprise" he says with a depressing look towards the man in the door. Luffy chuckles and rubs the back of his head.

"Sorry Pell" In response to Luffy's call, Pell growls and points to his seat next to me.

"Get in your seat Luffy! I'll see YOU after class!" he shouts. Luffy replies with a mock salute and then walks over to his seat. He's such an idiot sometimes…well all the time really, but, he's a good natured idiot at least. I can't help but shake my head as he drops down into the seat next to me.

"Are you ever going to be early for class?" I ask. Luffy replies with just a confident grin and then, he looks over to the board. Pell's standing there, a sad look on his face as he focuses on Luffy.

"So, seeing as you're late Luffy, you must seem to know everything my lesson has to teach you, therefore, you should be able to tell me what Mr. Hyde represents in the book?" he asks, his eyes focused on the young raven haired boy. Luffy's eyes widen at this question and silence enters the room. Everyone looks towards Luffy with interest, probably wondering how the idiot is going to get out of this one. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see one watcher, a raven haired girl with piercing blue eyes, mouthing the sentence 'I'll tell you if you go out with me' at Luffy. My god, I really want to slap that cocky smirk off her face. Thankfully, Luffy isn't looking at her and instead, he's drumming his fingers on the table with his gaze focused on the ceiling.

"Er…" he starts "…is it that…Hyde represents the darker side of people?" Pell's sad expression turns into a small smile as he nods.

"Lucky guess Luffy" he mutters under his breath before continuing on "That is correct. It is possible that Hyde represents the darker side of the human brain. Nice work Luffy…now if you'd just be on time for class once in a while, you'd be a pretty good student" The class starts to chuckle at this and, not so surprisingly, Luffy joins in with his comical laugh of 'shi-shi-shi'. At that moment, the bell rings loudly and Pell sighs.

"Alright then, I'd like to complete page 57 of your Jekyll and Hyde question books for the next lesson" he announces. Not so surprisingly, he's all but ignored by everyone in the room as the students rush to pack up their bags. As I pick up my bag from the floor and plop it on my desk to fill it with my English supplies, I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"I might be a while. Will you wait for me?" Luffy asks. I smile softly at his request as I shove my copy of Jekyll and Hyde into my bag.

"I'll think about it" I reply, hauling my bag over one shoulder. I will wait for him though, like I always do. As I follow the crowds of pupils exiting the room, I turn back to Luffy and mouth 'Good Luck' to him before I leave the room.

After leaving the class room, I stand to the side and let everyone else walk past. The corridor soon becomes full to the brim with students heading to lunch. Quickly though, it dies down until it's only me standing in the corridor waiting for Luffy…

Or so I thought…

"Hey rotten tangerine" Hearing the sickeningly sweet voice, I turn around to see none other than Hancock standing on the opposite side of the corridor. Her shirt's wide open, almost allowing her cleavage to leap out and her skirt is so short, I'm pretty sure she'd flash someone if she bent over to pick something up. God, she was such a slut.

"Hey Hancock" I reply calmly, ignoring the glare she's giving me "Shouldn't you be stealing candy from a baby or something right now?" Hancock laughed at this retort, glaring at me some more.

"Oh, we're rather witty today, aren't we? What are you doing here anyway?"

"I could ask you the same question" I reply, my eyes narrowing at her as she chuckles once more.

"Why waiting for my beloved Luffy of course" she responds with a flick of her hair "You do know that you can't steal him away from me, right?"

"Okay, first off: I don't love Luffy, he's my friend and second, he's not YOURS!" I growl angrily, feeling my cheeks turn pink. Why did that happen whenever I talked about Luffy and me? Hancock laughs at me and then continues her glare.

"Think what you want foolish girl, but I will always win! I can do whatever I want and I shall always be forgiven and loved by all. I can kick a puppy, I can bully anyone and I can even put you in your place and the world will still forgive me…for i…am…BEAUTIFUL!" Hancock yells angrily, adopting a really strange pose where she's leaning really far back with her head and pointing at me. I sigh.

"Go ahead; keep talking Hancock" I say with a smile "One day, you might say something intelligent"

Luffy p.o.v

I should have known this was coming. It makes me feel bad to always see Pell like this. As soon as everyone's outside, he shuts the door and locks it. My guess is he doesn't want anyone listening in on our conversation. Sighing, he walks over to my table. He grabs the chair that usually belongs to Usopp and he turns it round, so he can sit on it and look me in the eye. After he sits down, I can't help but to start feeling disappointed in myself. At first, Pell looks at the floor, then he looks up at the ceiling and then, finally, he reluctantly looks towards me.

"I'm sorry" the words leave my mouth almost automatically but Pell shakes his head.

"Are you Luffy? Because by the look of things you're not!" he says angrily "You're always late for class, you never hand in homework and if it weren't for what I've seen you do in class, I might have just given up on you a long time ago" I was silent for a moment under Pell's angry gaze.

"I've…just been through a lot recently…" I admit, my eyes darting down to the desk. Pell nods in understanding.

"I know Luffy…I know what happened to Sabo and I am sorry for your loss…but that was six months ago, you can't use that as an excuse for everything…" Pell reasons with a mournful expression.

"I'm not using it as an excuse" I reply angrily, gritting my teeth. Sabo's passing was still a tender subject for me and Pell's words were already cutting deep as it was "I've just…I've just been really busy recently" Pell sighs at my response and takes a deep breathe.

"Luffy…Makino's been really worried about you recently. You've been really falling behind with your work and she's scared that there's something wrong with you…" he mutters sadly.

"Trust me" I interrupt with a smile "I'm fine! Makino's just been all worked up recently" At my response, Pell sighs and stands up.

"You're free to go Luffy" he says his eyes glancing towards the window "but remember if you need any help, I'll be here for you and so will your friends…" I smile and stand up myself.

"Don't worry Pell, I'm good" I say, running towards the door. As I grip the handle, I feel Pell grab my shoulder.

"Luffy…you can't do everything alone, you're not some kind of superhero" I held in the laughter that was bubbling up inside me and smiled back at him.

"Pell…I'm fine and I'll try to be on time more" I say in return. Pell releases my shoulder and he smiles at me.

"Okay Luffy…better hurry, you won't want to keep Nami waiting" he says as he walks back over to his desk. I nod one last time and open the door.

Not some kind of superhero? Oh irony, how I love thee

As I walk out onto the corridor, I can hear the voices floating through the air.

"Look here you little whore…"

"Who're you calling a whore, Skank?"


I sigh loudly, realising that Nami and Hancock were both standing on either side of the corridor, shouting loudly at each other.

"You're in the dog house now Luffy" I heard Pell call from the class room. I shake my head and walk over to the two arguing girls.

"Hey Nami" I say happily, grabbing her arm in mine "Let's get going to lunch!" Quickly, I start to drag a bewildered Nami along the corridor until…SHE jumps in front of me.

"Luffy, would you…"

"No" I answer, walking around Hancock and once more pulling Nami with me. Undeterred by my denial, Hancock follows us down the corridor.



"I can…"



"Do I have to say it again?" I half yell turning to look at Hancock "No, I'm not going out with you" And with that, I quickly increase my speed, dragging Nami along with me out of the corridor and down the stairs. It's weird but as we run, I start to notice Nami getting a bit of heatstroke on her cheeks. I hope Nami's not getting sick or anything. As I sprint down the stairs, I can hear Hancock yelling after me.

"One day my beloved, you'll see that I'm the only one for you!" I shudder at her shouting. That girl scares me sometimes.

"Come on, let's go meet the guys" I suggest to Nami, who looks like she's finally just realised what just happened. She nods and I smile as we both run towards the lunch room. I can hear Nami's voice talking to me…but I'm not listening. I'm thinking about what Pell said about me…

Though I suppose all these thoughts don't really make any sense if I don't tell you about me…

You see, my name is Monkey D. Luffy.

I've just turned Seventeen and I live in Dawn city, where I attend Dawn high.

I've got a pretty nice family. There's my dad, Shanks, my mum, Makino, and my big brother, Ace.

I've got some good friends too. There's Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Vivi, Robin, Kaya…oh yeah, and Nami.

If there'd be one word that'd describe me…it'd be…


I'm always late nowadays…but I DO have a reason why that is.

You see…I have a secret…

A big secret…

I…am…a superhero…

No, I'm not kidding! Stop laughing!

It's been three months. Three brilliant and awesome months since I started. Now, it's everywhere. Everywhere I look, I can see the newspapers, hear the gossip and see the blurred out pictures. I remember seeing it on the front of a magazine stand. There was a large poster documenting exactly what was on everyone's mind. A young man was perching on top of a street lamp, grinning happily. A figure eight mask covered his eyes from sight and a straw-hat was resting on his head, shielding his black locks. He was wearing black and red spandex from head to toe with a short red cloak lined with black descending from his back.

'Who is the Scarlet Wind?' the title read. It was the one question that everyone was wondering. Approximately twelve weeks ago, a mysterious vigilante appeared out of nowhere and began fighting crime, going under the title of 'Scarlet Wind'. He's captured and jailed more criminals in his time active than the police have got in a year. Crime rates are falling and the only thing people can ask is 'who is this brave hero?' Well no-one in this city knows…well almost no-one...

I know who he is…

And I know because I, Monkey D. Luffy, am the Scarlet Wind…

I don't know when it started but one day; I literally just woke up one day with super powers. I think I'm probably a mutant or something like that (which is weird, because no-one in my family has any super-powers or anything like that). After that, I knew what I wanted to do. You see, a few weeks before I got my powers…my brother died…

His name was Sabo and he was a cop. He got killed whilst he was trying to save someone in a drive-by shooting…

That someone…was me…

He took a bullet for me and unfortunately, he lost his life because of it. It took at least a fortnight to get over it…but in the end, I respected the fact that my brother had died doing what he loved.

Did I want revenge?

Not really…well at first, yeah

But Sabo wasn't the kind of guy to hold a grudge and it wasn't right to hold one anyway.

Plus, the first person I went after was the guy who shot my brother…

I remembered the face of that murderer. I found him, I caught him and…

I just couldn't do it…

I took him to the police and left him to face his sentence.

At first, I thought I was weak for not having enough guts to do what should have been done…

But then, I finally realised why I couldn't do it.

Sabo never, in all the time he was a cop, took someone's life.

And so, from that day on, I decided to honour his wishes and to never kill someone…no matter how much harm they had done to me.

I wanted to be a symbol of hope for everyone. I wanted to be the one who could help them no matter what…

I wanted to be a hero…and now, hopefully, I am one.

I am the Scarlet Wind, the defender of Dawn city, protector of the innocent and symbol of justice…

And I always will be…

(3rd person p.o.v)


"Mr Zero, I've brought him for you"

"Excellent work Spandam…You are our most skilled operative in the field…so it is most likely that you are aware of the latest…problem to our operation"

The large TV screen flared to life as the video began to play. On the screen was a man wearing a domino mask around his eyes and a straw-hat on his head. The video continued to play, showing a variety of clips of the person fighting off groups of thugs.

"They call him the Scarlet Wind" Mr Zero muttered calmly "With your help; I'd like to be able to call him 'deceased'"

"You see" Spandam said, his eyes flaring with malice "that little rubber bastard has been making short work of my boys down there…which is why we've brought you in. Our top scientist, Vegapunk, believes he can replicate similar abilities to that of our elastic enemy"

"You'll be stronger and faster than ever before" Mr Zero continued his smile widening with every word he spoke "so, what do you say…"

"Mr Lucci?"

In response, the man in question stepped forwards, revealing his long black mullet and his short beard. He wore a neat black suit with a white tie wrapped around his neck. His large hat overshadowed his eyes, yet his bright smile was still evident. The bird perched on his shoulder teetered from side to side happily as Rob Lucci spoke.

"Consider this little problem of yours…over…"

To be continued in Chapter 1: Predators Act I

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