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Chapter One: Burnt Coffee

"Go to hell Kasey." He stares at the woman in front of him, taken slightly aback by the abruptness of her tone. Her caramel colored hair has that disheveled, slept in look that he likes so much. Kasey's head is pounding though, whether it's his reward from his late night of heavy drinking last night or from waking up to the smell of burnt coffee and his fiancee yelling at him he can't really tell. All he knows is that one moment they're trying to get through breakfast; all it took was one little comment he made, and now they're here. "I just don't get you, haven't I've done everything I can to make you happy?"

He knows this argument by heart, went through it several times already and he has to admit that after a while it gets a little redundant.

"Of course you have." He mutters, even over the coffee machine he can hear her grit her teeth against one another. Kasey stands up, sick from the coffee smell and abruptly turns the machine off before sitting back down. A small part of him thinks that the fight is over, but he knows better. She hasn't started yelling yet.

"Then why were you spending all last night talking to her again."

"Who?" Kasey asks, his voice calm even though every bit of him is scrambiling to remember what happened last night. He woke up this morning in his own bed, with his fiancee, which really should count as something.

"Alice," The blue eyed girl say the exasperated edge finally coming out in her voice, "Alice." Kasey felt his eyes widen. Alice? As in prematurely gray haired, green eyed, snobby, rich bitch Alice? That one?

"Are you sure?" He asks hesitantly, the look she gives him is answer enough. "Katie..."

The petite caramel haired woman shakes her head. She looks young, too young to be in college; and most certainly too small being a whole head and a half shorter then Kasey. He's brought both subjects up to her before, several times as a matter of fact, while they were dating. She would always laugh and tell him that if he wanted someone taller there were always men. And when he would ask to see her I.D she would smile quietly; smugly, and hand it over. He remembered that he always triple checked just to be sure.

Those had been the good days, and if that look in her eyes is anything to go by, their days are numbered.

"I'm tired Kasey." She says quietly, fidgeting slightly with the black hem of her dress. Kasey stares down at his hands; counting each individual knuckle; every uneven line. Katie takes a small breath and waits for him to look up. "Kasey, did you hear me?" Kasey nods slowly and it takes awhile, but he finally lifts his head.

"Maybe we should go back to bed." He says softly, too softly. He's sounding like a walking door mat right now and he knows it, but he'll do anything to keep her there right now. Anything. Katie shakes her head and straightens up in her seat. Defiant, a rebel with no real cause.

"I'm leaving." 'Leaving because I'm sick and I'm tired of being engaged to a man for four years. Sick and tired of having to clean up after you. Sick and tired of picking up the pieces.' Katie doesn't say this because she know that he can see it, it's spray painted all over her face. She knows he sees it every time he looks into a mirror. Know's that he's to stubborn to believe it. "My bags are packed. I'm going to my Grandpa's place...he's sick you know." She tries to look past the hurt in his eyes (Or maybe...Or maybe that's her hurt in his eyes...) "The taxi is already out on the drive."

Kasey doesn't say anything, just stares down at his plate if half eaten eggs that she cooked for him. He looks up as Katie's chair scrapes against the cheap linoleum. Hears her heels click slowly against it as she goes to the three pink and black bags by the door.

"Do you want me to hel-"

"No." She replies thickly. He can tell she's fighting back tears and he wants so badly to reach out and touch her, hold her. But he doesn't. She grabs her bags and steps out the door. They both walk out of the small studio apartment, down the slender spiral staircase. Katie's steps are quick and even. So quick that Kasey almost has to struggle to keep pace with her. He doesn't know what he's doing. Doesn't have a single clue even as Katie slips into the car, but for a moment her name slips out his mouth. The doors still open and he knows it's his chance. He knows that she's waiting for him to apologize. For him to promise to stop drinking. For him to announce that he's done sleeping around, that he'll clean up his act and get serious.

But he doesn't, because he can't, so he wont.

The cab's door shuts with a thud of finality as the little flicker of hope melts out of both their eyes, Kasey waits until the cab is gone before he turns and walks, alone and defeated, back up the steps.

When he gets back into his house, he goes into the kitchen and turns the coffee pot on.

Hamilton sat at his desk, papers scattered every which way all over the glossy surface. He massaged his thinning scalp and flipped through the towns reports.

Horn Ranch; in the red. Marimba; in the red.

All the money this town thrived on and it was gone. His town was in debt and he knew it. Hamilton even put an ad in the paper. Gill watched his father worriedly from his spot beside the door. All they could do know was pray.

At six o' clock in the morning, Hamilton's prayers were answered.

The phone rang and Hamilton reached for it, paused his hand recoiling slightly as if the receiver would jump up and bite him; then steeling himself answered the phone.


"Hey...uh, hi." The voice cracked and for a minute he thought it was Bo, being pushed into doing another prank call for Luke's entertainment, and then Hamilton remembered that Luke never got up before ten. "I'm calling about the ranch?"