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Claire Danver's was once again kept late a Myrnin's Place; she knew that everyone at the glass house would be worried. She walked out of the Alleyway on to the street, just in front of the day house. She knew that the old Grandma wouldn't be sitting out at this time at night so she didn't bother looking. She pulled her mobile out of her bag and scrolled down the names in her contact list.
As she walked the streets she recalled he last argument with Myrnin. He is still trying to convince her that using her brain for the new security system would be the best solution and once again she fought back; telling him that there 'is no way in hell' her brain is being wired up to a computer and that he's a 'nut job'. The last time a computer and a human was mixed together as Eve put it, it was the 'Killing Computer'. The argument kept like that for 3 hours and now she is late home but she did win the argument, this time.
As she scrolled over Michael's number, she knew that since Shane is up early for work not to ring him. She clicked the ring button and held the phone to her ear while it rung.


"Hey Michael"

"Claire, thank god. You had us all worried where the hell are you? Why haven't you phoned already? You haven't been..."

"Michael, slow down. I'm fine I got kept behind at Myrnin's having another one of our arguments and I'm walking home now"

"Claire, you know how dangerous it is walking"

"Yeah but I have Amelie's Protection on me..."

Claire heard footsteps behind her but didn't think anything of it; after all Amelie has officially said that she has the protection. The footstep got closer and the stranger grabbed Claire's arm and shoved her into the wall. She screamed as her head hit the stone wall with an immense amount of force. He phone landed on the pavement, with Michael's frantic voice trying to get Claire's attention. She was otherwise occupied.
Claire Squeezed her eyes shut to cancel out the throbbing pain at the back of her head; but it was unsuccessful. The stranger's fist hit Claire flat in her stomach, from the strength of the punch she realised the stranger was most definitely a Vampire and her ribs were no longer intact. A few more punched were thrown against Claire's Body and the stranger kicked her ankle with enough force to knock the bone out of place, She felt the tears fall out of her eyes; the pain was too much to bare. The Stranger stopped; Claire opened her eyes, to reveal the identity of her attacker. She couldn't believe the face she was seeing in plain sight. She saw the attacker's fist lift again but before it planted on Claire's body. The strange Vampire-Attacker ran.
Claire didn't have the strength to stand up straight, her body was weak. She felt the gravity weighing her down. Her legs could no longer hold her up. As she was falling another vampire came out of nowhere and caught her; she had no strength to hit the new vampire's chest. She just had enough strength to scream.

"Claire, Claire shush it is me"

Claire used her strength to look up into the beautiful ocean coloured eyes of Michael Glass. Thank god, she thought as she let the darkness take her.

"Mi...ch...ael" She mumbled

Her strength didn't hold out and she fell limp in his arms.

Michael ran for the streets after hearing Claire scream, he ran along the familiar roads towards the day house and it didn't take long for him to find the Vampire attacking Claire. The vampire must have noticed him because it ran. Michael saw Claire's body falling towards the pavement; her legs giving from underneath her. He didn't have a second thought he just ran full speed to her, and caught her, just in time. She screamed again; scared.

"Claire, Claire shush it is me"

She glanced up at me and I saw her brown eyes boring into mine; the pain showing deep in them, why did someone want to hurt her, she's has worked and is still working her butt off to try and get this security system up and running again. To keep us vampire's a secret. Claire was way too innocent.
Looking at her, he could tell that there was too much damage done, for just a trip to the Hospital. Michael took her to the one person he knew could save her. Amelie.

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