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"WHAT!" Ilana screeched. She was baffled. How could this have happened? Why was this happening?

"LANCE!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. In seconds her body guard had flown down the stairs and was beside her, eyes wide with concern.

"What's wrong?"

There was nothing she could say. Tears poored from her eyes, and she had to turn away from the television screen, it was so awful. All she could manage was to point in the televisions direction.

Lance didn't understand at first. But the instant he saw the television screen he felt the same shock Ilana did.

"I-I don't understand. How could this...?" Anger pounded through Lance. What was going on? This was crazy. They didn't deserve this!

Unable to contain himself any longer, Lance punched the wall as hard as he could, resulting in a gaping hole.

"Lance..." Ilana sobbed. "Don't..."

"No Ilana!" He yelled. "How could they! We've given them such great ratings! Our shows get hundreds of thousands of views every time one airs! And after they killed off Octus, they're just gonna drop the show and pretend they've wrapped up the main plotline!"

Both teens glare at the television and read the disgusting words again;

CARTOON NETWORK cancells Sym-Bionic titan, a brilliant show with amazing plot-lines and gorgeous animation, because it did not have a decent toy line. It's time-slot is now being replaced by The Problem Solverz, a not so decent cartoon with less than average animation. They will let it go on a cliff-hanger and leave us wondering for the rest of our lives, WHY!

Hello fellow Sym-Bionic Titan fans. You may have heard the news that Cartoon Network has cancelled this beloved television show for some new cartoon with dissappointing animation and an uninteresting plotline. You are probably asking yourself; why? This show is amazing! I agree. If you want to see Octus come back to life, a revolution in Galaluna, and, god dammit, ILANCA! Then you can help out by going to the sym-bionic titan peition. The URL I will put on my profile.

It's a petition to get our show back. I didn't make it, but I have signed it. It's simple to sign. If you feel that's not enough, start your own petthiition or try to contact Cartoon Network by telling them what dumb-asses you think they are.

I really do not want to see any reviews complaining how this is not a story, and it's not. In fact, it may get deleted. Who knows? But I knew that tons of people use fanfiction, and I also knew that tons of people could help.