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Anna Reynolds wasn't so much a cold human being as she was an indifferent one; rarely finding herself caring one way or the other about anything—the sole exception to that rule being her family. After all, it was human nature to cherish your loved ones. She always had her own set of rules and principals she lived by; very little could move her to change her mind—her stubbornness being both a gift and a curse. Naturally she enjoyed her life and lived it to the fullest; she found herself affected by very few things. The last time something big enough happened to make her stop and think about her actions and their purity was a long time ago.

She had a good childhood, loving parents; everything any other child would dream of. She wasn't sure where her indifference came from. Her mother would always tell her she was strong willed and destined for greatness. Anna never believed her. She knew you had to work hard to get what you wanted and that it wouldn't come easily to those who did nothing. Destiny and fate were never her forte; the idea of some mystical force arranging her life for her, well that idea didn't sit well with her at all. She was the one in control of her life, her so called destiny. That was her belief and she vowed that it always would be.

Destiny on the other hand, had her own plans. Anna was no exception.

After all, fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.

(Anna's POV)

If I was allowed to actually hate anyone on this planet, it would be the people that ask if the bus had already come even though I'm still standing at the bus stop. I always have an urge to turn around and shout, "Do you think I'd still be standing here dumbass?" Thankfully I always had enough self-control to just smile and politely say no. However, a very long trip from England to the States had left me pretty much at my boiling point. I had a feeling that every little detail about this place will annoy me. Maybe that was my tiredness talking but I knew that my brain will not be able to handle another hour of journey anywhere – even the Disneyland, and that's saying something since I've always wanted to go there since I was, like, five.

I groaned loudly, the heat rolling in waves around me as it licked my skin mercilessly, covering my skin in beads of sweat. It was way too hot here, even in shorts and a tank top I felt like I was melting into a puddle. Wiping my forehead and rearranged my sunglasses I took a long look around the cars and people surrounding me.

So here I was, back to the States to visit with my favourite extended family, the Witwicky's; Uncle Ron, Mom's brother, and my beloved Sam. When Sam and I were kids we were inseparable, more like siblings than cousins. My parents used to say that we were joined at the hip, never letting each other out of each other's vision for long. However, when I turned eleven, my parents had the brilliant idea to move to England and so I haven't seen Sam or his parents for quite some time now. To say that I missed them would have been the biggest understatement of the year.

My parents managed to make up for that tenfold though. For my seventeenth birthday I was gifted with a ticket to head back to the States and stay with Sam for the whole summer. The only person beside my parents who knew about this happening was Uncle Ron. As he was the one picking me up from the airport and I really couldn't wait to see everyone. Especially Sam, who according to Uncle Ron was going to be getting two surprises today, me and his first car. I was happy for him, even more so because I would be there to help him choose.


I jumped but my eyes quickly caught the sight of a familiar face and I couldn't hide my huge grin—my first true smile all day. A 1967 Austin Healey MK III pulled close to the curb and I could only admire the stunning beauty. A deep, rich green paint, perfect in design—I whistled, eyeing the car in admiration.

"Wow Uncle, if I knew you drove this baby I'd have come for a visit sooner."

He climbed out and I returned the delighted smile present on his face.

"Seriously though, you must've paid a fortune for it," I mused out loud, my eyes shifting to rest on the car again.

We met in a huge hug and I giggled, happy to finally be here.

"Anna you've grown so much," he said, releasing me and looking me over, I grinned. "Not that I'm surprised, it's been too long. Naturally you analyse everything about my car first," he added with a slight roll of his eyes.

Nudging me gently in jest we loaded my luggage in the back seat.

"What do you expect? My father's a mechanic and my mother knows more about cars than fashion. It's in my genes," I declared proudly.

Uncle Ron nodded in understanding as we left the airport and drove down the busy streets of America. I almost forgotten how busy the roads here were. Not that they weren't busy back in the UK, but we lived in small tourist village close to sea; the only time it got busy there was summer or the annual Air Show.

"Well I'm very glad you're here and I know Judy and Sam are going to be most pleased that you're staying the whole summer."

I couldn't fight the smile from creeping onto my face.

"Yeah, I'm glad to be here too! I missed Sam a lot. Last time I saw him he was still playing with toys. I can't help but to wonder how he turned out," I mused out loud, rubbing my chin.

Uncle Ron grumbled something under his breath and I barely caught it; "Believe me, he is far from what you expect."

I couldn't stop myself from laughing at that one.


Let's just say that Aunt Judy's welcome was not what I expected. To put it simply, she did not believe it was me. So I ended up standing against their kitchen counter, watching Uncle Ron and Aunt Judy argue about it. I have to say; it was one of the most amusing things I have seen in a while. It was only then that I realized just how much I really have missed them all. I love my mother and father. But, I loved every member of the Witwicky family a lot too. There was something about them that brought comfort to me; they always felt like my second parents.

In the end, it all turned out all right when I stepped in and convinced Aunt Judy that it really was me. She then proceeded to hug me too, and broke into tears of 'happiness'. And I was left standing there, awkwardly patting the older woman on the back as she clung onto me.

"Can you just stop already? Let the girl breath," Ron's voice called out. He walked into the kitchen, rolling his eyes at the sight of Aunt Judy crying on me. "You know, we still have to go and pick Sam up from school." She finally let me go, allowing the flow of oxygen back into my lungs. I took a deep breath, my hand against my chest. I sent Uncle a grateful look as I walked out of the house beside him, trying to get my breathing under control again.

The drive was surprisingly short, and when we reached Sam's high school I hid in the back seat, deciding to mess with him just a bit more. He still had no idea I was here and I didn't want him to notice me right away. I was just glad that college back in England finished earlier than his school did here, meaning that I was able come over here earlier and Sam still had to attend school.

I absentmindedly ran my fingers over the red ring on my left hand while Ron and I waited patiently for Sam to get out of school. I sighed, waiting for something to happen since I was beginning to get bored. Perking up when the bell finally rang and people began walking out of the school gates, I waited for Sam to show up. He, however, was nowhere to be found.

"What's taking him so long?" I asked in slight irritation, my voice muffled by the leather seat I laid against.

Ron spared a glance down at me over his shoulder, "No idea, but if he doesn't hurry up he can forget about that car I promised him."

I snickered, shifting into a more comfortable position and stared up at the clear sky in wonder.

"So, what's the deal anyways?"

Ron ran his fingers over the steering wheel, "Simple, I said that I will buy him a car, if he brings me $2000 and 3 A's." I ran my hand over my messy hair— geeze!

"Christ, Uncle. You drive a hard bargain! Poor Sam," I said between my snickers. I heard Ron chuckle in reply, clearly very amused himself. There was suddenly a sound of heavy footsteps, and laughter. I peeked the best I could and saw an oddly familiar dark haired boy running towards the car with a paper flapping in his hands. I could only blink.


"Different than you remember him, eh?" Uncle muttered lowly and I nodded mutely, before quickly bending down to resume my position in hiding.

"YES! Yes, yes," Sam said as he threw his bag in the back seat, hitting me in the process, and got in the car. At least he's oblivious to my presence, I thought dryly as I held in a grunt of pain. What the hell did he carry in that bag of his? Bricks?

"So?" Ron asked; I could tell he was amused by Sam's excitement. I was too in all honesty.

"A-, that's still an A though," Sam said cheerfully, his eyes almost shining with excitement. It actually looked like he was having hard time staying still.

"Wait, wait, wait, I can't see… it's an A," Ron agreed at last, the last bit in a singsong voice and I smirked at the back of Sam's head. If he was excited now, I could only imagine what will happen once he realizes I'm here.

"So I'm good?" Sam asked hopefully and I swore Ron smirked. The type of little smirk only parents were capable of though. Not a cruel or a mocking smirk, but one of those 'see-I-am-the-boss-here-and-was-right-again' smirks.

"You're good," Ron responded, causing Sam to let out a loud 'whoop!'.

Sam seemed to be too caught up in his little achievement to notice me curled up in the back seat. Ron noticed it too and glanced at Sam, "Son, you're not forgetting anything?"

Sam looked at him, a bemused expression suddenly on his face. I had to control an urge to giggle.


I sat up shaking my head at Sam; only then did he seem to notice my presence.

"AH! Who the hell are you?"

I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Wow Sammy, here I thought that after six years I'd get a warmer welcome," I said mockingly, faking a wounded look.

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. I haven't seen this like this in a long time. All the happy memories seem to return all at once, and I grinned playfully at him.


I smirked teasingly before I burst out laughing. He attempted to hug me over the seat, suffice to say it failed miserably because we were in a car and it did not work out very well. When he finally gave up and let me go from the awkwardly positioned hug, he looked me over taking in every detail. If it was anyone else I would have hit them in the head and told them to stop checking me out, but this was Sam. Sam was incapable of doing such thing to any girl, I even doubt he had a girlfriend yet, knowing how he was around girls he liked. Ah, fond memories.

"Wow. Anna. Really? Why didn't I know you were coming?" Sam demanded, his tone still playful, yet serious at the same time. He seemed very happy I was here, but slightly offended that he wasn't informed sooner that I was coming. "Oh, My God. This is the best thing ever. I don't only get a car but also get to see my favourite cousin."

"Sam I'm your only cousin," I replied in a deadpan voice, and Uncle snorted from beside us, causing Sam to shoot him a dark glare.

"Details." he said flatly. "So how long are you staying?"

I grinned again, unable to contain my own excitement. "I'm staying for the whole summer." Sam beamed, looking like he just won the lottery.

"Oh, this is awesome," he exclaimed. "You have to help me pick a good car," he quickly said, giving me a pleading look.

I nodded, "Obviously, I will help you buy your first car. What do you take me for, cousin?" Sam chuckled at me and I smirked back.

We finally pulled away from the curb and I leaned back in my seat, enjoying the wind on my face. Even through the excitement of seeing Sam again I felt a headache coming on; I rubbed my eyes and sighed. The headaches I got were usually pretty mild, but they lasted forever.


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