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My eyes fluttered open, everything around me bathed in radiant rays of sun that momentarily blinded me. A pained gasp escaped my parted lips as searing pain clawed down my side, leaving me gasping for air. I gingerly placed my hand against my side, unsure what was causing such agony. My fingers slowly touched the fabric of my clothing and I flinched, realising that my whole side was warm and sticky.


I moaned in anguish as my fingers shakily brushed against something cold and sharp stuck in my flesh, my fingers shaking as I tried to wipe off the blood that coated my hands. I panted softy when I felt more warm wetness pool around my hands once I laid them against the wound, soaking the edges of my shirt and hoodie, causing tears of pain escape my eyes. My fingers touched the sharp edge of whatever that was inside of me, and I tugged at it with everything I had. A strangled scream escaped me and I felt something sharp and solid leave my flesh. Blood was now running freely down my skin, making a steady pliping sound on the pavement as I rolled over, clenching my fists in pain.

My bloody fingers dropped the thing in my hand and I realized that it was a piece of glass, probably from one of the broken cars. I tried to sit up and see where everyone was. Very slowly I managed to crawl towards a smashed car and sluggishly sat up, leaning heavily against it. I felt more blood run down my hand that enclosed the open wound and I zipped open my half-destroyed hoodie, slowly taking it off. Quickly ripped it between my other hand and my teeth, placing the remains of the left-arm sleeve on the wound. Nausea and dizziness hit me all at once overwhelming my senses and causing me to double over, brushing my hand and head against the fabric of my dark jeans, wiping the sweat and blood off my face.

With shaky movements, I stud up, my whole body trembling from sudden strain. I clenched my hands into fists, pressing my hand against the ripped sleeve under my shirt, making it press against my wound, the remainder of my hoodie hiding my ripped shirt and dark blood stains. Taking a deep breath, I stumbled forwards. People were shouting and screaming from every direction, their panic and fear almost palpable. However, everything seemed to be underwater as I walked listlessly across the destroyed street, all the noise mixing together.

Looking ahead, pure relief washed over me when I spotted Mikaela and Sam laying just across the street. I quickly dragged my injured body towards them, and saw them both slowly standing up, and much to my silent relief they both seemed fine. Few scratches and bruises marred their faces, but other than that they both seemed physically fine. Mikaela was the first one to spot me as she quickly ran towards me, meeting me halfway. I quickly hugged her, flinching when my injured side pressed against her body. Sam was next, hurriedly pulling me into a tight hug, his eyes full of relief.

"Are you guys, okay?" I asked them, concerned.

"Yeah, we're fine," Mikaela replied with a slight nod, and noticing my tense body asked, "Are you alright?"

"Sore, but good," I quickly lied, smiling at both of them. I remembered seeing Bee go soaring through the air and looked around for him, gasping when I finally spotted him not far from us. Sam followed my line of vision, horror filling his features once he saw Bumblebee as well. I felt tears well up in my eyes and I hastily strode towards him, ignoring the tight feeling in my stomach. My eyes immediately landed where Bumblebee's legs were supposed to be however they were now missing, completely torn off from the explosion.

"Oh, god Bumblebee, your legs! Get up." Sam stuttered in shock. Bee whined sadly, trying to use his hands to crawl closer towards us. "Bumblebee, get up. Get up!"

I stepped in front of him and pushed Sam away from him vaguely, "Stop it, Sam! He can't," I bit out irascibly, my voice breaking ever so slightly.

"Ratchet!" Sam yelled helplessly, looking around for the medic.

I turned around to Bee as few tears spilled from my eyes, causing me to bite my lip angrily – this wasn't the time to have an emotional breakdown, no matter how much all of this was driving me crazy or hurting me. His sad blue optics stared at me, full of pain and sadness, never once looking away from me as if realising how hard it was to see him and everyone else I love get hurt.

For a moment we simply stared at one another, until I noticed his optics wonder over towards the left side of my body and another pained whine escaped him. I cringed slightly realizing he probably knew about my injury now, unable to say anything out loud in fears of Sam or Mikaela hearing me; the last thing I wanted to do was cause worry for those two. I kneeled before Bee, wincing from the pain that my injuries were causing me.

"Oh, Bee. No, no," I mumbled hoarsely as I hugged his head and ran my hand over his cheek comfortingly. He chirped and wrapped his hand around my body, careful not to upset my injuries as we both tried desperately to comfort one another.

"You're going to be okay. We're going to get you out of here and Ratchet and I will fix you up good as new, okay?" I asked quietly and he nodded.

"You're okay, you're okay," I breathed under my breath. I was genuinely scared. For Bee, for Sam and Mikaela, for the soldiers protecting us as well as unaware civilians in the city and lastly myself. I felt Bee lift himself up a bit more and then reach into his chest. He pulled out the cube and I swallowed as he handed it to me. A loud bang suddenly filled the air and I jumped, turning around as heavy fire followed the bang, allowing me to turn and see a tank coming down the street. I looked back at Bee and then Sam who was crouching beside me.

"I'm not going to leave you," I whispered, shaking my head when I noticed the look in his optics.

Bee gave me a gentle nudge as he pulled himself away from the rubble and I swallowed heavily, my dirty face now wet from tear streaks. I could still feel blood seeping through my clothes, and I knew that it was only a matter of time before my body refused to operate anymore since a flimsy little scrap of fabric would not be able to stop the bleeding for long.

I heard Jazz and Ratchet move towards the tank and I saw Mikaela run off around a corner, her hair flying behind her. Sam was beside me, unmoving, rubbing Bee's head gently. The cube in my hands was still humming with energy, making it easier to breath. To be honest, it made me feel a little better, more…alive. My injuries weren't hurting as bad; it was almost as if it weren't there anymore, even if I knew that they were. They were simply numb around the edges.

I realized that I was zoning out again, once I felt a small nudge from Bee and blinked, smiling shakily up at him.

Mikaela was back and Sam was next to her, Bee was sitting up, and they were both working on loading Bee onto the back of a pickup truck and I swallowed giving him an attentive smile as I placed the cube next to his knee.

"Tell me what I need to do," I said, knowing that they needed all the help they could get and Mikaela pointed to a cable beside me.

"Wrap it around and under his arms and secure it to the ring at the top," she ordered. I nodded and grabbed the cable, preparing to wrap it around Bee.

"Arms up please!" I called and he lifted his arms. I climbed up and ducked under his lifted arm and over his legs till I could duck under his other side. The cable was taunt and I had to pull hard to get it secured, praying for the first time in my life that it didn't break.

"Anna! Sam!" I hear Lennox yell loudly, causing me to stop and turn around only to see him running in out direction.

"Where's the cube?" he asked and I pointed to it next to Bee's knee.

"Okay," he muttered as he ran off again. I didn't bother to watch him as the three of us helped Bee get his butt onto the truck.

"Anna, come here!" Lennox yelled once more when I noticed that he was back. I went over to where the cube was and Lennox handed me a flare as he put his gun on the trailer of the truck.

"Okay, I can't leave my guys back there, so I need you to get the cube into military hands," he said as calmly as possible, clearly trying not to freak me out and I nodded without a moment of hesitation.

"Where?" I spoke. He looked momentarily surprised, as if caught off-guard, before giving me another stiff nod. I wanted to get rid of this thing… it was far too powerful to be messed around with, and I didn't want to think what would happen if it ended up in the wrong hands. Let's say Megatron's for example.

"There's a tall white building with statues on top that way down the block, get to the roof, light the flare and get the cube into the helicopter, do not stop whatever you do," he ordered and I absorbed the information given to me before giving an affirmative nod, sudden feeling of nervousness overwhelming me. I was injured, what if I was not quick enough? What if I failed and Decepticons – or more importantly Megatron – got their hands on the cube? I looked over at Bee, fear gripping at my already pained heart and he dipped his head in reassurance though he looked just as scared as I did, his optics once more briefly landing on my side.

"I'm going with you," Sam announced from beside me and a small, relieved smile spread across my face. I knew that if something happened to me, Sam would finish the job no matter what.

Ironhide and Ratchet appeared in front of us both looking solemn but determined.

"We will protect the two of you," Ironhide said and I nodded and took a deep breath, momentarily placing my hand against my side, pushing the torn material firmly against my bleeding injury. I looked at Sam, and then at Bee. Before turning around, inhaling deeply, and clenching the cube between my hands before I bolted forward. Sam was right behind me and though my chest and side were hurting, I made myself keep going. Tears blurred my vision and for a second, I wanted to stop, turn around and go back to Bee and pretend none of this was happening, but Sam's presence beside kept me going. It didn't matter that my legs hurted, it didn't matter that I wasn't as fast as Sam, all that mattered was that I kept running.

The cube wasn't very heavy but it was still hurting my skin, with the cuts on my hands and arms, it was almost like the cube was poisoning me with exposure.

"Watch out!" Sam bellowed as a Decepticon helicopter rose up, Ratchet and 'Hide taking aim and firing from behind us as I yelped loudly, skidding on scattered rubble before following Sam around the corner. I hissed painfully, my side burning in pain, more blood seeped through and I could already see red marks on my shirt.

"Keep moving!" Ratchet ordered firmly. I gasped as I heard helicopter blades close behind but I wasn't brave enough to look back.

"Don't stop!" Ironhide shouted and I could feel the ground shake as he ran behind us. Sam was just in front of me and I screamed as the helicopter sliced a taxi right next to me, causing me to duck around the edge of a little antique shop, the sounds of screaming and glass shattering behind me filling my ears. The world around me began spinning and I closed my eyes, my face twisting in concentration.

Not now…not yet…I…I have to…get the cube…out of here…please…

I gripped the cube tightly in my hands, almost begging for it to give me strength. I felt soft buzzing as my fingertips tingled in pleasurable warmth, my side once again going abnormally numb. My eyes fluttered open, the world once again still and I sighed gently in relief, spotting Sam right next to me.

He wore a look of intense concentration on his face, one so unlike him, and yet it filled me with strength that I needed and as we both shared another look, he quickly grabbed my hand and we both took off again.

Suddenly, Sam and I skidded to a stop as the same raptor we'd seen earlier landed in front of us… Starscream. I was gripping onto Sam for dear life and for a moment we were both frozen in fear before I pulled him away and ducked behind a car, pressing myself against the side to remain out of sight.

Starscream was practically on top of us and I looked around for a gap to run through. Ratchet and 'Hide fired rapidly and Starscream gave a shriek of rage before he jumped, reversed back into raptor form, and took off. I glanced back at Ironhide and Ratchet noticing straight away that both seemed a little on the damaged side.

"Anna…get to the building," Ironhide wheezed roughly, his voice still coming off as commanding. I nodded anxiously and didn't waste anymore time before leaping onto my feet and running forwards again. My legs were hurting like crazy and I could taste blood in my mouth, causing me to cringe and swallow shakily. My throat was dry and my lungs burned for more air but my heart and my side were the ones causing me most pain. It was like someone had poured acid onto my skin, making me choke in agony from the burning sensation. I let out a dry sob of pain but Sam didn't hear me. Thankfully.

Then, a sound of low growl reached my ears and I felt blood in my veins freeze when none other than Megatron himself landed in front of us, except this time completely functional and no longer frozen.

"Give me the cube, girl!" he roared and I squeaked in fear, pushing myself forward even faster. Suddenly I tripped over something laying on the road and face planted into the hood of a nearby car before rolling off painfully. I felt the corner of the cube make contact with the ground and a searing bolt of pain tore through my chest. I let out a scream of pain, Sam's presence at my side making me stop as I opened my eyes slowly. Sam was next to me, his eyes wide with apprehension as he took in my tearstained face, giving my shoulder a comforting squeeze.

I took a deep breath as I saw familiar fear and concern burning in his eyes and everyone elses faces rapidly flashed in my mind: My parents, Judy and Ron, Mikaela, the Autobots. I had to do this for them; they counted on us to do this. If Decepticons got their hands on the cube the world was going to end, and I couldn't allow that to happen not when I could stop this. I scrambled up and took off, Sam beside me as we tried to get away from Megatron. I groaned lowly as pain from my side began to creep back into my bones. I heard Megatron shifting behind us as his words taunted me.

"If you give me the cube willingly when I find you, I'm going to spare you."

Would he? Hell no.

Just the way he glared at me with such resentment, proved it.

I finally spotted the chain fence up ahead and the gap where the gate was. Sam was behind me and quickly gaining as we ran through the gate and then through the broken doorway of the building in front of us. I paused for a second to get air into my lungs, every breath causing me pain and I felt ready to throw up. My vision blurred and I groaned quietly, pressing my palm against my bleeding side, realizing that blood had already soaked through my shirt and was spreading quickly. I was thankful that Sam hadn't noticed yet.

"You not going to get us, you won't get us," I heard Sam muttered to himself as we ran through some pillars and around to a big staircase. I took them two at a time, bending over vaguely to lessen the pressure on my legs that felt like jelly under me.

I heard the sound of something heavy break through a window as we reached the second floor.

"Surprise! I smell you!" Megatron snarled from below and if I had been able to, I would have laughed and shivered at same time. The floor broke as he rammed up through the floor behind us and I felt a board scrape me in the back along my shirt, causing me to stumble. I felt Sam catch me in time as we ducked between some pillars again.

"Door…over there," I wheezed and he nodded, also out of breath.

The flare was in my pocket and digging uncomfortably into my stomach with every move of my right leg. I pushed the door open with my shoulder and found myself looking at more stairs, taking them two at a time again, moaning as they kept appearing around the next corner.

"Come on An, keep moving," Sam breathed out and I only managed a half squeaky pant in reply.

"Maggots!" roared the voice I knew would haunt me forever and I glanced up to see at least 11 more levels above us.

"Oh shit," I breathed shakily but kept moving.

If I stopped now, I won't be able to go on. The pain was getting too much.

By the time we reached the top of the stairs and pushed open the roof door, shaky gasps were passing through my lips as I bolted out onto the roof.

"Light the flare!" Sam screamed and I pulled it out of my pocket and smacked the end of it into the wall. It sparked up a bright red colour and I waved it in the air widely.

A helicopter rose in front of us and I dropped the flare as I moved to the edge of the roof to hand over the cube. I wanted this thing gone, my heart was beating so fast in my chest I was surprised I hadn't gone into cardiac arrest yet.

The guy leaning out of the copter couldn't quiet reach the cube, my grip wasn't good and neither was the length of my arms but my eyes spotted another problem real quick. Starscream was on a rooftop a few buildings away…ready to fire a missile.

"Look out!" I screamed as I pulled back and hit the ground, dragging Sam with me. Heat flared over me and I felt something cut deep into my face, causing me to wince and curl my arms over my head. I could feel air stir over my legs from the blades of the helicopter and I tucked myself up into a ball, Sam's hand holding mine as he hopefully did the same.

"Get up!" I rasped when helicopter disappeared below and I shrieked as two arms exploded into view as Megatron broke his way through.

"Come on!" Sam ordered as he pulled me towards the edge of the building where a marble statue stood. I swallowed and climbed up after him as he balanced carefully on the edge of the statue, gripping at the grooves in the stonework. Blood was dripping from underneath my shirt and all the blood loss was beginning to catch up to me, making my head spin.

I was shaking, my legs were barely holding me up and I was scared, more scared then I'd ever been before.

Megatron pulled himself right out onto the roof and I swallowed as Sam's grip on my arm tightened as he boxed me in with his body.

"It's okay Anna, its okay, we're going to be just fine," Sam breathed in my ear and a part of me was pissed at Sam for lying so obviously.

"Is it fear or courage that compels you fleshlings?" Megatron asked almost curiously and I inhaled deeply, the smell of my own blood making me want to gag. Every thump of my heart hurt more and more, increasing the burning across my skin and I stayed still as I tried to slow my heart rate.

Megatron's dark red optics found my eyes and he smirked; it was even scarier in real life than in a dream. I felt my stomach twitch and my heart beat even faster against my ribs.

Something was wrong, something had happened. I didn't know much about medicine, but I knew enough to know that my heart shouldn't be feeling like this, even under such duress. My fear increased and I bit down on my lip to prevent myself from crying in pain and terror.

I could feel Sam adjusting his grip and I pressed myself closer to the statue, shifting my feet to give him room.

"Give me the AllSpark, my little human, and just as promised, I shall spare you," Megatron crooned and I felt sick, bile rising in my throat as I swallowed hard to drive it back. "I'm a mech of my word."

I had no idea what a 'mech' meant but I did not dwell on it too much, too terrified to say anything. I knew that even if he was not lying, the chances of others surviving were slim, especially if I do decide to give him the cube.

I felt Sam's feet shift and slip as I grabbed onto his wrist to hold him up.

"Ahhh, no, no, no, no," Sam stuttered against my shoulder and I held the cube tighter.

Helicopters flew past us and I felt a tiny spark of hope in my chest that managed to give me confidence to speak. I un-tucked my head and turned it to the side so my voice wasn't muffled.

"I will never give you this AllSpark!" I screamed. The deep chuckle reached my ears and I dug my nails deeply into the statue.

"Oh, so unwise," Megaton murmured, looking at me in mock disappointment and Sam whimpered.

"It's been fun Anna, I really wish you were my sister," he breathed softly and I gripped his wrist tighter, pained smile coming over my face.

"Thank you for being there for me when I needed you most. I love you, Sammy," I whispered back. We both screamed when Megatron's wrecking ball obliterated the corner of the building and the two of us were thrust back, twisting in the air. Suddenly something caught us, knocking the wind out of us both as Sam landed on top of me and I moaned, more blood leaving my body. I had no idea how long I would be able to take this anymore, and to make things even worse I heard a sickening crack and my right wrist exploded in pain. I groaned once more, my entire body aching in absolute agony. I was surprised I haven't passed out from all the pain yet, even if I knew that I was fast approaching my limits.

"I got you," Optimus kind voice said and I looked up with a small smile of relief as he held us firmly to his chest. I tucked myself into his hand, Sam still behind me.

"Hold onto the cube!" Optimus ordered before I heard the guards slide into place around his mouth and he started climbing down. Suddenly something grabbed us and I heard the grunt of Megatron's deep voice. Optimus groaned in pain and we suddenly hit the ground, hard. Optimus grunted as he moved and I poked my head out.

"Are you okay?" I called as loudly as my voice would allow, my breathing was wheezy and my voice was higher than normal.

"I am fine, Anna," Optimus replied as he quickly put Sam and me on the ground. Sam looked like he was going to pass out; in fact I was pretty sure we both were.

Optimus breathed in and out before he spoke again, looking at Sam and I. I did not miss how his haze lingered on me longer.

"Your risked your lives to protect the cube," Optimus stated and I nodded before looking at Sam.

"No sacrifice," he croaked.

"No victory," I finished, recalling the family motto we both always seemed to be hearing from Uncle Ron.

"If I cannot defeat Megatron, you must push the AllSpark into my chest. I will sacrifice my life to save this planet," Optimus explained. I felt Sam nod slowly next to me but I just stared at Optimus caught between pain and horror for my newfound friend.

"No…" I choked out, staring at him. I saw Optimus smile at me for a split second, before it was replaced by a determined look once more.

"A necessary sacrifice to save this planet."

"Both of you, get behind me," Optimus ordered quietly and the two of us got ready scramble off to hide. I crumpled to the ground suddenly, my legs unable to hold me up and I winced as I got onto my feet again but not without stumbling few times.

Sam came around and grabbed me, dragging me away as we slid into a hole in the road.

"It's you and me Megatron," Optimus growled.

"No, it's just me Prime!" Megatron boomed in reply and I grimaced. Two powerful robots crashed into each other with such force even the ground shook beneath my feet.

I watched as Optimus and Megatron both fell and rolled around, my heart jolting oddly. I winced and rubbed my aching chest before quickly scrambling up and jumping out of the hole to hide behind some debris with a ragged breath. Sam was right beside me, watching the fight with nervous eyes.

One will stand, and one will fall.

I frowned as I watched both leaders struggled on their feet, exchanging awkward looks. Megatron was openly seething that he was facing a worthwhile opponent, and Optimus had grim sort of determination about him, but it was tinged with something else. Was that...regret? There was no time to wonder as they both raced forward at the same time, exchanging lightning fast punches and kicks, dodging and ducking, and clashing together like thunder.

"If I cannot defeat Megatron, you must push the AllSpark into my chest. I will sacrifice my life to save this planet."

Blinking, I scooted again as Optimus staggered back, only to swipe a foot under Megatron, sending the larger, evil leader crashing down. Sacrifice his life? I found myself dashing forward, ignoring the painful pulling in my chest and the sharp pain in my side and wrist as I ran forward, stumbling often in exhaustion and panic.

It'll kill him.

I ducked as Megatron leaned down to grasp me, his optics blazing, making me cry out in terror, even as his body sagged when he went flying, thanks to Optimus tackling him. They tumbled and rolled, exchanging more punches and kicks and angry clicks and whirls as they went. Megatron fired a blast at Optimus, who went flying, and much to my shock remained down. I heard shouts and screams all around me, but I just stared at Optimus still form in horror.

No! Get up! But my mouth refused to work as I ducked behind a fallen part of a building, watching as Optimus seemed barely able to move from his spot.

"I will sacrifice my life to save this planet."

"What are you doing? Are you insane?" Sam half-screamed half-asked, as he skid next to me, and I ignored his question.

"Optimus is losing, we have to put the cube in Megatron's chest, I'm not destroying Optimus," I declared shakily and Sam looked at me for a second, obviously as scared as I was.

"You think that will work?" he asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, just help me get in position," I said and he looked at me warily.

"Do you want me to do it?" he asked and I looked at him for a second, part of me desperate to hand over the cube to my cousin, the other demanding that I hold onto it and kill Megatron myself. It felt like I had to do it, like it was my duty. I finally shook my head and cringed as two robots rammed into each other yet again.

I scrambled along the wall before jumping inside the hole again, moving down the road safely and climbing up on the other side of the street before ducking down behind the door of a busted up car. I cringed when Megatron kicked Optimus in the face and the two continued to clash as they moved a few yards further down the street.

Fire was coming from both sides of the street up ahead and I ran towards another car, skidding under a moving leg that belonged to Megatron as raptor fire made contact with his chest.

I was next to Optimus when Megatron spotted me, and I turned, about to run for it when I saw Optimus arm move out and trip Megatron on his feet. The ground shook and I fell onto the pavement before trying to scramble back up. My jeans were ripped and my knees were bleeding, I hurt in ways and to extremes I could barely understand. My side was bleeding, my wrist was now red and puffy, most likely broken and I could barley breath.

I rolled over onto my back and grunted in distress as I found myself being knelt over my Megatron, his red optics were like the gateway to hell itself and I moved back, using my free arm to try and get away.

"GIVE ME THE CUBE, LITTLE GIRL!" Megatron snarled viciously and I winced at the pitch ringing in my ears.

"Mine! AllSpark!" Megatron rumbled, trying to grasp onto my body.

"Now, Anna, put the cube in my chest!" Optimus ordered, and I looked back at him with a sad smile. I felt Sam fall next to me as he tried to help me move out of the way.

My eyes were on Optimus.

"I will sacrifice my life to save this planet..."


Sam's arms snaked around my waist as he pulled me up, Megatron growling right above us, his optics wide and sadistic, helping me feel no regret over my decision.

Better him than you.

"Sam! NOW!"

Megatron was right above us and Sam quickly clenched my forearms with his hands, shoving the cube upwards, right above Megatron's chest.

The cube heated up within a second as it disintegrated in Megatron's chest and the pain in my heart intensified. I let out a scream of agony, my hands now consumed by the pain that was in my chest as well. I felt Sam tighten his arms around me as he helped me stay up and the cube disappeared completely, a massive burst of energy exploding around us.

I fell to my knees, Sam together with me as we both panted in both panic and shock – and in my case intense pain.

I blinked owlishly – everything hurt.

I hissed gently when I saw my entire left side soaked in blood, few drops falling onto the ground.

Sam gently hoisting me up and I slung my arm around his shoulder as Optimus crouched down in front of us. I could barely stand up, only Sam's grip was keeping me up right and I wobbled as I tried to get my feet under me. Moving my hands hurt and the grip Sam had on my right hand was slowly driving my mad.

"I owe you my life, both of you. We are in your debt," Optimus murmured and I nodded in acknowledgment.

I saw soldiers gathering around us, most had injuries, but thankfully none of them looked too serious. I heard a truck pull up behind us and Mikaela jumped out, another relieved sigh escaping me when I realised that she was unharmed. I felt my vision beginning to blur and I blinked quickly trying to clear it.

It's finally over…

I felt my knees shake as Optimus began addressing everyone, and I placed my bruised and bleeding hand against the cut on my side, blood running down my fingers.

"'Lil lady?" a voice called out. I turned slowly towards the voice only to find Jazz standing before me and I smiled tiredly. He looked beaten, his armour was either damaged or completely ripped off, in fact, it looked like he was the most injured one out of everyone. I grinned slightly deliriously as his form began to fade and stumbled on my feet before slumping over.

"Oh, my God, Anna!" Sam's voice called out in panic. I managed to turn and look at him, realizing that my hoodie was practically shreds and my blood soaked shirt was very visible. I groaned gently, giving him a sad smile before my legs gave out completely and I crumpled to the ground, slipping from Sam's hold. I wave of shouts and cries echoed around me. Sam fell in front of me, carefully picking me up, cradling me in his arms as I panted softly against his chest.

All sounds around me mixed into a jumbled mess, drowning each other out as I fought to keep my eyes open.

I heard Epps calling for an ambulance, Ratchet giving orders, Jazz questioning voice, Ironhide demanding what was wrong with me, Optimus gentle reassurance, Mikaela's choked sobs and Bee's agonized whines. I looked at Sam's face above me as he gently ripped off the rest of my hoodie and lifted my shirt, removing my blood soaked sleeve. I heard him gasp in horror and he shook his head, pulling me closer to him.

"No…don't you dare. Anna. Please…" Sam whispered brokenly into my hair, before he leaned back and I smiled gently at him. My heart broke when I saw tears shimmering in his eyes. Slowly lifting my bloodied hand, I placed it on his beaten and bruised cheek, stroking it gingerly with my thumb. His eyes widen slightly, and he placed his hand on top of mine, squeezing it reassuringly, making me smile faintly. For a moment it was just him and me. No one else.

"Don't cry…Sammy," I choked out. I could taste bitter blood in my mouth, making it difficult to talk.

"No! An! You can't j-just leave me. What am I suppose to do without you?" he whispered fiercely, his grip on me almost painful, as if he was afraid that if he let me go I would disappear.

"I-I'm sorry…and…I love you…so much. Goodbye." I murmured as I bit back my own tears and everything began to fade into nothingness. I heard Sam scream something but I was already too far gone to understand what. The last thing I saw was Sam's pained face, and devastated optics that belonged to the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.

And then, the world around me was no more.



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