Privateer Possible - Prologue

Author's Explanation: At one point in my first Kim Possible fanfic, "The Claws of the Kitten," James Possible told Tim & Jim that one of their ancestors was a privateer, and not a pirate.

This new story developed as I thought about that ancestor, what he might have done, and how Kim came to know about him. It takes place before "The Claws of the Kitten."

Read on, and learn . . .

An Account of the Cruises of Rodger Possible, Captain of a Privateer During the Late War With England. Boston, James P. Sullivan, Publisher, 1840. Kim Possible looked up from the title page of the old book in her hands, and spoke to her father.

"You mean this is about one of our ancestors, Daddy?"

James Possible nodded. "That's right, Kimmie-cub. He served in the Navy, and during the War of 1812 he was captain of a privateer."

Tim Possible and his twin brother Jim seemed to materialize out of thin air. "Dad, you mean, . . . " Tim eagerly began.

" . . .one of our ancestors was a pirate?" Jim finished.

"That would be . . . COOL!" the two boys chorused

Kim turned her gaze on her two younger brothers and gave them a look that mixed annoyance and a promise of retribution for their interruption. 'The Tweebs,' as Kim called them, had a habit of showing up unnecessarily that was almost as annoying as their habit of completing each other's sentences.

"No, boys," Kim's father was explaining to his sons, "he was a privateer. That's a civilian who has a license from the government to go to sea in his own ship and capture enemy ships during a war."

"Not a pirate?" Tim's disappointment was obvious.

"Not cool." Jim was equally depressed.

Having an ancestor who was a pirate would have been something to talk about at school, but this didn't sound at all interesting. Then they both noticed Kim's glare.

"Gotta go!" said Tim.

"Later, Kim!" added Jim, and they did a fast fade out of the dining room.

James Possible seemed to hardly notice his two sons' exit. "I think you should know about Rodger Possible, Kim. In some ways you're a lot like him."

"You mean he helped people and saved the world?" she said in an impish voice.

"Not exactly, but if you read some of this you'll find out what I mean." Kim's father tapped the book on the table between them. "Just take care of the book, and let me have it back when you're done with it."

"Okay, Daddy." Kim rose from her chair, picked up An Account . . . and went upstairs to her room. She put the old book on a shelf in her bookcase, and promptly forgot about it.

One evening, three days later, Kim was at loose ends. She'd finished her homework, her mother was on duty at the Middleton Memorial Hospital that night, Tim and Jim were doing a sleep-over with school friends, and James Possible was supervising the midnight launch of a deep-space probe to the planet Mercury at the Space Center. Her BFBF Ron Stoppable and his parents were out of town at a family reunion, while Kim's BGF Monique Jenkins was at her after-school job at the Middleton Mall Club Banana, taking inventory. There were no new hits on her website, either.

As she reviewed her mental list of options, Kim looked around the room until her gaze settled on her bookcase and the shelf where the book her father had loaned her now sat. She crossed the room, picked up the old volume, and decided to read a few things about the life and career of Rodger Possible.

First Kim made sure Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat, was snugly settled in a nest she had made for him with a towel on her desk. Ron had not taken Rufus with him to the reunion because one of Ron's grandmothers had an intense fear of rodents, so Kim was 'Rufus sitting' for the weekend.

"I won't keep you awake, will I?" Kim addressed Rufus. The little fellow shook his head and gave the chirp that Kim had learned meant 'Nope!'

She was used to the way Ron treated Rufus almost like a brother instead of a pet, but Kim had yet to realize that she treated him as a person almost as much as Ron did.

As Kim curled up on the bed, she thought, I hope this isn't too dull. Carefully opening the book, she turned to the first chapter and began to read.

TBC . . .

Author's Disclaimer and Notes: The Disney Company owns the Kim Possible concept and characters. The War of 1812 is part of American history. The plot of this story is my responsibility.

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