Privateer Possible - Epilogue

Author's Explanation: At one point in my first Kim Possible fanfic, "The Claws of the Kitten," James Possible told Tim & Jim that one of their ancestors was a privateer, and not a pirate. This new story developed as I thought about that ancestor, and what he might have done.

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A familiar sound broke Kim's concentration. She looked up, and then set aside An Account of the Cruises of Rodger Possible, feeling rather annoyed at having her reading interrupted. After all, it had looked as if she was getting to the really good part! Picking up the Kimunicator, Kim punched the 'receive' button, and spoke to the image of Wade Load that appeared on the little screen.

"Okay, Wade; what's the sitch?"

"There's a hit on your website, Kim," the pre-teen computer genius explained, "from England. It looks as if somebody is going to mess with the cheese races in the village of Stilton this year, and the local Council wants to know if you could investigate it."

"Wade, did you say 'cheese races?'" Kim's query was echoed by a squeak from Rufus. The mole rat had been sleeping, but he always woke up at once when his favorite food was mentioned.

"I know, it sounded strange to me, too," Wade replied. "But I've checked the 'net, and there really are cheese races in Stilton, England, each year."

Kim frowned. "Ron is away, and he won't be back until the day after tomorrow. Would I have to come right away, or can it wait until he's back?"

"The races won't be held for two weeks, so it could probably wait until Ron's back," Wade replied. "Want me to ask about that?"

"Please and thank you," Kim answered. "In the meantime I'll tell Ron about it."

"Once I've talked to the Stilton Council I'll see about setting up a ride for you." Wade was tapping a keyboard even as he spoke.

"Get all the information you can about the problem," said Kim. She hesitated, and then went on. "And by the way, I'd like you to check for any information you can find on a lady named CaitlĂ­n O'Neill."

"Sure thing, Kim; what do you have about her so far?"

Kim frowned. "Not much. She was born in Ireland sometime about 1790, her father was the captain of a merchant ship, and he died in 1813."

Wade looked up from the keyboard he'd been tapping. "When did you say she was born?"

Kim repeated the date, and then told Wade what she knew so far, without explaining how she knew it. "I know it's a long shot, Wade, but see if you can turn up something."

"Okay, Kim, I'll check with the Stilton Council first, and then search for Miss O'Neill. I'll call you as soon as I have something about either one."

After Wade signed off Kim gazed at Rufus, who was standing up on the desk top, alert to anything involving cheese.

"Well, Rufus, this sounds like sort of a weird sitch."

The mole rat nodded and squeaked, "Uh-huh."

"I'd better call Ron." Kim picked up her cell phone and began punching numbers. Cheese races? While it might not be a 'save-the-world' mission, this did sound like it could be fun.

The End . . . for now

Author's Disclaimer and Notes: The Disney Company owns the Kim Possible concept and characters.

The War of 1812 is part of American history.

The plot of this story is my responsibility.

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Will Kim read more of An Account of the Cruises of Rodger Possible? Will we learn more about Rodger Possible, his uncle and aunt, Caitlin O'Neill, and the good vessel Kimberly Ann? Well, that depends on anybody wanting to read more about them. Or would you rather discover who is planning to disturb the annual cheese races in Stilton, England? Let me hear from you, folks.