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Chapter 5 - Negotiating

Elena whimpered softly as Katherine and Klaus discussed their future plans. The night of the sacrifice, the vampire they'd sacrifice and the werewolf they would need. Turns out they need a dead werewolf, so Mason was going to get killed anyways.

Klaus turned slightly in the driver's seat to see Elena. "Darling, Elena. Elijah was going to bring you to me, anyhow. Don't be so smutty."

Katherine glanced and Elena with a sad smile. She did feel bad for her, but Katherine knew her own safety was more important than Elena's.

That's when Katherine's cell phone rang.

Katherine pulled out a white Blackberry Curve and carefully hit the green button. Then she gently pressed the phone to her ear.

"Hello? Yes, she's safe. Klaus is here, my friend. And if you want her back, I suggest you come see me. I'll let him take her, if you run away with me. Klaus' lessons in negotiating were much appreciated. Bye, bye, lovely. See you soon."

Klaus raised an eyebrow and Elena suddenly became alert. Klaus' smooth voice evoked. "Katerina, don't make me ask."

"Stefan and Damon, with their little friends Bonnie and Jeremy." Katherine said like she was under compulsion. Maybe she was.

Suddenly, Klaus pulls his black BMW over to the side of the road and ask to speak with Elena privately. Katherine only sits there as she watches them get out of the car.

Elena's feet feel horrible on the ground, like she'll fall over any minute now and into Klaus' arms. Which maybe, she wouldn't mind.

WHAT! Elena mentally screams at herself.

Klaus clears his throat and then smiles mischievously, "So, another car is on it's way to pick you and I up," his eyes dart to Katherine, "We are leaving her. She'll only be a distraction."

Elena looks for an exit. Somewhere she could run to. Somewhere she could hide.

There's nothing.

Elena looks back at Klaus. His icy blue eyes are dancing with her's, his smirk growing bigger when he realizes that she is analyzing his amazingly hot body.

Klaus laughs taking Elena's arm. "Poor little human. Maybe Elijah could tell me that spell to save you- Oh wait! Elijah is dead and gone. Hopefully, no one will be stupid enough to revive him."

Elena nods, even though she doesn't mean it. Elijah is her friend. Maybe Katherine would call Damon or Stefan to de-dagger Elijah. You never know.

Katherine is watching them, a look of malice lacing through and through her disclosed brown eyes. Elena wants to run to Katherine and beg to switch places with her. Where was Klaus about to take her?

A revving engine makes Elena and Klaus snap up. A black Camaro slides right up to them, with a black haired boy in the front.

"Hello, Maddox. Drive Katerina back to town to get Elijah's body, I'll take Elena from here on out. We'll meet back in the hotel and discuss further plans." Klaus explains, pushing Maddox towards the car that holds Katherine inside. She is suddenly alert, watching everyone as everything happens.

A chuckle escapes Klaus as he puts a hand on the small of Elena's back, "Come, sweetheart. Let's go."

Elena glances back at Katherine, who is freaking out at Klaus for leaving her.

But if Maddox was bringing her back…-wait! They were going to get Elijah's body. I could de-dagger him! Elena though with a smile covering her face.

Klaus revs the engine and makes an illegal U-turn. Elena and him start speeding down the highway as Maddox and Katherine go the other way.

Elena hears her phone go off, but when she reaches for it, Klaus grabs her hand, "Ah, ah, ah! Hand it over."

Elena reluctantly hands over the phone she didn't know she had with her. Maybe Katherine slipped it into her pocket before she left.

A frown appears on Elena's face, "Well? Who is it?"

Klaus looks over at her with a smirk. "Hello, Damon. Yes, I do have the lovely Elena, and I do not plan on returning her."

Elena sighs, "Can I speak with him? Please…?"

"Damon, she'd like to have a word with you." Klaus says tossing that phone at her without a care.


"Yeah! Elena, are you alright? Where in hell are you! I'll come right now."

"No, you will not. I am going with Klaus. I'm giving up, Damon. Tell Stefan I love him. And Damon…I love you too."

Elena pressed the red button on the Blackberry and tossed it recklessly at Klaus. A smirk clouded his face.

"You're giving up now are you?"


Klaus smiles, "So you're not as stupid as Katerina. How pleasant."

Elena gulps and turns to him, "On one condition I will stay with you."

"Name it, little girl."

"You bring Elijah back."

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