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Jamie woke up from the dream of wandering around in the sand on The Island, he took a shower and got dressed. he was sharing a room with his twin but Scott always got up really early to be alone. Scott was getting better though after some time alone with Pedro he had improved but he was different, they all were.

As he sat down at the brecfast table he noticed that Matt was already there sitting down reading the newspaper. Richard was there as well and Pedro but Jamie's eyes were always drawn to Matt.

Richard stood up "I was just going to make some toast do you want any Jamie?" he asked in neutral tones.

Jaime shrugged "whatever".

Richard got up and walked over to the toaster. Scott walked in from outside and sat down beside Jamie without saying a word. Matt continued to read the paper, the silence at the table was not uncommon and when it was broken by the loud fire alarm everybody jumped.

Matt was already out of his seat looking around before Richard called out "It's alright I just burnt the toast no worries" but nobody was looking at him they were all looking at Matt.

Matt was standing there frozen with a look of utter fear on his face. You must remember this is Matt that we are talking about, he didn't feel fear it was not part of him. He was the leader even though he didn't want to be, he was strong.

Suddenly he sort of snapped out of it he took a step back and starred at his hands. He slowly sunk back into his abandoned chair and put his head in his hands. An action that did not completely hide how much his hands were shaking.

"What did you see" It was Richard who asked because only Richard understood what the smell of burning did to this boy. None of the others except Pedro had ever heard the story. And Pedro was not quick enough to make the connection. Matt just shook his head which was still resting in his hands.

But now Jaime understood, Matt had just had a vision, he saw into the future. And the future was not good. Abruptly Matt went upstairs to him room and Jaime decided to fallow him. Even though everybody's face told him not to.