After reading Angel Beats i thought I'd write a YurixHinata YuixHinata love triangle fic

Note: Happens after ep 3 when Hinata and Yui already slowly fall in love,in my fic it is supposed to be like that:Hinata confessed to Yui and they are now officially a couple. Yuri who formed the Battlefront with Hinata has been in love with him ever since but was afraid to confess to him,she is now jelous and wants Hinata for herself. Slighly lemon

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It was a sunny afternoon and classes were already over,Hinata was walking on top of the roof,he stood there for a while. He was thinking about Yui,the little brat who he first thought of as so annoying,but quiet honestly she is just incredibly cute. He was thinking about her,he was thinking of holding her in his arms and smelling her heavinly scent. He wanted to hold her now,but he had to be patient for a while longer,she was practicing a new song with GirlsDeMo right now.

Suddently a boyish voice called out to him "Hinataaaaaaa"

It was Ooyama,when he reached the blue haired guy he was totally out of breath.

"Ooyama,what's the matter"

The small boy was panting heavily.

He caught his breath.

"Yuri said she has to talk to you immediately."


"Yeah! You'd better be quick!"

Hinata wondered,what was that all of a sudden? And why would she want to talk to him alone?

He went into the SSS-Meeting room to find Yuri sitting on her desk as usual.

"Yurippe,you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah. It's something important."

She looked away.

Hinata coulnd't help but smile.

"Well is it another operation?" he asked in his friendly tone.

"Kind of."

She knocked her legs over the desk,giving Hinata a perfect view of her light blue panties.

Hinata looked confused.

Yuri then patted the part of his jeans where his member was stored with her bare feet.

Hinata's eyes widened.

"There is something I wanted to tell you since long" Yuri said.

She stood up.

She first removed her shirt and later her skirt. She was now standing infront of him in nothing but undergarments.

"Yurippe..." Hinata said shocked. He never thought she would do anything like that,was this supposed to be a joke?

"What is it? Is my body that bad?"

"No not at all!" He inspected her body with his eyes,she really had a beautiful and curvy body.

"Then..." Yuri removed her bra.

Hinata was really surprised at her sudden change. It started to ache between his legs.

Yuri walked closer to him.

Her face was now very close to his,he could feel her breath on his face.

She whispered into his ear : "Ever since you sacrified yourself for me that day,I had liked you"

She looked him in the face and slung her arms around his neck. Her soft breats were pressing against his chest. It made him rock hard.

"So please,have Sex with me" she continued.

That was the only way she could be close to him,if he gave all of his love to Yui,then she wanted to be the woman he would come to for physical enjoyment. She atleast wanted to feel him,even if he didn't love her back feeling him inside her would be enough.

He thought of Yui,he thought of the last time they had sex the picture of her riding on him came to his mind,the next picture that came to his mind were him licking her delicious nipples. He thought of doing these things with Yurippe,he imagined how her big boobs would swing up and down while she was riding him.

The next moment his heart hurt,no he couldn't do that,the only woman he would have sex with would be Yui,she was the one he loved. And she was the only one he would want to have sex with. Yurippe was just a friend,sure they had spent quiet a lof of time together,they went through a lot together,and like she mentioned he even protected her from Kanade. But no,he couldn't think of having sex with her,because he loved Yui.

"What's wrong?" Yuri asked.

" should i put it...I don't think we shoul..."

He was silenced by Yurippe's lips. She couldn't control herself anymore,that was what she always longed for,she wanted to feel Hinata. She loved him.

She continued kissing him,he started to return the kisses,which at first surpised her. She put her hand into his jeans,to feel that he was very hard. It made her happy. But why was he returning the kisses with so much pleasure? Did he feel something for her after all?

Her hands went over his body,strocking it. He felt so good. He was hot and removed his jacket. Yurippe removed his shirt. She now had a perfect view of his beautiful body,she loved his chest and his shoulders. She started to kiss him all over. He was moaning. She went down and opened his belt to look at his member. She had always wanted to see it,judging by his height she always imagined it would be really huge,but she could be wrong. Now she wanted to reveal the secret. She took his thing in her hand. "Wow it is really big" she thought.

She inspected it with her hand. She slung her hand around it and moved up and down slowly. Hinata closed his eyes. This was a beautiful feeling.

"You are so big Hinata" Yurippe said.

"Am I?" he asked,his eyes still closed in enjoyment.

Yuri went on,she took his member as deep in her mouth as possible and started sucking it. Hinata moaned. Yurippe looked up at him, she was glad when she saw his satisfied face. She always wanted to do that,she wanted to be better then Yui,she would do anything that she doesn't let him do. Whatever it was,she would do it for Hinata.

Yurippe felt that her panty was all went now. She wanted to remove it,so she did. Hinata's hands sqeezed Yuri's boobs. "Ahhhh" she made sounds of pleasure. He went down to her vagina and rubbed it. Yurippe started to scream,it just felt so good. Her screaming became louder and louder,but then she remembered that people might hear her so she slowed down. Hinata took his fingers off her vagina,he looked at them. They were wet. Yurippe took his fingers into her mouth and sucked on them passionatly,that was something,she thought,Yui would never do.

"What am I doing?" he thought for a moment.

Yui's smiling face appeared infront of him. His heart hurt. He couldn't do that,but the ache in his member was so bad,he needed to get rid off it.

And so far Yurippe is really good at it...but Yui...

She started to rub his member caused him to snap out of it and moan. "Hinata"...she looked into his eyes and stopped.

He spreaded her legs and carried her to the table,he lied her down and widened her vagina with his fingers. He couldn't think straight anymore,all he could think of was getting rid of the ache in his member..He needed it badly.

He slowly inserted his member inside Yurippe's vagina. She was tight,but not as tight as Yui. Yuri moaned heavily. "Finally " she thought and enjoyed what she always dreamed of.

Practice was over earlier then usual today and Yui was looking desperately for Hinata. "Mo,that Idiot where could he have gone now!"

Suddenly Ooyama came her way.

"Yo Yui,are you looking for Hinata?"

"Yeah,I am senpai,have you seen him?"

"He has a really important meeting with Yurippe..I think he will be done soon,it's up to you if you want to meddle in or not..knowing Yurippe I wouldn't!"

"Got it." Yui said and ran off.

"There shouldn't be anything wrong with me listening to one of their plans,he would tell me later anyway."

She ran across the hall until she reached the SSS meeting room.

She splashed into it carelessly.

"Hinata you Idiot I was ..." she screamed in her bubbly tone.

"looking for you..." she now changed from bubbly to quiet,shocked and heart broken at the same time.

She couldn't believe her eyes!

Hinata quickly took his member out of Yurippe's vagina,much to her displeasure

"So the annoying wannabe rockstar came again to meddle in my affairs" was all she thought.

"Yui,please listen to me..." Hinata tried to explain himself while getting on his clothes.

But it was already too late,Yui had seen what they did. Her eyes filled with tears,she felt like the world had just ended. How could her dear Hinata,the man she loved from bottom of the heart possibly do something so horrible to her? She couldn't look him in the face anymore. She run off as fast as she could. She cried really hard.

Hinata put on the rest of his clothes. He was so full of regret.

"I am such a fool...why just why couldn't I control myself?"

"Yui I love you! "

He thought,while running after her.

Yurippe sighed.

"I hope she isn't taking it too serious,he doesn't even love me,all we did was having sex,Hinata loves Yui from bottom of his heart,I'd never have a what's all this girly crying about...She should grow up..."

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