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I hope you're all satisfied with how Gen 4 ended, and I'm proud to reveal the brand new generation right here, right now. We begin with 'Everyone' which I'm sure you know follows all of the characters as they meet one another and begin their long journey to the end of the 18th chapter in the next month or so.

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Just let loose, Yasmin thought, just let loose; enjoy yourself. She thought to herself, hoping that this break with her friends would go well. She'd gone with her friend Alex, they'd never really been part of a large friendship group, and still weren't now.

"You alright?" Alex asked as the two got off the plane, that had been filled with other teenagers, some they'd recognised from Bristol, but didn't really know.

"Yeah, just hoping that I'll be able to enjoy this week" Yasmin replied, her usual dry sarcasm coming out.

"Don't be stupid, you're with the A-meister" Alex replied, Yasmin laughed at his corny new nickname.

"Yeah, but knowing you, you'll be off being the best bisexual in Kavos and getting with every guy and girl in the club, whilst Ms Larry here stays in the corner" Yasmin replied, she was only messing around but loved to play-fight with Alex.

"Well, I could give you my leftovers if you'd like?" Alex replied, laughing. Alex knocked into a tall, tanned girl with shoulder-length brown hair.

"Oh crap, sorry" Alex apologised, she turned round and smiled.

"No don't worry, it was probably my fault" She replied laughing, "Do you live in Bristol? I know it sounds stalkerish but I think I recognise you" She said, Alex nodded, as did Yasmin. "Awesome! I'm Emma, this is my boyfriend Marcus, and his mate Jamie." She nodded towards two boys, Marcus being the taller, blonde haired handsome one, and Jamie being the shorter, but sturdy looking boy next to him. Two more girls came from nowhere, giggling and laughing as they went.

"Hey Ems, who are these two?" one asked, Emma smiled and turned back to Yasmin and Alex.

"This is Alex, and..." Emma hadn't caught Yasmin's name.

"I'm Yasmin" She smiled, Emma smiled back. Marcus looked particularly interested in Yasmin, winking at her when she caught his eye.

"There" Emma said, "Yasmin, Alex, this is Louise" Emma said, beckoning to a petite, red-haired girl wearing the skimpiest pair of jean-shorts you've ever seen. "And this is Jessie" She said, waving her hand in the direction of the other girl, who had short blonde hair in a pixie like style.

"So now everyone knows each other, let's get into the city and get fucked!" Jamie said, jumping up and down like a monkey. Everyone laughed, and they took off together. Later on, they reached the accomodation they'd be staying in and figured that they'd all be staying in the same place. Sharing one large flat, instead of the duplicate rooms that had originally been set up for them.

"This place is pretty nice" Jessie said, walking round the room and taking in the view of the city below. "Those stairs were a bastard though" She continued, complaining about the large amount of stone steps you had to take to get to the hotel.

"Yeah - It really is awesome" Yasmin added, looking around all the different rooms. "Didn't think we'd get somewhere this nice" She finished.

"Me either" Emma said, grabbing her hand and taking her into the other rooms, excitedly all looking around. They'd all gotten alot bette than they thought they would, the van-ride to the hotel had been particularly amusing, a car-sick Louise deciding to puke out of the window next to her, sending it straight back through the window behind and onto Marcus & Jamie.

"Are we going out tonight?" Alex asked, looking at Marcus; he assumed he was the one in charge of what went on.

"Definitely, gotta make the first night the best one" He replied, Alex noticed Marcus had his eyes on Yasmin, he didn't like it; he'd been like a brother to Yasmin since primary.

"Us girls are just gonna go out for a few pre-drinks" Louise said, "We'll see you all later" She finished, walking out with the others. The four girls all rushed down the steps together, their feet sore from the running, but they were in a new location and wanted to enjoy it.

"Where are we going?" Yasmin asked, confused about the lack of direction in their course.

"Who knows?" Jessie asked, "That's the point, we're gonna go to the nearest club, get shit-faced, and then meet some boys" Jessie finished, Yasmin smiled, she'd never really been into boys... She'd already found a girl she could spend a little time with, but she guessed it wasn't reciprocated. The girl she'd been thinking about ran right up to her, and pulled her excitedly in the direction of a club.

"Come on!" Emma said, Yasmin smiled as they made eye contact. "We're going in there, they probably don't I.D you" She continued, as they all walked into the club calmly.

"You all 18 girls?" The bouncer asked, the girls nodded politely, all making the best puppy-dog eyes they could, hoping that would be enough to win the man's trust, and it was. They practically sprinted in all at once, Louise and Jessie running off to the bar to get drinks, leaving Yasmin and Emma to dance.

"This is amazing!" Yasmin said, she'd never been in a club before. Emma picked up on that.

"Have you been to a club before?" Emma asked, dancing around Yasmin.

"No..." Yasmin replied, as Emma took Yasmin by the waist and began dancing quite close to her; Yasmin wondered if this was how girls always danced together.

"Aww" She replied, "Well, this is how it's done" Emma said, continuing to dance. Just as Yasmin began to get into it, Louise and Jessie returned with some shots.

"Let's get on it!" Louise shouted, downing two in a row. Jessie did the same, but then took one more.

"Don't take them all for yourself bitch!" Emma shouted, pushing Jessie out the way, the two girls laughing the whole time. Emma drank one, and passed the other to Yasmin, who hastily drank hers too. The four girls were dancing close to one another, the music throbbing in their chests as the crowd jumped up and down in rhythm with each other. They heard some shouts from behind them, and they all turned to see Alex, Jamie and Marcus coming in towards them.

"Hey gorgeous" Emma said, leaving the girls and pulling Marcus into an embrace. Jamie and Alex moved round and joined the girls.

"This place is sick!" Jamie said, Louise and Jessie nodded as Yasmin moved round Jamie to get to Alex.

"How you doing?" She asked, "This isn't too bad for a first night here, eh?" Yasmin continued, smiling and bobbing slightly to the music.

"Yeah, it's alright actually... that Jamie's a bit of a knob though" Alex replied, Yasmin looked over at Jamie.

"Why?" She asked, shouting slightly as the music got louder.

"Well, you know, the fact that I'm bi came up in the conversation, and well let's just put it this way; he doesn't like people like me." Alex replied, looking over at Jamie again.

"Oh... well, we don't have to spend the whole hoilday with them anyway" Yasmin replied, walking back over to dance with the girls. Alex shrugged and walked to the bar.

The next morning, Louise woke up early to her phone ringing. She wandered out to the balcony to avoid waking the others, her eyes stung as the sunlight bore into her.

"Hello?" She said, as she answered.

"Louise? Louise! It's your sister, she's gone!" It was Louise's mother, Louise was confused.

"What? What the hell do you mean?" Louise asked.

"She's gone, I waited up for her last night, she came home, then this morning she was gone!" Her Mother said, Louise wondered why she was telling her this now - when she was hundreds of miles away.

"Mum, I'm too far away to do anything, just wait till I get home!" Louise replied, her Mother sighed down the phone.

"Okay, okay, sorry love. I know it's probably nothing, I'll see you when you get back. Love you" She said, "Love you too" Louise replied, before hanging up the phone.

"Who was that?" Jessie asked, as she walked out to the balcony; cigarette in hand.

"Mum, she thinks my sister's gone missing just because she's gone out, she's being silly" Louise replied, taking a drag of Jessie's cigarette.

"That sucks... it must be annoying being so far away when she rings you up like that" Jessie said, putting a hand on Louise's shoulder.

"Yeah, it sucks... but I'm on holiday, home is too far away to bother me right now" Louise finished, walking back inside and going to shower.

Later that day, Yasmin walked into the town with Marcus, who had been the only one around when she woke up.

"So, what do you do for fun Marcus?" Yasmin asked, laughing at how clich that sounded.

"I get fucked, I fuck Emma, she fucks me, we all get fucked." Marcus replied, Yasmin wondered if he was being serious.

"Interesting!" Yasmin replied, walking next to Marcus still. Just as they reached the marketplace a man ran past and smacked hard into Yasmin, knocking her off her feet and straight into Marcus. She fell against him and in that moment their eyes locked to one another, staring straight at each other.

"You've got beautiful eyes" Marcus said, staring straight at Yasmin.

"Oh.. um, thankyou" Yasmin replied, smiling and tucking a small strand of her long black hair behind her ear.

"Hey guys" Emma said, appearing from nowhere behind them. "I was just on my way back to the hotel when I saw you guys, so I figured I'd hang with you" She said, kissing Marcus as she joined them on their way into Town.

"I can't believe we're all going to the same College when we get back, it's a bit of a weird coincidence, isn't it?" Marcus said.

"Yeah, I didn't realize we were until this morning" Yasmin replied, smiling at Emma, she looked beautiful in the sun, with her crisp tan and her hair perfectly framing her face.

"This year's gonna be pretty fucking interesting" Marcus said, looking at Emma and Yasmin as they walked slightly in front of him, smirking as if deep in thought.


Yasmin's conflicting feelings developed in Kavos continue to grow as the gang continues their hedonistic adventure as a new term begins at Roundview. Marcus sets his plan in motion as his attraction to Yasmin grows, and Yasmin's feelings for Emma grow too.