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Yasmin is sweating, the beads furiously leaving her skin as she whips her body into new shapes, bending and shifting around the room trying to perfect her latest routine for her next dance examination. She continues this momentum until she is interrupted by Marcus, who had been looking for her.

"Hey" Marcus said, startling Yasmin.

"Oh shit, sorry I didn't realize you were there" Yasmin said, recovering from a stumble.

"How are you?" He asked, Yasmin couldn't look him in the eye, she felt an odd fascination towards him... she didn't know if it was sexual, or just... an attraction.

"I'm good" She replied, "You?" Yasmin asked.

"Yeah, bearing up" He replied, looking around the cramped rehearsal room Yasmin had been using at Roundview.

"Good" She said, smiling. Yasmin moved forwards to grab her bag and somehow managed to walk straight into Marcus, taking in his deep blue eyes. "I-" Yasmin started, unable to keep talking as they both got lost in each other's eyes, staring at each other fora little too long. They're interrupted as Alex, and Emma walk in reminding Yasmin they've got a lesson together.

"Come on babes, we've got Philsophy" Emma said, grabbing Yasmin by the arm and tugging her in the direction of Philosophy, Yasmin smiled at Marcus who watched Yasmin as she left.

The trio walked to Philosophy through College Green, a small park-like area outside College where most of the year group would sit at lunch or during their free period's. Eventually, they arrived at their lesson, albeit five minutes late.

"Today we're going to be learning about sexual ethics" Mr Barridel said, Emma rolled her eyes, immediately zoning out.

"So... what are you then Yasmin? You seem like an enigma" Emma said, Yasmin wondered if Emma even knew what that word meant, she laughed to herself.

"I don't really know... bisexual?" Yasmin replied, saying it slightly too loudly, prompting everyone to turn round and stare.

"Did you have something to say Yasmin?" Mr Barridel asked, looking at Yasmin.

"We were just talking about... the ethics behind sexuality, Sir" Alex replied, Emma was laughing into her text book.

"Ah, brilliant, continue everybody" Mr Barridel finished, prompting everyone to continue their discussions.

"Now that old sod's gone off to bother someone else, I've got an invitation for both of you" Emma said mischieviously, as if she was about to hatch some plan to take over the world.

"Go on" Alex repied, leaning forward in his seat.

"I'm having a party tonight, and it'd be amazing if you two would come" Emma said, smiling at both of them.

"Sure" Yasmin replied, she loved it when Emma smiled...

"Yeah, sounds great" Alex replied enthuasiastically, Emma smiled again.

"Brilliant" She said, "Well, Philosophy has been great, but I'm going home early to start sorting stuff out, so I'll see you both later" She said, walking off, blowing two kisses as she went.

"I'll see you later, yeah?" Alex said, Yasmin nodded as he headed off to his lesson. Yasmin walked away to the common room, and noticed that Marcus was there. She walked over and sat next to him.

"Hey" He said, just like that morning. Yasmin noticed how his hair fell perfectly around his face, short yet still long enough to frame his face nicely. Yasmin didn't say anything as she sat next to him, she felt her arm brush his and it sent shivers down her spine.

"Oh shit" He said, as his phone rang, just as Yasmin was about to make conversation.

"What?" She asked, Marcus answered his phone, it was Emma. She had wanted him to come to hers to help her prepare for the party. He came off the phone and grabbed his bag from next to Yasmin.

"I've gotta help Emma prepare for the party, so I'll see you later yeah?" Marcus said, kissing Yasmin on the cheek as he left, he smirked to himself as he left the room.

Yasmin walked home after College, and decided to wear a tight fitting short black dress to the party. She straightened her hair, making sure it was as straight as possible, it made her look thinner, she wanted to look good for Marcus... or did she want to look good for Emma? Nevertheless, Yasmin walked out of her bedroom and teetered down the stairs, walking out of the house and making her way to the party.

Upon her arrival she was met by a loud wall of sound that crashed into her as she opened the front door, large crowds of people flooding the cramped hallway of the house.

"Hey gorgeous!" a visibly drunk Emma said, pulling Yasmin into a hug and kissing her on the cheek. Yasmin's chest fluttered as Emma's lips brushed her cheek. Emma quickly ran off to carry on partying with the others, just as Marcus comes over to talk to Yasmin.

Emma was across the room when she noticed Marcus whispering in Yasmin's ear. She'd been noticing them together for a while, always talking, always fucking smiling. Emma walked over and literally began dancing inbetween Yasmin and Marcus, holding Marcus' attention the only way she knew how; being sexy.

"You're gorgeous babe" Marcus said, putting his arms around Emma's waist and kissing her neck. Yasmin walked away, knowing that she'd only get jealous if she stayed there much longer. She saw Louise looking completely removed from the party atmosphere, and strolled over to check she was ok.

"You alright Lou?" Yasmin asked, jogging Louise out of her absent-minded state.

"Yeah sorry... just not really in the party mood" Louise replied, shrugging and leaning against the wall intently.

"Any news on Maria?" Yasmin asked, she'd learnt Louise's sister's name since Kavos.

"Nope, nothing, not even a little bit of news" Louise replied, still not able to stop thinking about her sister for even a moment. Yasmin pulled Louise into a hug, holding her close, trying to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Alex was going to the toilet, and brushed past Jamie; their hands touching.

"Oh sorry mate" Jamie turned and smiled at Alex, Alex smiled back. The two had become pretty good friends since Kavos, Alex had fallen for him a little bit, but he knew Jamie was too much of a lad to even consider being bi, or even gay.

"No problem Jamie" Alex replied, laughing, continuing to the toilet.

"Hey, ummm, I was wondering if you uhm, wanted to do something on saturday?" Jamie asked Alex.

"Ah shit, I can't, I've going somewhere with Yasmin" Alex said, Jamie's face dropped slightly.

"Oh okay" He replied, looking slightly upset.

"We can do something another day?" Alex suggested. Jamie shrugged, and walked away.

Back in the living room, Yasmin is dancing on her own, whilst Emma watches from the side of the room, Emma couldn't help but feel intrigued by Yasmin, she really didn't let anyone know too much about her. From nowhere, Marcus walked next to Emma, and put his mouth against her, ear whispering something to her. Marcus smirked as Emma did what he asked, provocatively dancing with Yasmin, running her hands down Yasmin's side, and even touching her breast slightly. Marcus continued to smirk as smugly as he could as he watched the two girls, both irrepressibly drunk, almost getting off with one another.

Yasmin was confused, she didn't really know what to think of Emma acting like this, like she could like her. Yasmin leant in and kissed Emma on the lips. Emma pushed her away quickly and looked furious.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Emma asked, pushing Yasmin back.

"I'm ... I'm sorry" Yasmin said, "I thought-" Emma interrupted.

"I don't care what you thought!" Emma said, "Get the hell out!" She screamed, pushing Yasmin again. Yasmin ran out quickly, grabbing Alex by the arm and practically dragging him out of the party, leading him home.

After about ten minutes of walking, Alex decided to ask Yasmin about why they left so quickly, and early.

"Because of Emma, I'm not explaining, I don't wanna talk about it" Yasmin replied, shrugging.

Alex walked back to the party, and as he got there saw Jessie and Jamie getting off with one another, his heart sinking quickly as he realized that Jamie obviously wasn't interested.

Yasmin returned home and got in bed, looking through her phone at the affectionate texts from Marcus, she smiled. She typed in a few words into her phone, and pressed send to Marcus. He replied with only a few words himself.

"I want you"


Jamie's feelings for Alex continued to develop into something less than platonic, and he doesn't know how to stop them. He begins to realize that he might be different to what he thought, and struggles to come to terms with the truth.