E/O Challenge Word = rub 100 words exact Spoilers: None, nonspecific timeframe.

Disclaimer: The supernatural characters are not mine nor is the world of Mercedes Lackey

Happy Birthday Dizzo, here is part of what you wanted ;p


"Please, Sam rub that spot right there. It itches."

"I should let you suffer. Your prank that landed us here, wherever here is."

A Herald enters handing Sam a messenger tube and saying. "Samar, Hardorn border, all haste," before disappearing again.


"Don't worry I know where we need to go," Dean mindspeaks Sam.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, now, get on my back."

"But you're a horse."

"No, a Companion I just look like a horse."

"Get on. We'll take the message; I'll run while You figure out how to get Us home."

"Your prank, Jerk"

"No, hands … genius.


A/Note For SPN fans – Valdemar(book series) is a kingdom in a world which features Heralds as a force of good with Companions as partners. These Companions are horse shaped and intellectually the equivalent of humans. Some of them have mental or magical abilities including mind speech. Hardorn is another kingdom in the same world.

For ML/Valdemar fans – Supernatural (TV show) is about two brothers dealing with supernatural things/monsters that should be urban legend or myth-ghosts, demons, angels, werewolves, vampires, etc. They travel the country investigating and hunting the evils of it that threaten humanity. The brothers are sometimes antagonistic towards each other; Dean the more gung ho action oriented older brother especially likes teasing and playing pranks on Sam the somewhat geekier (research/plan liking) younger brother (superficially a blue collar pick up artist versus a computer nerd).