Alex and Amanda were walking out of the canal club,when Alex had the feeling that Kuru was in danger. "I need to go to Manjipoor again,Amanda." Alex told her,and then called Anala "Anala Moke!" Alex screamed,and then was transported to Manjipoor.

Alex found herself in west Manjipoor,where she ran into Zamira. Zamira glared at her with hatred and then demanded. "Where is Caleb!" "I don't know,I came because I sensed Kuru was in danger,but follow me,I think I know where they are." Alex said.

So Zamira and Alex ran to the elephant temple ruins and found Caleb laying on the ground and Kuru tied up to the post. "Alex,Zamira get away from here,please!" Kuru said,trying to protect them.

Zamira ran straight to Caleb "Caleb! are you okay?" Zamira said,trying to shake him awake. While Zamira was with Caleb,Alex ran over to Kuru and tried freeing him,but to no avail,she couldn't undo the ropes. Then suddenly,Kuru screamed "Alex,lookout!" without thinking,Alex spun around,just in time to defend herslef against Diva's sudden attack.

"Well,well look who showed up" Diva said. "Let them go Diva! It's me you waned and i'm here,so let them go!" Alex demanded. Alex and Diva shot their powers at one another,but Diva proved stronger than Alex,and Alex was getting pushed back,about to end up stepping on the emblem that sucks things up. "Alex!" Kuru yelled,worried about her. Alex got pushed onto the emblem,and the violent wind started up,about to shoot down on Alex.

Just then,Anala appeared and pushed Alex away with her trunk. Then Anala,using her own spell,gave Alex extra power. Alex got up and shot her power at Diva and Diva was chained up,unable to attack Alex.

Kuru was released and Caleb got back on his feet. Caleb hugged Alex,and Alex hugged Anala. After making sure everyone was ok,Kuru returned to the castle,Caleb and Zamira returned to their home and Alex got back to her world,with the help of Anala.

Amanda and Taylor ran up to her. "Hey,Alex! We got another gig today,in an hour." Taylor explained. "That's great! I'll go get ready,then we'll leave ok?" Alex said. So Alex and Amanda got ready,then met up with Taylor. Then the three of them went to their gig,but now that Alex knew that Diva was back,she had to be extra careful...