A/N: I find this couple to be a challenge, but I HAD to try to fix them. God, knows if I will manage it. Luckily, Sir Anthony is much more at ease and fun when in his own environs...

She was stoic about what Mary had done. Edith found she had gone sort of oddly cold over it, even though she knew that her sister had surely ruined her chances of marrying Anthony Strallen.

She grabbed her hat and an umbrella early in the morning. With a deep breath, then she headed off down the track. She did not spare her house a single look back.

Mary would expect a confrontation over what had happened at the garden party, but Edith wouldn't bother, she decided.

She found she was thinking in another direction today.

This feud had brought none of them any good. And it had been horribly unfair to Sir Anthony. That Mary wanted to hurt her, she completely understood. But it was too much suddenly that Sir Anthony would find himself cut down by her sister, as well.

She would go to see him and try somehow to explain. She did like him, quite a bit really. And forgetting any hopes of marriage, she simply did not want the poor man to believe the things Mary had said.

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