Everyone had a prized possession. For Courtney, it had been her violin. Then later, when that possession had been destroyed right before her eyes, it was her PDA. Now, with that long gone as well- stuck snugly in her drawer, awaiting her return from the cursed third season of the show deemed Total Drama,- she only had one item left that she truly cherished. She kept it in one of the overhead compartments in the economy section of the plane, or under whichever seat she had claimed in first class, just content, knowing it was there.

Today, however, she kept it in her pocket. It made her fitting green capris bulge a little at the side, but no one paid enough attention to her to really notice; even if one did notice, the chance of them asking what she had stuck there was minimal at best.

Sitting in the confessional, she clutched the item to her chest, eyes squeezed tight in hopes that the sorrow-laced words she thought would reach the creator of said wooden item, that was so dear to her. It left imprints on her hands from it's jagged edges- sometimes leaving splinters as well- but still she squeezed it and whispered soft words when no one was around.

"Duncan... Wherever you are, I love you, and hope you come back soon." She breathed, opening her left hand and admiring the carved skull, throat starting to tighten and eyes blurring with tears.

She repeated those words every night, praying he would hear them.

Then, it seemed her constant wishing finally paid off. He was here. He was back. She could feel him in her arms; as he breathed nothings in her ear, and held her closer with rough hands.

Upon leaving Greece, the wooden skull she privately looked at, seemed to sneer at her. It mocked her; it's dark, hollow eyes delighted to see her in such pain. She realized quickly how absurd she was being, but the skull's face didn't turn back into the carefully made structure that a certain boy once constructed.

It was no longer something she saw as precious. Rather, a sick reminder that she was only a pawn; a place holder, for the girl he truly desired to be with.

With a shallow breath, she forced the confessional bathroom window open, and let the creation fly from her hand. She watching without remorse, as it plummeted down to the earth below; the shattered pieces of her heart dropping with it.

She didn't understand the meaning of loving something anymore. He had stolen that from her.

Now, all that mattered, was winning the competition.