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Bianca's POV.

I lay in bed tangled up in my covers restless unable to get comfy, not that I needed to, since well I can't sleep…literally. The people who knew I was a wraith was well, my parents, Balthazar, Lucas, Vic, Ranulf and the other wraiths, and probably a lot of other people, well I say people I mean vampires.

I settled on staring up at the ceiling playing the events over in my mind constantly. I was to angry, upset, frustrated and well every other emotion that sucked to have when you wanted to get a good night sleep. How could things have got out of control? Lucas was abducted, well I say abducted; does it really count if it was his mother and her gang of numb skulls? To get him away from the bloodsucker, because 'who knows what she has done to you' I scoffed, I'm not even a blo-…vampire. The main thing was he was gone, and my parents don't really even care, because they want me to be the perfect daughter, there still not so happy me being a wraith an all instead of a vampire, but I am, so they have to get over it.

I rolled over in my bed so I was facing my roommate who was sound asleep, Raquel, she on the other hand didn't know I was wraith or even knew the existence of vampires. I really didn't want to wake her up, and the whole-I'm-angry-as-hell didn't really help the-I-have-to-be-quiet situation. The only reason I'm even in the room, is because she would freak out if she had anyone else, so I had lie here and pretend to sleep every night, plus I kind of felt like a guardian angel to her, I owed her that much.

Lucas though, what am I going to do? I clenched my jaw, until it started to hurt, anything so I didn't cry, but I guess pain kind of helps the tears to flow, so that probably wasn't a good idea. Flashbacks slammed into my mind, only making me feel worse, making me angrier and angrier. Lucas fighting off four members of the black cross who were forcing him into the back of their black van, I couldn't even help him, because I had at three on me, Balthazar had his own fight as so did everyone else. I felt so guilty I should have tried harder! Lucas was bashed over the head with a baseball bat and thrown in the van, and he yelled my name in distress, but I couldn't get to him, and then he was gone, to their hid out. I balled my hands in fists, why couldn't they leave him alone, Kate had abandoned him, when she found out I was half vampire which was more than half a year ago, why the sudden urgency to get him back? I took a deep breath.

Balthazar had talked me into going back to my room which took him a while, so we didn't worry Raquel or tip her off something was wrong, but now I feel stupid and weak I backed down, who had more at stake here? Her or my Boyfriend? He was the one who had un-human like abilities from when I was half vampire and bit him, and now he is with the Black cross…the vampire hunters, which really isn't the best place to be. Balthazar said we'd break him out after we had a full proof plan, but then I might be too late, who knew how long what would take! My parents had obviously agreed to the leave-him-there-longer idea. He could be hurt or dead by now. I felt my throat began to close up; I couldn't let that happen… ever, and I wasn't about to tempt fate. I can't just lie here and do nothing for the time being! It looks like I'm going to have to get him myself; the black cross won't know what's hit them, since they prepared for a vampire attack, but never an angry wraith. So let's show them bitches what I'm made of.

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