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Balthazar and I walked through the old eerie woods keeping our distance from one another since that incident, I don't think awkward would even some up half of what it were like, you could cut the tension with a knife, it was that thick. I tried to ignore the irritating urge to press the subject on the vibe I got, which I now knew he felt it too, no matter how old he was, he couldn't lie to me and not get caught.

I took in the scenery around me as a distraction but it was just murky and pitch-dark, all I could see was the shadows after shadows of trees through the misty fog, so instead I looked up at the stars that glistened in the night sky, if only Lucas could share this beautiful experience with me... minus the awkwardness of course.

Throughout the everlasting bundle of trees, the autumn leaves cracked under my light footing why owls hooted to the stars and the moon shone a ghostly light in between the branches why creatures scurried around the musty floor. Balthazar cleared his throat which snapped my thoughts back to reality.

"Sooo, I uh, I have plan" He announced.

I paused for a minute before answering "Go on", I was thrilled he came up with something, but on the other hand, he knew something I didn't...and I don't like that.

"I know a guy" He said seriously. "We don't have weapons, but he does..."

"Let's get goi-"I began feeling more hopeful about the situation, I grabbed Balthazar's hand and tugged already eager feeling that familiar buzz but Balthazar cut me off pulling his hand free and raising both his hands.

"Whoa whoa whoa, before you get way over your head...He hates wraiths" he looked at me sympathetically dropping his hands, "one took his sister, he's a vampire now, and he has sworn his life to make sure that all wraiths are well...dead" he ran his hand through his messy hair, "you can't come is what I'm getting at"

"What? Why?" I demanded, if he thinks I'm not going with him he has another thing coming that's for sure!

"He'll kill you, and I'm not taking that risk, not with you" he said looking at the ground, I instantly felt washed with emotion, a bit taken back...he's not taking that risk...not with me?

"But we are not all like them!" I moaned, "And I can take him on if I needed to!"

"No, listen to me for this once, do not come, do not follow me, do not go and try and find Lucas yourself. Lucas can't lose you, and I can't lose you Bianca" he grasped my shoulders and looked me dead in the eye; "I just can't" he took a deep breath and let me go. "Do you understand?"

Thoughts, schemes, plans all ran through my head about how I could follow him, How I could confront this guy but then his words crept into my mind I can't lose you Bianca, I just can't. Arrh Hell. I nodded with a look of defeat that was most likely going to be etched on my face for a while with made Balthazar chuckle.

"Good" He smiled.

"What am I supposed to do now Mr Bright ideas?" I put my hands on my hips and pouted. "Stand in the middle of nowhere" I waved my hands around me "Get in touch with my nature side?"

"Not necessarily, I have something you can do" he smirked which gave me an uneasy feeling.

"Well that doesn't sound very tempting judging by the look on your face"

"It's not meant to be" He chortled "and you're not going to like it"

"Well this just gets better and better" I muttered.

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