TANGLED COMES OUT ON DVD IN THE USA IN TWO DAYS! I am freaking out here! I have been counting down for weeks! Soooo excited! So...did anyone else preorder it in early January, or was it just me? Lol.

Anyhoo, this is a semi-sequel to "A Battle Lost". It was suggested to be by one of my readers in a review on that poem (sorry, too lazy to go back and check - just know, whoever you are, that you are the reason this exists). Having had nothing to do, I decided to write it! I don't like this one as much as "A Battle Lost", but that may be my overly-critical side. Leave a review and tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I only own Tangled in my dreams. :(

Death is not a place
But a rather state of being
A state that is of emptiness
And nothing worth seeing

Death is cold, friendless
Lonely and terrifying
Eternity spent all alone
No escape, just crying

But then that state melts away
In the face of a sudden heat
That fills his abdomen, spreading
Until Death it does cheat

Through his closed lids
He can see a bright light
Filling the small tower room
As Death flees in fright

His lungs! They are moving
Taking in precious, glorious air
Giving him life again, a second chance
With the beautiful girl there

His eyes flutter, his body still weak
From his recent death
Her voice he hears, so sweet, so pure!
How he now savors every breath!

Without thinking, he responds
With a lighthearted joke
A smile comes upon her face
Much joy it did invoke

Rapunzel leaps into his arms
Holding him with all her might
It was because of her that he was alive
He held her so very tight

Too soon she pulled away
But not long did he grieve
For then she did something
That he could hardly believe

With a giggle, she moved swiftly
Pressing her lips to his
In a loving, tender, moving
Wonderful first kiss

Adoration, love, affection
All he felt for her
For she had truly changed him
New feelings she did stir

Never would he waste his second
Chance at life, for he
Truly did love her
New things she had made him see

She brought him back from death
And gave him a fresh new life
And soon, he hoped fervently
She would become his wife