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The atmosphere in the house had changed dramatically in the past two hours. One surprise led to another, and it was not the good kind.

"Uncle Mark, would you join us for dinner? I'm sure Ellie would love to have you with us." Chuck was a little too polite, considering Mark was family. But the funny thing was, why hadn't he reappeared earlier? Why wasn't he there with Stephen when Chuck went for his search? What was he doing, as a god father all this while?

There were just too many questions running around in Chuck's mind. And speaking of his MIND, it was lighter, as in like, there was a lesser burden on him, he felt. After that huge knock out, he didn't feel the same as he did five hours ago. He just felt… Good. In a way.

The house was filled with tension and silence, something Chuck would not normally bear. He would usually come up with something and goof around to lighten the mood, but this time, he himself was stuck in it. The only person that felt the most awkward was definitely Sarah. She didn't start off with Mark on a good foot, and adding on to that, she never knew about this, even being in Chuck's life for almost four years. And Chuck was supposed to be the 'open' one.

"Chuck, Sarah, I'm sorry, I didn't expect that this would happen. I shouldn't have come. I promise that if Claudia does not wake up after dinner, I'll be on my way back, with her of course and you will never see me again. Actually even if she did, you still won't." Mark sighed.

"No, no, no, uncle Mark, its FINE! Don't go!' Chuck whined slightly.

"You want me to tell you about your brain right?" Mark sighed once more before continuing. "Come on. And get your girlfriend to scoot over here too."

"Fiancé actually, didn't you receive the invitation?" Sarah smirked as she made her way to both men.

Mark leaned slightly forward, with his hands clasped, and looked Chuck in the eye, although Chuck can't. Motioning to Sarah to not talk about the wedding, he and Ellie knew that they had forgotten about him.

"What do you want to know?"

"The Intersect and Intercore relationship. What's going on in our heads? I don't understand. Plus, I feel a ton better. I still have it right?" Chuck babbled, trying very hard to change the subject

"Easy on the questions, I can only explain one at a time."

Mark continued, " Firstly, the Intersect and the Intercore's relationship is special, like, the Intersect is the software, and the Intercore is the hardware. If something happens to you, she's safe. But if something happens to her, you're gone too."

"You mean if its Claudia goes kaplooey, then Chuck is a smoothie?" Claudia's voice perked up suddenly from the couch. She was propped up on one arm.

"When did you-" Sarah shot her a confused look.

"A few minutes ago actually. Anyway, my head is totally woozy. Did you spike my drink or something? Because MAN, you have to let me know what that was. It totally like blew my mind! Like literally! Flashing images and stuff. Oh hoho, I am so stoked!" Claudia burst out. "Anyway back to the subject, what you're talking about... what is that? I know the Intersect and Intercore, but why are you talking about it?" She continued.

"Wait, how do you know what the Intersect or Intercore is?" Chuck moved closer to her, with this sudden attraction to the young him. A girl version with a hell lot more confidence.

"Uh, I don't really know how to explain... it's like I remember it with like... I really don't know how to put it..." Claudia was literally scratching her head for this.

"Is it like... a series of images? That you understand... like a... a...woah." Like a flash, his eyes were fluttering again.

"Chuck, what is it?" Sarah asked concernedly.

"Did I just read a... Flash?" Chuck was too mind blown for Sarah's question to register.

"I think you did. You know what I mean now? Wow dad, this thing you and Uncle Stephen made... Wow. No wonder you guys barely ate." Claudia half snorted.

"This is amazing! I actually know the blueprints of the Intersect and the Intercore! And mind reading? This telekinesis thing... This is way cool!" Chuck glanced over at Sarah, giving a slight nervous laugh.

Sarah knew of the consequences. Of what is going to happen to Claudia, and Chuck. She knew the blue-prints, and in the end, the CIA is going to rebuild a new intersect, a machine one, and Team Bartowski is over. And Sarah is too attached to the team to let go. Plus, right now, Claudia is now an asset even if the CIA or NSA or whatever isn't going to build a new one. Now she has to protect Claudia too, since she is so closely connected to Chuck. This is going to prove difficult. Way more difficult than it already is.

"That is interesting... Mind reading... Maybe it does have that effect. You can share flashes. You can share thoughts. But only within yourselves." said Mark.

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