This is the first in what might turn into a series of adventures involving Gordon and a marine named Fisher. I've always wanted to do an adaptation of Half Life, but the Gameplay is so repetitive in some places, just shoot, and solve puzzle, shoot and solve puzzle, that I don't think I'll ever do a full write through. Instead I might just do significant moments like the tentacle monster, the tram ride and such.

Unlikeliest of Friends


Gordon Freeman carefully stalked down yet another long grey corridor buried deep within the Black Mesa facility. In his hand he uncertainly held an M4 rifle he had pilfered from the body of one of the dead soldiers he had killed.

Yes, soldiers that he had killed. Gordon Freeman, PhD in Theoretical Physics from MIT, was now Public Enemy Number One, assuming the public was a government cover-up unit sent in to silence the entire bloody Black Mesa team. And frankly, Gordon wasn't so sure that they all didn't deserve it. Seriously, had no one thought of putting guard rails on catwalks crossing twenty story drops?

But he was right now more concerned with staying alive and getting away than anything else.

So therefore, M4 tightly clutched in his hands, he walked down the long grey dirty concrete corridor, turned a corner, and came face-to-face with a head crab. Presuming they had faces of course.

Moving faster than he had ever imagined just a few hours ago, he dodged suddenly to the left and with a swing of the rifle butt, smashed the screeching alien parasite to the ground. Dazed, the blobby little thing didn't have time to jump up again before a hail of bullets ripped it to shreds, spraying the grimy floor with thick yellow blood.

Ok, that was close, again.

Breathing heavily, Gordon stood there for a moment, frozen in a shooting position, before slowly retracting himself back into a walking position. Then, he carefully wheeled around and began walking back down the corridor towards a door about twenty feet away.

Of all the days to leave my helmet behind, this has got to be the worst He mentally despaired. Normally he took it with him to every test he was involved in, but this one seemed so routine that he just left it behind. They weren't testing any deadly radiation or chemicals, just analyzing a sample.

Gordon would have preferred testing deadly radiation or chemicals.

Letting a flood of alien monsters pour in through spontaneous teleporting events after you royally screwed an experiment was not the best time to leave your helmet behind.

Oh well, what's done is done.

The scientists boots made a dull clomping noise as they stepped down on the drab dirty concrete. Reaching the end of the corridor, Gordon opened the small door at the end slowly and carefully, recent experiences had taught him that slow and steady really wins after all.

Peeking in through a crack, Gordon saw his subtlety had payed off. Just two feet in from the back of the door, Gordon saw the familiar sight of a thin ghostly blue beam sticking before him. A quick glance to the right confirmed the presence of an army trip mine.

With a smile, Gordon slid inside the hall and ducked down under the pale blue band flickering before his eyes. Simple work after some experience.

Passing under it, Gordon popped back up with a smile and slinging his rifle confidently over his shoulders, he sauntered around the corner.

Well, where there's smoke there's fire.

Gordon waltzed around and practically ran into a group of big and mean looking soldiers standing around and talking into a radio. As his heart leaped, he swung his rifle forward as he fell to the floor on account of the three soldiers seeing him immediately and snapping their weapons forward. But Gordon was already firing.

The room exploded into an incoherent hail of thunder claps as four automatics went off all at once in an enclosed hall. Gordon could feel the wind of the bullets ruffle his hair as he fell to his back, shooting as he went.

The first two took about half a dozen bullets per leg and dropped like rocks with agonized screams. The third seemed about ready to fire on the prone Gordon, when the oddest thing happened. Just as the physicist was about to put a hole through the soldiers head, the man's own weapon lowered and with two loud cracks, finished the pair of wounded soldiers off.

Gordon's gun and jaw lowered at the odd site as the soldier finished the favor off by dropping the rifle on the floor and kicking it over to the stunned scientist. The weapon skidded over to his bloody HEV clad feet as the soldier slowly raised his hands in the air.

Gordon wasn't quite sure what to do. Part of him, a darker part that had come alive in the last day, urged him to take advantage of this turn of events and gun the helpless man down. But another part of him, his natural curiosity, urged him to see why this man had turned on his own? He was obviously fidgeting in his choice, for the marine held his hands high and tried to calm him down.

"Hey don't shoot, don't shoot. I'm on your side." He spoke in the way one would calm a high-strung tiger. It worked, Gordon wasn't a natural killer. He lowered the gun to his side and spoke the only words that were in his mind.

"Why aren't you- Why did yo- what are you-?" The man held up a muscular arm in a silencing gesture before sticking it out in an aggressive greeting. He was clearly aware that Gordon wouldn't shoot him now.

"Fisher, Corporal Jonathan Fisher. I'm not with those guys," He jerked a thumb towards the crumpled bodies on the floor behind him. "At least not anymore I ain't." Gordon automatically thought to correct him about using not and ain't together, but thought better of it. Instead, he timidly offered his own hand to this Corporal Fisher who grabbed it and gave it a hearty shake.

A little too hardy maybe, Gordon tried not to wince. Retrieving his hand, Gordon took a cautious step backwards meanwhile giving the odd soldier a more cautious look.

"So, why aren't you trying to kill me? And the rest of us?" He asked warily. Fisher answered the question without a moment of hesitation.

"Because I don't believe in this whole cover-up bull shit. If it is our government ordering this whole fiasco, then I'm out. That's not the government I signed up to serve." His gaze drifted up to the roof, then back down towards Gordon.

Gordon then realized how tall the man was. Fisher looked back down at the physicist and kept talking. "But personally, I think some shmuck in a suit lined the CO's pockets to help keep his own record clean. Politicians, never trust 'em." He said with disgust. Then, as if noticing Gordon for the first time, he inquired curiously. "Hey, you're that Freeman fellah aren't you? You were at ground zero when this crap began?

Gordon's heart began to beat, they knew his name? How the hell would he ever live through this now? Even if he got out in one piece he was still on the most wanted list. Fearfully, he nodded his head, expecting the man to rip him apart then and there.

However he just let out a slight chuckle. He thought this was funny? "You've sure stirred up the hornets' nest up there! They've assigned two platoons to take you down!" Two platoons? Gordon didn't know what a platoon was or how many med it had, but it didn't sound good. He felt the blood drain from his face, paling him significantly. This brought another amused response from his new companion. "Ah Don'tcha worry, we stick together and there's nothing that can stop us!"

Stick together? Gordon hadn't really thought about it, pairing up with this marine. But it didn't seem like the worst idea. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

He could be back stabbed, back shot, left for dead or taken to the military base for 'questioning.' So it was not without risks. But what were his other options? Plow on alone and try to fight his way through the nightmares around him? He had been pretty lucky so far, and he was getting pretty sure his luck was almost out.

He pushed his glasses up his nose; he should have gotten the damned things fixed before coming to work today, or was it yesterday this had all started?

"You comin' Freeman?" Fisher's inquisitive voice broke through his mental tangent. Looking up, Gordon found himself nodding rapidly to the big soldier.

"Yeah, yeah I'll come." This just made the man's day; he gave Gordon a hearty slap on the back which actually triggered his HEV suit.

Warning. Impact detected. "Great! Then let's strip these guys for clips and go!" He immediately bent down and attended to the gruesome task of stripping the dead soldiers for ammunition, leaving Gordon just standing there speechless. Not that being speechless was uncommon for the naturally quiet physicist. Trying to think of something to say, he pushed up his glasses out of habit and managed to stutter out something.

"Um, so are you, um, well I mean, do you uh-uh." This bought him a confused look from behind the gas mask of Fisher.

"Freeman?" He addressed.


"Are you trying to say something?"

"Um, yes."

"Then say it for god's sake man!" He then went back to patting down the bloody corpse before him while Gordon looked around uncertainly for something to say something about. His searching eyes drifted to the floor and lit up.

"Ok, do you uh, do you, you know, want your gun back?" Fisher looked back up from his pilfering to see the unsure scientist awkwardly holding his M4 in his left hand. He took it without hesitation and checked it over for any damage. Satisfied there was none, he gave Gordon a friendly nod.

"Thanks Freeman, thank you very much. See, talking ain't too hard. Oh, catch." He flicked his hand abruptly sending a pair of small metal thing flying at Gordon's face. His hand's shot up and snatched them to his chest immediately. He checked his catch and found them to be ammunition clips for his rifle; he quickly clipped these onto the magnetic belt around his HEV suit next to his crowbar. He looked up to see Fisher nodding his approval.

"Nice reflexes, and by the way do you want this? This guy sure won't be needing it." Gordon saw him holding a very sharp and cruel looking knife in his hand. Pulling his crowbar from the magnetic belt at his side Gordon waved the tool at his new companion with a grin.

"Nope, I'm good. Got this right here." He referred to the tool/weapon clutched in his gloves. However this bought him a strange look from Fisher.

"A crowbar? Really?" The tone in which he said it made Gordon suddenly question the efficiency of the chunk of iron that he sustained him through thick and thin. He looked at it, then at Fisher with a worried look.

"Yeah, you know, to hit stuff with." He explained half-heartedly. But Fisher didn't pursue the topic and just let it drop with shrug, like Gordon was mentally unbalanced. He slid the knife into a sheath on his belt before standing up and pulling off the gas mask.

"I'm not with 'em any longer, no point dressing like them." He said, voice sounding much less garbled without it before tossing the mask to the gritty concrete. Gordon noticed his face, square-ish and almost seeming too big for his helmet. Piercing blue eyes were embedded beneath his forehead and above them tufts of blonde hair stuck out from beneath his helmet. He gave Gordon a confident smile before turning down the hallway, gun in his hands. "Come on Freeman, let's go!"

Gordon smiled, maybe this wasn't so bad after all. He seemed like a nice guy, and he seemed like he knew what he was doing. But then,

"And ditch that crowbar, take a real weapon!" Gordon's smile vanished as he walked off after him, affectionately patting the crowbar at his side. That idiot could keep his stupid knives, they'd see who had the best choice soon enough.

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