Chapter One

Ripped up jeans. Check.

Rock band t-shirt. Check.

Black emo .

Red lipstick. Check.

It was that time of year again. Yea, you know the one that you dreaded and cried about for hours each and every night unti the day of. Well, today was the day, one i was sure that would go exactly just like the others. Today was the first day of my new school.

I had been going to new schools and moving ever since I was in the sixth grade. Well, now I was in the ninth grade and, as you can see, nothing much has changed. Every time its exactly the same. I try to be something new, something i'm not, and everyone sees right through me. It's like i'm some type of transparent material where even the dorkiest can look right through me and see I'm fake. Nothing but a poser...but then i guess i'am nothing than a poser.

"Cassie, Its time for school, come down and eat so I can drive you" my mom yelled from down stairs.

"Yea mom" I yelled louder than nessecary. "I'll be down in a minute! I'm trying to get ready, would you get off my back!

Don't ever excpect your parents to understamd ANYTHING. My mom had never understood why i never got along well in school. In fact, she though i was the probelm, something along the lines of I was never myself.

Go Figure.