" Lately I've been hard to reach, I've been to long on my own. Everyone needs that private world where they can just be, ahh lone. Are you calling me? Are you trying to get through? Are you reaching out for me? Cause I'm reaching out for you."

I couldn't believe what was happening. This girl wasn't just any girl. She was one of them. And she was talking to me. I could feel her staring me down. Probably wondering what I was. If I was what I looked like. I was half scared to death cause, I'm not.

" My names' Alexandra, but most of my friends call me Alex" she said with that same bright smile that made me smile right back. I wondered what I should say. I could not screw this up. Oh god if I screwed this up I swear I would go home and….. " So I've been watching you from the minute you got here and you look a little lost, why don't you let me show you around." Alex offered. I nodded my head and followed as she led the way.

"My names' Cassie" I said looking a little dazed. Alex had just taken me on a tour of the school in which she has been going to for a year. Alex was a 10th grader and she hated it here ever since she came last year. I felt her pain but then wondered why would she hate it here! She was no doubt a beauty and even all these losers must respect that.

"Cassie" Alex started "that's a really pretty name….for a really pretty girl." I was shocked! I had been called a lot of things but never pretty. "Alex, how could you say that! I mean your way prettier than me, your probaly the most beautiful girl in this school!" I exclaimed! Alex looked at me and smiled that perfect white smile. She played with her lip ring a while before starting again. "Cassie, you seriously don't think your pretty?" She questioned. I nodded my head no in response. Honestly, I didn't. "Well you are, I think your beautiful and I think your perfect!" she said.

My eyes were beaming. I had never been called beautiful, pretty, or perfect. Here it was that this stranger was using these words to describe me! I couldn't believe it for a minute. Boy, this was true good to be true.

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