The next day, New Year's Eve to be exact, Chavez, Charlie, Doc, Dick, Billy, Steve, and I went outside to practice shooting (well for Chavez, throwing knives). It felt really nice outside that day.

Chavez stood up and aligned himself perfectly even with one of our fence posts. He drew his hand back and flung the knife as hard as he could, his braded ponytail trailing behind him. Just then, someone shot the barrel next to him and everyone dived for cover. Just as soon as it happened, we heard a maniacal laugh and sighed. We looked up on the roof and there was Billy, sitting cross-legged, and holding two guns.

"Regulators," John called. "We dance."

We looked amongst each other, smiles crossing our faces.

I then pranced on up the stairs and into my room before Doc could. I decided I would where a dress for once (the only time I'd ever worn a dress was the few days I went to church with my dad).

Doc's POV

Great, I thought as I heard Saddie and my bedroom door slam. She's going to take forever.

I walked slowly up the stairs, wondering how long she would take. I got to the door and knocked.

"One second," Saddie called.

"Hurry," I called back.

I heard her sigh.

A minute or two later, the door opened and there was Saddie; dressed in a fine, wine red velvet dress that encircled her ankles. She was warring black, button up boots that went just below where the dress ended. I looked up and saw her hair was pined back with a bow; only her long bangs hanging out. The thing that surprised me was that she was warring make up. I could actually tell she was a girl-a beautiful one at that-.

"I-I-can-I use the room now?" I stammered, trying to maintain eye contact.

She laughed. "Sure, You can Doc."

Saddie's POV

When I opened the door, Doc stared at me, eyes wide, mouth gaping. I couldn't help but smile. I'd thought he didn't like me, the poems he wrote about me told me otherwise. I decided I wouldn't tell him I liked him, but to play hard-to-get and make him fall for me more. It was a very deceitful strategy, but then again, I was definitely an underhanded person. It seemed easy when I thought about it, but I found myself falling more in love with him than the other way around. Anyone probably would have guessed that I would do such a thing. People thought of me as wicked, some even thought of me as cold-blooded and unfeeling.

Whenever I looked into Doc's blue, pleading eyes, I felt guilty. I felt guilty for treating him badly and toying with his feelings. But I told myself that I'd have to get over it or I'd become weak like my mother was.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by Billy's unrestrained laughter.

Simultaneously, Doc and I glanced at Billy giving him an aggravated look.

"You can get ready now," I said, startling Doc.

He nodded and pushed past me hurriedly.

After I heard the door shut behind me, I made my way down the stairs.

Suddenly, everything went quiet and all eyes fell on me.

"Well ain't you pretty," Chavez said, smiling.

"You actually look like a girl," Billy yelped, making only himself laugh.

"Wow," was all Charlie could say at Billy's aggravating annoyance.

Dick cleared his throat and straightened up.

I looked over at Steve who was unnaturally quiet. His chew filled mouth was hanging slightly open and his eyes were wide.

A minute later, Doc strode down the stairs, his blonde hair perfectly combed back except for his long bangs that always seemed to flip back no matter how hard he tried to push them out of his face.

"Go tell John we can go now," Dick ordered Billy.

"Yes sir," Billy responded, leaving the room.

"You look nice Doc," I said.

He stifled a laugh and smiled. "Thanks, you do to."

"She looks weird," Steve protested. Everybody could tell Steve didn't even try to groom himself. His hair was always a mess, he always had dirt smeared on his face, he always wore ragged cloths, and always spat out spit mixed with chew wherever he went.

"You guys ready?" My dad asked. He glanced at me and stopped in his tracks. "Saddie," he murmured. "You look beautiful."

"Naw," I protested. "I just look like a girl, but don't get use to it."

He nodded and led us out of the house.

I rode my horse between Dick and Doc the whole time.

"Are you having any trouble there Miss?" Dick turned around to ask.

"Yea, as big as that dress is, I thought you wouldn't even be able to fit on the horse," Doc agreed.

"It's not that big," I murmured.

"Just be careful not to fall off when we get there," Billy snickered. "Everyone would be able to see your underwear."

I rolled my eyes as he started to laugh. "It wasn't funny," I shouted. "Now shut yer trap before I ride over there and beat you!"

"Billy got told by a girl," Chavez taunted.

"I ain't kidding either, Chavez."

"I bet you aren't," he agreed.