So, two parts will probably become four. This is a seriously SHORT little chapter. But slightly fulfilling nonetheless.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire – Part Two

Rachel woke up to the absolutely heavenly smell of delicious coffee and what she could only hope were low-fat vegan muffins. A glass of water with two aspirin neatly placed on the bedside table practically shouted her name and she managed to maneuver herself around a very hard object in order to get to what would be her savior.

"Kid, unless you're going to straddle me now, stop climbing all over me…"

Rachel flew off of the hard object she had been climbing on and realized that it was Puck. She scampered backwards to collide with another hard object and she squeaked in surprise.

"Too early…go back to sleep," Jesse demanded groggily before placing a pillow over his head.

Rachel's eyes grew large and round as she assessed her situation. Fully clothed underneath the fluffy and luxurious bathrobe she must have put on some time during the night. Sandwiched between two ex-boyfriends in a king size bed. Hangover the size of Montana. In Vegas.

It all came back to her in a rush and she managed to not break down into a puddle of overwhelmed tears. Instead, she used all of her strength in pushing Puck as hard as she could, aiming to push him completely off the bed. One of Rachel's greatest flaws however was the laws of physics flying completely out of her head when she was annoyed. She only managed to shake his body back and forth slightly.

"You're gonna get it, I swear to God," Puck grumbled out lowly before reaching out one strong arm and hauling her to him by her waist.

Rachel tried to squirm away and scoot backwards but found that he only advanced with a really too absurdly delicious gleam in his eyes. She gulped as in one quick instant her front was pressed against Puck's, while her back was pressing against Jesse's.

"This is fun," Jesse mumbled drowsily, the head poking out of the pillow as his arm crept around Rachel's midsection, his forearm resting against Puck's.

Rachel felt the blush starting in her chest and it rapidly crept up her neck and very soon it felt like her face was on fire as Jesse cuddled against her back, his face nuzzling her hair sleepily and Puck…

Well something else of Puck's was nuzzling her thigh not so sleepily.

"We are NOT-" Rachel squeaked.

"Shhh, kid, just go with it," Puck murmured, his eyes never leaving her face as he practically devoured the sight of her pink and rosy blush.

Rachel was powerless and couldn't help but thoroughly enjoy the dire circumstances she had fallen into. Puck licked his lips before displaying sonic speed that was entirely impressive and Rachel couldn't even fathom how had gotten his tongue in her mouth so quickly. She couldn't help the throaty and appreciative moan as Puck's forceful and entirely enjoyable liplock was forcing her whole body further back into Jesse's. She felt hands everywhere all at once and her head began spinning as Jesse pressed his own lips to the pulse point at the nape of her neck. She couldn't help but think that she should be DOING something with herself as two very adventurous boys were pleasuring her into madness with only kisses. She gulped when Puck's mouth ventured away from her mouth, down her throat and sucked on her clavicle, clearing marking her.

She just hoped it wasn't a ridiculous shape this time.

"Do something, Rachel," Jesse whispered in her ear, as his hands pulled at the fluffy pink robe she had been encased in, then went for the buttons of her shirt. With each inch of flesh that was revealed, Puck had more canvas for his presumably brilliant mouth artwork.

Rachel sighed melodically as the two boys worked on thoroughly defiling her. She squirmed and gained some movement of her arms once more, her hands going in separate directions, aiming to give as good as she was getting...

"KID! WATCH THE HANDS!" Puck boomed with laughter. "At the very least, buy me dinner first!"

Rachel's eyes flew open and she saw Puck in front of her, his eyes dancing. Just past him Jesse was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, toothbrush hanging from his mouth idly as incredulity was etched on every square inch of his face.

"Rachel Berry has naughty dreams," Puck grinned. He arched an eyebrow and said, "I saw where that other hand was going, kid. You are a kinky girl."

Rachel rolled her eyes and tried to contain the wildfire that had spread across her cheeks. She shook her head and demanded, "Please tell me what the game plan is for today, and I will return to my room and attempt to be suitably prepared."

"We could get Jesse fucking SMASHED out of his brain and try to recreate that dream," Puck shrugged nonchalantly.

"You know what, never mind. I'll be pool side, enjoying my impromptu vacation," Rachel huffed, darting out of the bed and heading for the door. "Please don't bother calling when you're arrested and require bail money."

She slammed the door and Puck shrugged at a seriously embarrassed, yet slightly thoughtful Jesse.
"Seriously, dude?" Puck wondered. "How many drinks would it take?"

"Two," Jesse wagered. "Although to save face, afterwards I would refer to myself as stoned, high and plastered out of my mind."

Puck could only nod as very wrong, very impossible thoughts began to formulate in his brain. He managed a grumpy frown Jesse's way and said, "Hurry up and finish in the bathroom. I need a fucking cold shower."