Please read my story Hidden Prophicves other wise this will not make any sense!


Gaypaw had always known that there was something special about him. Everyone around him thought that he was so cool! They always seemed to look at him with something burning in their eyes! His gorgeous chocolate fur always glimmered in the sunlight and he looked like something out of a beautiful picture of cats!

So one day he walked down to the lake. It was a chilly day in the Springtime but there were still beautiful orchids flowers blooming everywhere! He rolled around in them happily. He always liked to come down to the lake when he was not feeling so great about everything!

He looked at his reflection in the lake and he thought that even himself looked really pretty! "Look at your eyes!" She sighed to himself. "Why does everyone love you so much? Not that I can not see why... I mean I am very pretty. Still!"

He began to wonder what was up with himself! He was so attractive to everyone including himself that it was almost too much to believe!

"Maybe I can use this to my advantage." He said. He rolled over again! "I think that maybe people will really start to listen to me if I they all think that I am so pretty. They think I am attractive and so they will want to do things for me!"

"Maybe just maybe I can make people fall in love with me!" He looked down deep inside himself as he stared back at the mirror water! "I have some sort of a super power! How great! How can I put this to my own personal gaining use?"

His reflection suddenly looking like it was speaking back to him! "No Gaypaw! Love is not meant to be used for evil! It should be used for good not for your own personal gain!"

"I can not listen to that!" He said hitting the water with his paw. The ripples rippled his reflection and made him look all crooked and distorted. "I will use my powers for my own gain!"

That was the day that Gaypaw vowed that he no longer going to be a goody two shoes and get pushed around by everyone and instead he was going to use his love making powers for whatever he wanted!