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Today was the day. The day where she came back. Kiri. To Japan. For good.

Of course she's come back in the past. But those were just visits. This time, Kiri was coming back to Japan, and she was going to stay in Japan.

Ochiai wasn't one much for giggling, but really...te he!

Kiri's been living in America for just a little over a year. The first time the S.P. gang went to visit her, it was just the same ol', same ol'. Ochiai and Narumi swooned over Kiri, while she either ate or slept, with Kei in the background, he being the one spending more time with Kiri then the two boys who actually pined to be with her. Seriously. Those boys.

Kiri never noticed, of course. (or so Ochiai assumed.) But – and he was totally guessing – if she had noticed, he was willing to bet that he, Kazuhiko Ochiai, was going to be the winner.

He would not lose to that anger-management, stupid, hair stylist, best friend boy Narumi. He would not.

So he was only a little bit sulking with that fact that all of S.P. (and Kiri's other friends) were there at the airport to welcome his future fiance home. Gak.

"Can you see her yet? Has her plane landed? Maybe she's lost, or asleep, I bet she's asleep..." Oh my god, shut up, Narumi! Ochiai pushed his glasses up in frustration. He's never seen Narumi so flustered before. Any other day, it would've been comical. Today? It was getting on his nerves.

And he wasn't the only one who noticed.

"Are you nervous about seeing Kiri again, Naru Naru?"

"What? What? Of course not! Don't say stupid things, Kei!" Blushing face, sputtering words. Idiot, you're making it more obvious.

"Are you hoping she's going to confess to you? Oh wait, I know! You're hoping she'll kiss you, right, Naru Naru?"

"Ahhhhh! Shut up!" They began to argue.

Why am I friends with these morons, again? Ochiai thought. But it doesn't matter. Kiri's gonna arrive while they're fighting, and she's going to see that he's the better man for her, and they're going to live happily ever after...

"Whoa, Ochiai-sempai, you're blushing. And smiling," Kenichiro noticed.

Now it was Ochiai's turn to become flustered.

Meaning everyone was too busy stuttering/blushing/yelling/apologizing to notice that Kiri's plane had in fact landed, and that she was awake and about ten feet away from them.

"Hey guys," she said.

That, my friends, is what happened. No, a hyphen didn't just pop out of nowhere. Everyone just abruptly stopped. And didn't know what to do.

Well, Kanako did. "Kiri!" she exclaimed happily, then ran to her friend. Smiling slightly, the two girls hugged. "I'm so glad you're moving back!"

"Thanks. Me too." She smiled warmly again at Kanako (swoon, thought the two boys in love with her).

Ochiai was at a loss. Could he hug her? He wanted to hug her. I mean, he's hugged her before. On one of their visiting trips, he hugged her goodbye (oh man, you shoulda seen Narumi's face!), so he figured he could hug her now. Right? But he was so nervous! Gak!

"Hey, Naru Naru. Long time, no see," Kiri said to...Narumi, obviously.

"Y-yeah!" He may have yelled that too loud, but Kiri didn't show that she noticed.

She opened her mouth to say something else, and that was when Ochiai stepped in. With his hug.

"Hello, Kiri-chan. I'm also glad you are deciding to move back."

"Oh, thank you, Ochiai-senpai." Aw, there's that warm smile! Take that, Narumi! Te he!

Oh, don't look so sad, Narumi. It doesn't matter that I got a hug, and you didn't. It doesn't matter that she smiled at me, and not you. It doesn't matter that I won, and you lost.

Well, at least that's what he thought. I mean, it's impossible for Ochiai to lose. Impossible. With someone like Narumi to compete against, the obvious choice for Kiri would be Ochiai, right? Right. So he won. He won.

It wasn't until later that night, while everyone was at Kiri's house, that Ochiai began to notice.


"Hey, where's Narumi-senpai?" Kanako asked. "He sure was pretty excited. Shouldn't he be here now?"

"Hmm?" Kiri mumbled. She looked around. "Yeah, Naru Naru isn't here."

"Aw, he's probably just in the bathroom." Gotta make him look bad, that was Ochiai's game plan.

"No, cuz I was just there," Kei said. "He probably upset because Kiri didn't k – "

"You know what?" Ochiai interrupted before Kei could say that embarrassing, infuriating thing again. "I think he said he was sick, so he went home."

"Oh, really?" Oh no. Does Kiri look upset? No. No, you're just imagining things. Calm down. Calm down. You've still won, still won...

It was later still. It was becoming more apparent that Narumi really did go home. Ochiai couldn't really complain, but why was Kiri so...deflated? No, she's not deflated. I mean, she's always looking deflated, so she was just the same ol' Kiri. Right? Right! So calm down, Ochiai! Calm. Down.

Ahh, now everyone has gone home. Ochiai was walking around town, trying to calm his beating heart. It'd been a pretty big day.

Aw, look, the Loser's house. Walking past it with a triumphant grin, check. Bwa ha ha...

Oh crap. Random hyphen popping up.

Look. There's Kiri. There's Kiri, with Narumi. Alone. (No, perverts! They were outside. Not alone in a bedroom or anything. Sheesh.)

Go, go, go, Ochiai! Stop this, whatever they're doing! Go!

But his feet. They wouldn't move. His heart had stopped, therefore, everything stopped. All he could do was watch in slight terror.

Well, she's not smiling. That's a plus. She smiled at me. Good good good, still on top. Narumi began scratched the back of his head self-consciously. Kiri: impassive. Good, good...

Then, suddenly, Narumi got really flustered. Ochiai could feel it from where he was, and he was a good twenty to thirty meters away. Narumi was really flailing now, batting away the air, all those things. All the while, a smile was stretching across Kiri's face.

Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no...

Ochiai's heart was picking its pace back up. He had maybe ten seconds tops to reach them and interrupt whatever was going to happen

God damn, he was beginning to really hate hyphens.

Ochiai couldn't run to them now. Narumi had stopped his antics, and there was a moment of stillness. Calmness. Another thing Ochiai felt from all the way over here.

Kiri took a small step forward, Narumi's face growing increasingly more red and nervous and flustered and angry and and and

– – – –

– – –

– –

They kissed.


Ochiai wasn't ready to admit it to himself. That Kiri actually willingly kissed that idiot's mouth. That, that, that...ah! He couldn't even think of a harsh enough word for that, that...Narumi!


He punched his pillow. He thought he'd won. He knew he'd won. He already acknowledged it! It was over!

His mind flashed back to Kiri and Narumi. That couple.

His eyes hurt, the flash was so unexpected. And painful.

Kiri. And Narumi. Not him. Not Ochiai.

He didn't win. Ochiai didn't win Kiri. Narumi won.

Ochiai lost.

He lost.