"Sam, Dean—this is Max Bergman, our M.E. Dr. Bergman, these are special consultants here to…um…consult with me about the recent deaths in Kapiolani Park. Max, thanks for coming down to talk with us and show us the bodies." McGarrett dipped his chin to his chest in a gesture of thanks. "I know this was an odd request."

Dr. Bergman pushed his glasses up on his nose. "I have come to associate certain oddities with your frequent appearances, Lieutenant Commander."

Steve scrubbed at the back of his neck, flushing slightly. Clearing his throat, he muttered, "Yeah…well…that's…" Steve shrugged. "Can you…can we see those bodies now?"

"Certainly." Bergman crossed the room and opened five morgue drawers, pulling out the body-laden shelves. He pulled back the sheets, rattling off what day each body was discovered.

Having dealt with so many grisly sights over the years, neither Winchester flinched at the display laid out before them though they frowned in both consternation and curiosity. Sam approached the nearest body and leaned over for a closer look at the face, its expression locked in a scream. A few seconds later, Dean joined him, his gaze quickly scanning the body. Flicking a glance at the medical examiner, he asked, "Cause of death?"


Sam straightened. "Exsanguination?"

"Most definitely not."

Dean jumped in, in typical Winchester tag team fashion. "Organs intact?"


"Any strange markings, tattoos—odd wounds?" added Sam.

"No. Not that I could find. However, given the condition of the bodies, I cannot rule out the minute possibility something exists that I don't, or can't, see."

Sam raised an eyebrow and gestured toward the body. "May we?"

Dr. Bergman looked to McGarrett for approval. When the commander nodded, he turned his attention back to the Winchesters. "Certainly." Retrieving a box of gloves, he handed it to Dean.

Working in tandem, the brothers inspected the body thoroughly. When they finished with the first victim, they quietly moved on to the second.

Steve watched them work, finding himself impressed with their sober confidence and professionalism. The skeptic in him retreated even more. "Anything?" he asked.

Sam shook his head. "No."

"Not yet," Dean muttered simultaneously. He moved with Sam to the next body.

"Have you ever seen bodies that look like this? Like dried up husks—shells of what they used to be?" inquired McGarrett.

The brothers glanced at each other, silent communication passing between them. "Specifically like this? No," said Dean, "but…"

"…we've seen similar," finished the younger Winchester. "Believe it or not, there are a lot of things out there that can do…" he gestured, "…this. And worse."

McGarrett fell into a thoughtful silence as he watched the two men finish their examinations of the remaining two bodies. When they finished, he thanked the medical examiner again then lead the way out of the building. As they approached the car, he muttered, "We might not know yet what this thing is, but I know we've got to get it the hell off this island."