The Sparky Blonde and Wise Guy.

This is in honour of my two favourite characters NCIS and Smallville. This is a collection of one shots for the pair, showing the evolution of their relationship.


Special Agent Tony DiNozzo becomes a hero for the most unconventional blonde.

Anthony DiNozzo was a movie buff.

Not a geek.

He didn't sit through movies to nit pick but rather to enjoy the flow of the story and it wasn't his ego speaking when he himself admitted he could remember a movie better then anyone else.

And from time to time even Gibbs would have admitted that his little pieces of trivia helped solve a case.

That was how Tony knew the empty house that had been a crime scene up till that morning was something out of a horror movie.

They had yet to make a connection between the house and Gunnery Sergeant Henson; something that had made Gibbs even more testy then usual in Tony's eyes.

And he couldn't blame his boss either because this was a loose end and loose ends usually lead to a piece of evidence that could solve a case.

Tugging at the collar of his winter jacket Tony glanced to the setting sun and wished that he had agreed for Ziva or even McGee to come with him. With no solid leads someone had to come back to the house and though it had been cleared Tony didn't want Ziva or McGee creeping around the house if the killer had come back.

Tony didn't want to meet Henson's killer alone either but he wasn't about to be eaten away by guilt if someone else did.

Winching at the creaking board that protested under his weight Tony waited three seconds before carrying on hoping the announcement of his arrival would scare off anyone inside.

Their killer was the most brutal one Tony had ever encountered, they had ripped Henson apart... literally. Tony stomach held out for a good twenty minutes before he had to go outside. McGee didn't fair any better and Ziva even resulted to using her own language to try and understand how one person could inflict such wounds.

Pushing on the door Tony dropped a hand to his gun ready to shoot first and ask a lot of questions later. He wasn't taking any chances with this house because Ducky had used the words gouged, ripped and torn to pieces and the ME could be quoted to have said it was done by a tooth or claw.

The house had seemingly remained untouched since the team had left that morning. Covers had been draped over all the furniture, cob webs that hadn't been disturbed still hung high above his head from the uncovered beams.

Foot prints trailed through the dust (one set belonging to Henson and other belonging to his current girlfriend who had found him late yesterday afternoon), and Tony knew that the first room off the long hallway would lead to the parlour where Henson had met his grisly end.

The only thing that caught Tony's attention was the scent of a woman, it was a flowery perfume with an undertone of feminine soap. No one who ever worked a crime scene ever wore anything strong enough to leave a scent behind and as far as the guards posted on the only entrance to the street no one had come this way who didn't belong.

Not wasting a second Tony slipped his gun out and held it down low, ready to turn it on something trying to hurt him.

He hadn't ruled out the girlfriend even if she was beautiful and had innocent brown eyes. Despite what everyone believed Tony wasn't always a sucker for a woman, if his gut told himself something was off that woman always held that one flaw that turned Tony off.

And though he couldn't put his finger on it Lana Lang had something about her that made her unattractive to him. Creeping towards the parlour Tony glanced around quickly and noting from where he was standing nothing seemed to be hiding. Moving on he held his back to the wall and tried his best to see all the shadows and corners where someone could hide but with the sun setting quickly he was finding it hard.

At the threshold to the kitchen Tony was about to cross over when he heard movement from upstairs followed by a low growl.

Tony cursed his luck knowing he had walked into a horror movie and he was about to curse Gibbs when he heard movement again this time above his head where the master bedroom was meant to be. Hurrying back down the hallway Tony swept his gun up the stairs and found no one creeping down or ready to jump on him, it took several deep breaths before he started to climb.

Freezing ever time a stair creaked under his weight it took several minutes for Tony to reach the top where he crouched down low and swept his gun along the hallway noting there was five doors all of which wide open apart from the master bedroom.

Debating if he should call for back up Tony almost laughed out loud when he thought about the looks on his team mates faces if it turned out to be a stray animal looking for a warm and dry place to live out the winter days. Though his gut told him this wasn't the case he carried on any way and with quick reflexes he was outside the master bed room glancing to the two doors in his view.

With a deep breath Tony slipped into the room covering all the hiding places that he could remember from his earlier sweep through the house.

The large oak cupboard offered the best hiding place or under the four poster bed but with mild surprise he found that someone had chosen to hide instead behind the vanity table that had been pulled away from the wall.

"Who the hell are you?" the blonde woman was short even if she wore heels but Tony knew the fire in her eyes and the determined tone that clipped her words made up for any height she lacked. Raising an eyebrow Tony bit back the smirk because she might be a nut case as well as a murderer if that growl was anything to go by.

"NCIS. Come out where I can see you and keep your hands up" Tony ordered as the blonde narrowed her eyes at him and if he wasn't worried she might rip his throat out he would have chuckled at her bad ass attitude.

"I would rather hide here and if I was you I wouldn't stand there" she snipped causing Tony to lower his gun a little and study her.

Her blonde locks curled towards her chin and her pale skin seemed to glow in the new waning moon light but if he had to point out the one thing that caught his attention it would have to be her eyes. The green seemed to flicker with a fire that made it hard for Tony to look away.

"I'm holding the gun and this is a crime scene" Tony stated as the blonde cocked an eyebrow and smirked at him which almost made Tony peddle out his own charming smile.

"Well agent NCIS how about you come and make me" she ordered causing Tony to smirk at her unable to help himself.

"Look lady this is a dangerous place, a navy officer was murdered here yesterday" Tony admitted trying to scare her out hoping that she was just some adrenaline junky and not a nut case.

He really wanted to ask her out and nut cases were out of the question for him no matter how good they looked.

"I know all that... I'm hunting the killer and" Tony frowned when the woman stopped and her green eyes grew wider as she looked over his shoulder.

"MOVE" she ordered just as a howl filled the room. Tony spun round just in time to see a dark shape spring from the door way towards him.

Even as Tony slipped backwards he fired off three controlled shots. When he hit the ground he quickly wiped the black blood from his jacket when he heard a thud on the bed. Just as Tony scrambled to his feet something warm and solid collide with him.

"Come on" the woman ordered as she captured his arm in a tight grip and propelled him towards the door with her. Not a second after they were through the door way the creature growled behind them and Tony didn't give himself the second he needed to see the creature again before he slammed the door shut.

He jumped back when the creature hit the door hard.

"What was that" Tony panted as he watched the door begin to buckle under the weight of the creature and the woman beside him gripped his arm tighter.

"Do you really want to ask questions now" she panted as Tony glanced at her and had to check himself.

Escape now. Charm later.

"Come on this way" he ordered steering her towards one of the other bedrooms not giving her time to head towards the stairs.

"Wait" she ordered digging something from her pocket forcing Tony to watch the door intently waiting for it to burst into a thousand pieces and the creature to be standing in it's place.

However when something hissed Tony looked at the woman to find her spraying something at the top of the stairs.

"Its the scent that thing has been tracking... I drew it here with it" she offered with out even looking at Tony before she tossed the canister down the stairs and dragged Tony with her.

Closing the door as quietly as he could Tony listened to the hallway outside. He backed away when he heard the door crash open.

"Hide" Tony ordered as he backed away from the door as he heard the creature head along the hallway, continuously sniffing the air.

He had to give the mysterious woman credit because she did as she was told and ran towards the closet that stood open and slipped in side. Looking around Tony darted towards the tallboy and pressed against the wall.

The seconds ticked by leaving Tony to hope the creature had some how falling for the trick and left the house. Hopefully Tony would be able to get the warning out quickly and have the thing picked up before it could hurt anyone else.

Catching those green eyes again Tony was about to nod to the woman to move when there was a loud howl and the door was smashed inwards.

The woman yelped at the noise and the creature zeroed in on her first and snarled as it began to race for her. Without thinking Tony sprung forward and jumped on the things back.

With a grunt Tony was tossed off the thing and his gun skittered somewhere out of sight. Groaning Tony attempted to get to his feet but the creature landed on him with a solid thump causing his head to bounce off the ground.

As the stars disappeared from his vision Tony was able to see the unnatural snout descend towards him and sharp teeth catch the glint of the moon light.

But what scared Tony the most was the red eyes because no matter how deep Tony looked there was nothing human or even good about them.

"Hey mutt" the woman called and if Tony wasn't scared for his life he would have yelled at her to run.

"Yeah you foul breath sorry excuse for a living creature look at me" Tony gave the woman her dues because even he wouldn't have done that.

"You really though Lana would look for you... would really come here. She wants you dead and I'm here to do that because Lana will never love you" Tony didn't care what she meant because the creature withdrew backwards and off of his chest allowing him to breath.

"That scent you've been following is something I made up to lure you out. Lana was never here but your so stupid you fell for it" the woman taunted causing the creature to growl and hunched down as it's dark fur raised up. Tony dragged himself up and glanced around for his gun. Spotting it he went to grab it but the creature snapped at him and he backed up against the single bed.

"HEY LOOK AT ME" the woman ordered as for a second Tony swore that creature coward before her.

"That's it Paul look at me... you remember me don't you. The nosy friend who always told Lana she could do better then you. Who do you think got Lana and Clark together... who do you think got Lana and Lex together" the woman hissed never looking away and never backing down even when the creature gnashed it's teeth at her.

"And even after all these years I'll still tell Lana your no good" the woman spat just as the creature growled deep in it's throat before leaping at the woman who cried out but still moved fast.

As the creature hit the free standing mirror Tony was already swooping down for his gun and spinning around. As the creature reared up at the woman Tony fired four shots.

Two hitting the creature in the back while one hit it's front leg and the last one burying itself deep into the creature skull.

Breathing heavy after the creature hit the ground with a thud Tony didn't relax until he was sure that it wasn't getting up again.

Thanks to all the horror movies he had watched he knew when the dark hair along the creatures body began to recede and it's limbs began to crack and shift back into something that looked human that creature wasn't getting up any time soon.

The blonde didn't seem too interested in what was happening at her feet and it seemed the true danger she was in seemed to hit her because she stumbled forward and clutched at Tony's arm.

"What the hell was that thing" Tony demanded as the woman glanced up at him and shrugged.

"His name was Paul Jenkins. I grew up with him" the woman admitted causing Tony to gape at her before glancing at the almost human creature laying on the ground.

"You wouldn't believe me even if I tried to explain" the woman admitted as Tony shook his head looking back at the blonde who looked softer and more innocent now the danger was finally over.

"Try" Tony ordered as the woman raised an eyebrow and stared up at him with a small smile that made Tony's gut twist for another reason.

"Smallville, Kansas was hit by a meteorite shower years ago. The radiation from those rocks caused people like Paul to mutate. Everyone infected displayed different mutations... Paul's was to shift into this beast which slowly drove him mad. He loved my best friend from Smallville and he's been tracking her since he lost his mind about a year and a half ago" the woman admitted as Tony stared at her with shock rather then disbelief.

"He killed Henson because he was dating Lana" the woman finished stepping away from Tony who looked at the body laying on the ground surprised that this man had been a beast a few minutes ago and even more surprised that he was the reason Henson was laying on one of Ducky's tables.

"They won't believe any of this... I'm not sure I even believe this either" Tony mused as the woman turned away from him and moved over to a table.

"I'm really sorry that you got caught up in this" the woman admitted as Tony pulled his phone from his pocket while still watching the body.

"I kinder wished a hero would turn up but I was kinder hoping it was one of my heroes" the woman admitted as she turned back to Tony who frowned and went to turn back to her when she brought a heavy lamp down against his head.

As darkness danced around his vision Tony was surprised when the woman grabbed him and helped him lay down.

"I'm sorry I know that's kinder breaking some law but I really need to leave now and I can't answer any questions... it really will be better if you don't try and find me" the woman ordered as she turned Tony over and looked down at him with a winch.

"I'm really grateful. You really are a hero" she mused before Tony slipped into darkness.

Two days later

Tony was biting at the bit to be let out of the hospital. If it wasn't for Gibbs and Ducky's threats he would have walked out the hour after he woke up.

He wasn't sure what to tell his team mates when he woke up in the hospital, all he knew was that some 'anonymous' caller had informed Gibbs that Tony needed help.

McGee had even told Tony late yesterday morning that Lana Lang had confirmed that she had been harassed by Paul Jenkins while living in Smallville but had no idea that his jealously had driven him to such beastly acts.

A search of Jenkins rented room proved the man was unhinged with all his hunting gear having been transformed to bear a striking resemblance to animal claws and teeth.

Abby couldn't make a positive match between those weapons and Henson's wounds however she did confirm that Jenkins DNA was all over Henson.

Ducky even admitted that Jenkins had eaten some of Henson's flesh which made Tony empty his stomach, thankfully Gibbs had covered for him and said it was no doubt the nasty bump he got when Jenkins jumped him.

Though Tony knew he should have brought up the blonde woman he couldn't bring himself to do it and when McGee threw him a strange look after Tony asked about a place called Smallville he knew his team would put it down to the fact that he had taken Jenkins by surprise.

After the team had been kicked out by the nurses Tony was left to muse over his mystery. He didn't even know the woman's name and even then he wasn't sure he even saw her. Hitting his head twice had left him with more then just a bump and nasty head ache.

He was forced to remain in hospital for a week because of the dizzy spells.

He was tempted to ask the doctor to run a few more tests on him because he really couldn't have been chased through the house by some human who could change into a beast which meant of course his mysterious woman must have been all in his mind.

Which of course sucked because there was nothing more he wanted to be real then the woman who had called him a hero.

With a sigh Tony slumped back and decided to get some sleep because all the thinking he had been doing was making his head ache and start to spin.

However as sleep nearly stole over him the door opened and Tony was about to groan to let the nurse know he was alive when he felt a finger poke his cheek.

Snapping his eyes open he saw his mysterious blonde staring at him with a dazzling smile.

"I didn't hurt you too bad then" she teased as Tony bolted up right and wished he hadn't when the bad hospital food threatened to made a repeat on him.

"Wow, I've had enough bumps to the head to know that is never a good idea" the woman smirked causing Tony to glare at her knowing if he did anything more he would be covering her with his lunch.

"I'm sorry I did that but I couldn't have you getting your merry men down there. I would be locked up" the woman cringed at the idea and Tony looked away.

"You nearly caved in my head" Tony grumbled as the woman sighed and shrugged. And even though she looked like it was nothing Tony caught the concern in her gaze.

"I really did mean it when I said I was grateful for your help, I would have been Paul's snack if you hadn't turned up" the woman admitted causing Tony to shrug and smile at her.

"All in a days work" he declared causing the woman to look at him before rolling her eyes.

"You remind me of Bart" she declared with a tone of exhaustion that causing Tony to raise his eyebrows and worry if that was good or bad.

"He likes to charm women too" she assured as though reading his mind causing Tony to chuckle and shake his head.

"Not a boyfriend then" Tony questioned as the woman beamed at him again and it was a smile of triumph when a blush trailed across her cheeks.

"No. defiantly not a boyfriend, just a really close friend and team mate" the woman admitted causing Tony to smile a little more.

"I just wanted to make sure you were OK Agent NCIS. Though judging by the looks of things I doubt much could do danger to that head of yours" the blonde teased causing Tony to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Well you'll have to wait a week before we can test that" Tony flirted causing her to bite her lip and smile sheepishly at him.

"I also wanted to say goodbye... I have to go home now everything is ok" she admitted and if she saw the disappointment in Tony's face she didn't say anything.

"It's Tony" Tony offered causing a frown to cross the blonde's cute forehead.

"Not Agent NCIS. It's Special Agent" Tony explained as a smile chased the frown away and the woman nodded tilting her head at him.

"Well Special Agent Tony NCIS thanks again" she chirped causing Tony to chuckle and watch with a heavy heart as she walked towards the door.

"Don't I get a name" he called not wanting her to leave him just yet but not having anything else to call her back with.

"You get... Sullivan" she declared before slipping out of the room leaving Tony to grin like a fool at the closed door.

Tony still didn't know if she existed outside of his own mind but he didn't care because if she didn't then he would really like to bring her back.

And if she did then it gave him that more reason to find her and find out her first name.

Because he had decided that if being a hero meant chasing human beast's he would wear that title with pride.

He really did want to be Miss. Sullivan's hero again.