Okay, so this is my first fan-fic and it is later going to evolve into more chapters. I do not own the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or any of the references to them. However, characters never mentioned in any of the serieses do belong to me.

A dark shadow fell across the wall. The shadow belonged to a man, a man covered in sharp armor that shone like a thousand silver spikes. He looked at the house he was standing next to. He had the right address. He was here to punish a foolish man who had disobeyed his direct orders to give him his eldest daughter to train in the ways of the ninja. The armored man was Shredder, a fearsome warrior who was the leader of the Foot Clan.

He had traveled many miles to exact his revenge on this foolish suburban man. He walked over the dead grass, the blades crushing beneath his feet. It was the dry season, none of the plants being green and all being parched. He walked to the nearest bush, which stood right next to the house front. With a grim smile, Shredder raised a hand and touched the bush. A small flame immediately sprang from his finger tips and caught the bush aflame.

Shredder turned away from the now brightly burning bush and began his journey away from the scene. It would be better that he wasn't around anyways, when the family woke to their home burning into a funeral pyre. As he disappeared into the night, Shredder heard a noise that was music to his ears. The faint sound of a young woman screaming in terror.