Nozomu ran. He didn't know where he was going, but he ran as fast as he could. All he knew was that it was time.

He could hear shouting from afar, and he knew it was about him, trying to tell him to stop and come back to senses. He dismissed it, focusing intently on his legs to keep pushing forward. He was close.

When he finally stopped, the sound of waves hit his ears. He was at the cliff; the cliff he always jumped off of whenever he felt the despair rushing in. He didn't know how he even knew the location of the place, which was hidden from public, but somehow he always ended up here. The only difference this time was that someone was already there, her front facing toward the ocean. He stepped forward.


The girl turned to face him. She smiled.


There was silence between them. Many things raced through Nozomu's mind, but he kept silent. She spoke again.

"Are you here to jump again? Because I don't think it'll be fun during this time of year—"

"—Stop putting up an act! …I know why you're here." Kafuka's eyes narrowed at his statement. She frowned.

"You know? Then are you trying to stop me?" He shook his head.

"No…I'm here to go with you." Kafuka blinked. She stepped back.

"What are you talking about? Stop being so absurd—"

"—I'm absurd? You're about to jump off a cliff because of me!" Nozomu saw her flinch and look away.

"Sensei… are you trying to tell me," She looked back at him, "That you actually care? Care so much that you'd jump with me?" He nodded. Kafuka laughed bitterly.

"You're such a fool! You've promised so many other girls that you'd die along with them! Do you think I'd actually be touched by your words?" Nozomu didn't respond. She turned.

"Get out of my sight. You are an eyesore to me." Those words stung him, but he didn't leave. Instead, he stepped closer.

"I know you don't mean that. You waited here because you wanted to see me. You wanted me…. to join you." She laughed.

"And you came here because you wanted to stop me. You came here because you wanted everything back to normal…" She looked down at the ocean, "But see, we want different things…it just wouldn't work-" Before she could finish, she suddenly felt warm arms wrap around her. Her eyes widened slightly, but soon tears began to fill them.

"Please…let us go our separate ways."

"Kafuka…stop being foolish. You don't want this! I don't want this! …. I—"

"-Itoshiki-san…I love you." His arms suddenly slackened at the response, and she quickly used the opportunity to push him away. She turned towards him with a smile, only one step away from falling.

"Sayonara, zetsubou sensei."