Love Always Prevails

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"Hazel, What did you do?"

Was the first thing that she heard when she awoken. She opened her eyes and looked up to see her love, Fred. She threw herself into his awaiting arms. She could feel his warmth and then she burst into tears. As she began to calm down she could feel his tears sinking into her clothes and squeezed him once before letting go. As she looked into his eyes she could see all of his love for her reflected there.

"Hazel, Why, why did you kill yourself you were finally free." Fred asked cupping her face.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry it was all my fault." she cried.

"Love you better not be saying what I think your saying." Fred scolded, "It was not your fault it just happens."

"But..." she tried.

"But nothing lets not think of it now." Fred said. "I'm so glad to see you although I wish it was not here. I love you so much. I just wish we had our lives together. I wanted you see you in your wedding dress. I wanted to see you pregnant with are child. I wanted to see you finally be able to relax in our home that we would have bought together. But at least I have you here with me for now."

"What do yo mean for now Fred. Aren't I dead, I can't go back now." Hazel said confused.

"Look around don't you see where you are." Fred said with a twinkle in his eye not unlike Dumbledore's.

She finally took notice of her surrounding and noticed that she was back at King's Cross Station. She looked back at Fred with panic in her eyes.

"I don't want to leave you." she said.

"You won't have to my dear girl." said a voice from behind them.

The looked around to see Dumbledore coming towards them.

"You being the Master of Death of course are able to return to life just once more. But the fates have seen you kindness and suffering and have decided to send your love back with you. Do not waste this chance you will not get another."

All of a sudden there vision started to fade and everything became foggy. They opened there eyes to a blinding light.


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