Cute Tales

A/N: I'll be posting small drabbles and one-shots of Natsu and Lucy in here. Most will have no connections with the previous ones, unless I state this myself. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Edolas

"Natsu, you're really hot!" complained Lucy and she inched away from the fiery dragon slayer who was sitting next to her at the bar.

The pink haired boy simply tilted his head sideways, wondering what was so bad about what he was doing. "My clothes were wet," he stated simply, and used his fire to blow dry his clothes.

Lucy fanned away a few of his flames, scooching away even further. "Can't you do it somewhere else? How'd you get wet in the first place?"

Natsu flicked his head towards Juvia, who had her own little raincloud following her around. She probably misunderstood something that Gray said or something, Lucy figured. The blonde girl sighed and sat away from Natsu by a comfortable margin.

"Hey guys, I have a question." Lisanna stood behind the bar and she leaned on the counter in between them. She then pulled a weird face and looked at Lucy. "Why are you sitting so far away from Natsu?"

"Yeah Lucy, I'm not gonna burn you," said Natsu with a pout, but showed no intention of stopping his hot flames.

Lucy sighed once more and moved a bit closer to him again, making sure his flames wouldn't touch her. She then looked up at Lisanna. "What?"

"Are you two together?" she asked curtly.

Natsu and Lucy both raised their eyebrows. "Together? Well, we're teammates if that's what you mean," said Lucy.

Lisanna put a finger to her lips and nodded thoughtfully. "I see, so it's not the same here as back in Edolas."

"Why? What's back in Edolas?"

She grinned at the both of them. "In Edolas, both of you are a couple!"

Lucy's eyes bulged out in shock, and Natsu's flames raised higher than before. "R-really?" he said simply, his fire going crazy.

"D-don't look so obviously happy at that!" cried out Lucy as she backed up from his flames.

"Huh?" he said confused and turned to look at her with bright eyes. The fire around his body was still going strong, and Lucy was seriously afraid he might burn down the bar.

"Stop trying to burn the guild down, Natsu! Tone it down!" she yelled at him.

Lisanna merely grinned at the ordeal. "I guess I was wrong!" she exclaimed, causing both heads to turn to her. "So Natsu, do you like Lucy?"

Lucy's jaw dropped open and she started to sputter out nonsense at the outrageous question the new guild member had asked. Natsu however, had his flames go up even higher, and he smiled broadly and gave Lucy a thumbs up. "I really like Lucy!"

Lucy felt the tip of her ears burn with blood and she was entirely speechless by Natsu's proclaimed likeness of her. No, no way he meant it in that way. She knew Natsu by now, this guy was as dense as ever, and he probably meant 'I really like you as a friend'. Lucy felt her heart calm down a bit and she returned his smile. This was Natsu, not a romantic bone in his body, and she had already been over that part.

"I really like you too," she said with a smile.